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Why this is the Best and Fastest Way to Get a Job Today

What is the fastest and easiest way people get their jobs today? Is it from recruitment agencies, social media, job websites or newspaper ads? It will interest you to know that it is none of these. According to a survey of 5,000 employees by Stutern on how they got their jobs, 18.62% got their job through social media, which was the second-highest – followed by 17.83% from recruitment agencies and job websites. The most prominent and reliable way people got their jobs was through personal contact. A whopping 42.19% of the respondent got their job through someone they know. To put it differently, 2 out of 5 people get their job through personal contact.

After reading this report, I thought through the different people I had employed to work with me. The ones that have stayed the longest and are most productive are the ones that came through a recommendation from personal contact. During the periods I got placements for my industrial attachment, it was also through personal contact. Some of the best clients I’ve worked with came through personal contact. If over 40 percent of the jobs available go to people who know someone, you will be shortchanging yourself if you are not leveraging your personal contact. In this article, I’ll share with you 4 easy ways you can leverage personal contact to increase your chances of getting a better job faster.

This Is The Best And Fastest Way To Get A Job Today
  1. Develop your personal contact

Relationship with people is the most valuable assets you’ll ever have. But you cannot use what you don’t have. I believe this is why Robert Kiyosaki said that successful people look for and build their network and relationships while everyone else is looking for work. The best opportunities may not get to the most qualified. But it definitely gets to the one who knows someone in the right position.

You should have relationships before you need them. It’s easier-and fairer-to ask your contacts for help if you actually know them. Don’t believe networking is about collecting business cards. You have to go out of your way to deliberately build your personal contact. Join organizations where you can meet and connect with professionals and like minds. For example, I have developed highly valuable contacts from joining toastmasters’ international club and from other professional organizations.

People often make the excuse that they are from a poor family. So they don’t have anyone to help them. Don’t limit yourself with such an excuse. From my experience, the people that are most likely to help you meaningfully in life are rarely related to you. You meet people every day, whether outside your home or over the internet. These people are potential contacts. Instead of trolling people on social media, devote that energy to engage meaningfully with people. These people may form an integral part of your contact.

  1. Be the person people are proud to help

To be the person people are happy to recommend for opportunities, you have to be visible with your ability –let your contact know about your qualifications, personality and what you are capable of. For example, some of the best clients I’ve had to work with came from people I met at the toastmasters club. As an active member who has served at different capacities up to the position of president of my club and won different speech competitions, I’ve developed relationships with people from diverse industries. Being active in a group like this will make more people to perceive you as competent in your skills. If people see you are reliable in one thing, it’s easy for them to assume you will be reliable in other things. While going about your duties, don’t be intimidated to let people know about your abilities, personality and aspirations. Be confident in your capabilities.

  1. Tell everyone

No one can help you if you don’t let them know how and where you need help. Few years ago I had a discussion with a friend about my interest to hire someone to manage a part of my business. I wanted someone that is knowledgeable in that part of the business. I didn’t want to hire someone I’ll have to train for months and micromanage. I mentioned to him specifically the kind of person I would want for the position. It turned out that his former colleague at the bank he worked had quit her job about 6 months before to start a similar business. She had told him about her consideration to take a job where she could use her skills and passion. He told me how she was a passionate person and someone I’d love to work with. I scheduled an interview with her. I later got to know that he also told her how I’m the right person she’ll want to work with. Four years later, she is still working with me.

Remember, be the person people are proud to recommend. I’ll choose this method of employing people any day over posting a job description on a job site, running ads, getting thousands of applicants, sieving through to pick the top 10 percent, interviewing them, and selected one person for a job. I still go through this process, but it can be quite laborious, time-consuming and energy-draining.

Again, no one can help you if they don’t know you need help. You have to tell people who believe in you about your availability for a certain kind of job.

  1. Ask for introduction to decision makers

Think of anyone in your existing network – former coworkers, classmates, friends and family – who work at companies or have connections to companies you might want to work at. Approach them and ask if they know if the company is hiring. Explain why you thought the company would be a good fit and see if they have any ideas on how you might be able to get in contact with them. It’s best to ask casually like this, rather than directly asking for a big favour upfront… unless you’re very close with the person you’re talking to. Any time you can get introduced directly to a company or hiring manager, you will have a much higher chance of getting the interview. You might even skip the conversation with a recruiter or HR and go right in to meet the hiring manager.

So, try to get introduced to a company if you can. This is faster and far more effective than applying online, or other “cold” approach. That’s why personal contact will always rank among the best and fastest ways to find jobs, and the first methods you should consider.