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The world of work is not the same as it was last 2 decades ago. Rapid changes are occurring in the future of work, especially in the technology and agricultural sector. Everybody’s discussing the changes in the future of work. For example, technology changes, jobs change, duties, and tasks change.

Automation and robotics are taking over Human’s work. And causing great tension in the little left for humans. The process drops many old jobs while creating new ones.

What’s ahead future of work is not a sudden automation takeover but a gradual process. As time goes on it may increase and cause some transformation in how work is organized and carried out. Jobs such as Administrative assistant, office data clerk, bookkeepers will reduce as digital tools take over.

Most companies have this narrow perspective. They pay more attention to profit-making and increase in production. And won’t involve much of human labor to reduce cost. They’re not seeing the bigger picture. The future of work is people. Empowering them to gain more value, be creative and build skills.

Technology changes the world of work. It increases the new occupation if you have the right skills. Moreover, the risk of automation is real and most people don’t have the right skills for new jobs created. Even as some job-sector reduces, some economies will keep creating more.

The government can play a key role in improving the future of work situations. They can link displaced workers with new opportunities. Also, build them with the right skills suitable for the present changes to enable them to survive. They can set up a non-profit organization to impact and engage people with the skills they need. Also providing grants for entrepreneurs.

Future Work Skill for 2020

The right skills rule our world of work. Here are top skills for future work 2020

Computational Thinking: This skill is very important in the world of work. For instance, computer scientists have been in high demand and it will keep increasing as time goes on. The skill is the knowledge of the process of breaking down a problem into smaller steps that a computer can understand.

Building computational thinking such as coding, data literacy, algorithmic thinking and more. It will provide candidates with the features needed in digital technologies. Here are the 4 major skills you need in computational thinking; Algorithm design, decomposition, Pattern recognition, and Pattern Abstraction.

Design Mindset: It’s one of the most important skills in the future of work. Many companies, for example, Samsung, Pepsi, and Nike have greater outcomes over the year through its design-led strategy.

Thus, many UX studios, advertising agencies, and others have found new income streams through design mindset skills. A design mindset involves ideation and brainstorming

Social Intelligence: it’s the ability to know yourself and to know others. They’re built with experience with people, learning either their success or failure in a social institution. It’s a skill for influencing people’s emotions and bringing them to cooperate with you. First of all, social intelligence involves self-awareness, self-regulation and self-motivation for oneself. Then it involves these skills for people. For example, Leadership, conflict management, communication, influencing skills and more.

Virtual Collaboration: This is happening to be a top skill in the world of work where you can work from anywhere, either from the office or comfort of your home. You need to conquer some of these challenges involve virtual collaboration. For example distraction during work hours, communication barriers and avoid stereotyping individuals.

New Media Literacy: It’s knowing the new Media technology which is a powerful force in the modern societal institution. The new Media Literacy involves analysis, synthesis, abstraction, evaluation and many more.
Creativity: Creative thinkers are much needed and much appreciated in an organization. They bring a new perspective that can help solve problems in the work sector. Or even bring new ideas to promote the organization. This is a very important skill in the world of work.

Technological Skills: it’s the capacity, information, and knowledge needed to carry out a task. The technological skill involves knowledge in programming language, operating system, technical writing, security information, and data analysis. The skill is well needed in the world of technology and business.

Why you need to Gain these Skills

It’s very important to know why you need a particular skill. And how effective it stands in your career.

To remain relevant because most of the businesses need the knowledge of an individual with these skills.
You need to gain computational skills. because digital technology is taking over every aspect of modern life. Having the skill will set you up for future jobs.
Having Social Intelligence skills helps you to have good listening ears. And also be able to pass information across to people, without being misquoted.
With Social Intelligence skills, you will be a good leader and influence both people and yourself to achieve goals.
You can work from anywhere of your choice with virtual collaboration skills and still be very effective.
Creativity skill brings a new perspective of solving a complex and challenging issue
You can multitask using technological skills and achieve effective work.


The Future of Jobs and Skill is accompanied by high skills across all jobs; how jobs in their industry will change from the year 2020 and beyond. Scroll down to see these skills.

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