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Information Technology Training

IT Training is an integral part of the Information Technology industry; or better put as relating to acquiring the skills necessary for performing information technology jobs. This type of training also covers the courses relating or connected to the application implementation, design, development as well as support or management of a crowd of computer-based information systems. This specialized type of knowledge is offered by many Nigerian institutions, of which the best are outlined below.

Top IT Training Institutions in Nigeria

Winning the hearts of a lot of people, it is important to outline the best institutions that are available to take you through the process of this specialized education, if you are willing to become an employee of a prestigious organization; in this field.

  1. New Horizons Nigeria

Established in 1982, the United States, New Horizon still keeps itself as a handy source for the best information technology courses across the globe. Since its inception in 1982, the company has retained, tremendous and outstanding teachings through revolution and development of scientific approaches.

In 2005, the US-based organization reached across their ledgers, subsequently, they inaugurated a branch in Nigeria where they train students including the majority of the present-day leading scientists in Nigeria. The range of the broad courses is so wide and reaches across Oracle, Information Security, programming, networking, Java technology, web development, CompTIA and Microsoft.

  1. Aptech Nigeria

The advent of Aptech Nigeria makes the process of taking information technology courses more easy and accessible than ever. What Aptech introduced is similar to what most conventional higher institution offers today which is called Distance Learning. This institution made a huge and significant difference in the Nigerian information technology industry.

With about 14 computerized automation centres located across Nigeria, Aptech Nigeria trains and equip students with relevant and useful knowledge they need for a career in Information Technology without leaving their home. This is a good option for those who still have a job they do but want to make a transition to information technology, while they don’t also want to lose their present job; they can now participate in IT training and also take their exams online.

These graduates are equipped with deep knowledge in Java, Oracle, Networking, Mobile and Website Application Development, Cloud Computing and Enterprise and all that jazz.

  1. NIIT Nigeria

NIIT Nigeria is another institution making up this list of top Information Training institutions in Nigeria. In less than a decade ago, NIIT was topping charts and beating all other institutions’ hands down; however, the creation of new training centres made the industry more competitive, thereby losing its credibility to the new ones following the revolution.

In 1999, the Indian institution opened a Nigerian branch, making it easy for willing Nigerians who wish to acquire knowledge in this field; reportedly, about 16,000 students their courses annually. The Nigerian branch operates in Ikeja, Kaduna, Offa, Onitsha, Uyo, Ajah, Abuja, Asaba, Makurdi, Otta, Ibadan, Osogbo, Port-Harcourt, Owerri and other parts of Nigeria.

At the end of their enrolment in the two-year program, students would have mastered IT skills in Linux, CCNP, Web Application, CCNA, Oracle, Windows Administration and many more.

  1. FirstLogic

FirstLogic is one of the leading information technology certification centres in Nigeria. Following their inauguration in October 2003, the institution has trained a number of students to professionals with advanced and modern teaching methods.

The educational centres in Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt, meet the teaching standards of students while providing them with consistent and effective education. These instructors are those who have deep knowledge cum extensive work experience in Web Development, CompTIA, Microsoft, Java, Cisco, and other related knowledge. This knowledge is what they share with their students.

  1. HIIT

HIIT has been imparting relevant and uses knowledge to students for over two decades of their existence. They have further broken and made many important and well-known records through their experienced teachers and willing students.

In addition to good teaching, the institution’s employees are usually skilled in IT education, Servicing and Creating first-hand solutions to customers, Publishing, Consulting, and the likes. HIIT has an accredited centre of leaning at Abuja, Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, and some other regions.

The institution’s credibility extends to the knowledge in accounting, web development, CompTIA, Microsoft as we as project management which they offer to their students.

Top IT Training Scholarships for International Students

Noting that knowledge in Information Technology is becoming more relevant and highly sought after in this present generation, international organizations and bodies have made themselves a means for willing students to achieve their goals through scholarship programs. Below are some of the available scholarships for interested students.

  1. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program gives access to a year’s professional knowledge to enrich and empower prospective IT students. Successful candidates are usually selected across countries of the world based on tested potentials for leadership and commitment to public service. This scholarship is a full grant, covering all related expenses for selected students.

  1. Endeavour Vocational Education and Training Scholarships

Endeavor VET Scholarship is another scholarship organization that provides financial assistance to international students who want to take any information technology-related courses at either Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree level.

Endeavor VET Scholarship covers students travel allowance, tuition fees, a monthly stipend, establishment allowance as well as health and travel insurance.

  1. VLIR-UOS Training Scholarships

The VLIR-UOS is a scholarship program for international students who intend to acquire IT skills. The scholarship scheme provides full assistance and support for students during the duration of their training; the support covers allowance, insurance, international travel fee for international students, tuition fee, and accommodation as well as several one-time payments.

  1. UNESCO Fellowships Programme

The UNESCO fellowship programs is an initiative of the United Nation arms, established to strengthen and enhance Hunan resources in member states. The scholarship covers the study and research related costs during the course of study.


It is not now saying that there is absolutely no stress in securing a very reliable and effective educational institution for acquiring Information Technology related knowledge. What is important is choosing a prestigious institution with a modern setting, suitable for learning using the aforementioned institutions. Also, note that your choice of institution is important, after all, you would be spending not less than two years there; therefore, let no one influence or affect your choice institution for their selfish interest.