How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume without Work Experience (+ Free Samples)

sample Resumes for fresh graduates

Need a job? Get experience! Need experience? Get a job! This predicament has frustrated fresh graduates since the Industrial Revolution. As a fresh graduate without work experience, you have a challenge writing a resume, when you have nothing but education to work with. What you need is dedicated job research and customizing each resume for … Read more

When PhD & MBA Graduates Begin to Apply for Truck Driving Jobs


When PHD and MBA holders compete in jobs reserved for lesser qualified candidates, it’s only human to ask questions. The Chairman and Chief Executive Director of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote recently disclosed that PhD and MBA holders were among over 13,000 applicants that applied for the recent Graduate Executive Truck Driver in his company. … Read more

Job Seeker: How Facebook is killing your chances of getting a job

facebook for job seekers

Why should you worry about social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn- when there are more important things to worry about; like dealing with the already crowded job market, writing a resume that gets you selected for interview? Actually, your Facebook profile activity can indirectly affect your chances of getting a job. Don’t think so? According to … Read more

How I Scaled a Job Interview Despite being the Least Qualified Candidate

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Update: I shared this experience a long time. And it’s been long buried down the archive. I’m re-sharing it knowing a job seeker somewhere will be inspired reading it. Early 2009, on a Wednesday morning, desperately in need for a job, a friend told me about a job vacancy for a Safety Officer, with an … Read more

21 Networking Tips for Job Seekers to Build your Connection

networking for job seekers

Networking is a systematic approach to cultivating formal and informal contacts for the purpose of gaining information, enhancing visibility in the market, and obtaining referrals. Two-third (2 /3) of all jobs are secured through the process of networking. The internet is filled with fresh job opportunities every single day. Yet most of the jobs go … Read more