9 Scholarships for IT Students Abroad 2024

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Every year, the popularity of the Information Technology -IT direction among university entrants is only growing. IT education is popular due to the prestige of the profession and high earnings. Education abroad in the IT sphere gives you the opportunity to get knowledge and a diploma in demand in the international market, to use modern technologies and methods in your studies, to make valuable acquaintances and start working with an internship in a foreign company.

It is not as difficult and expensive to enter the best IT universities in the world as it may seem. Many universities provide special scholarships for studying to be a programmer and related specialties. They allow you to get IT education abroad at a big discount or for free.

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Scholarships are provided by IT universities as well as large foundations. Wide-profile scholarships can help to enter IT universities. Applicants of different directions can receive them. The main thing is to meet the requirements specified by the administrators. 

Scholarships can not only cover education in any of the universities included in the top IT universities but also finance the student’s life in the country, flight and insurance. So let’s discuss in detail about the scholarships that are designed for higher education in the IT field. Prepared by the expert writers of eduboard.com, this article will present the most popular IT scholarships for international students.

#1. Computer Science scholarships from Royal Holloway University of London

For whom: for programmers and other international students with high academic performance enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science.

Level: Master’s degree.

Country: UK.

Amount: £2,000 per year for eligible international students.

The scholarship allows you to pursue a discounted IT degree in one of the 4 programs in the Faculty of Computer Science at Master’s level: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and Analytics, and Financial Computing.               

All eligible applicants will be considered, no separate application is required. The scholarship is awarded automatically, renewal for the following year is possible. 

High academic achievement is essential: either an honors degree at the undergraduate or graduate level in a technical subject, or undergraduate and graduate degrees with a high level of academic achievement.

#2. VIT Academic Scholarship Program 

For whom: High-achieving students studying IT or Business Administration.

Country and institution: Australia, Victorian Institute of Technology.

Level: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Amount: varies. There are two full tuition reimbursement scholarships (one for women in IT), two 50% tuition reimbursement scholarships, 4 25% tuition reimbursement scholarships, and 30 lump sum payments of $3,000 upon successful completion of the first semester. 

The scholarship is open to applicants enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs in Technology and Systems, as well as the Master of Business Administration program. 

The main criterion is a high ATAR (Australian Applicant Ranking Assessment Rating) score. It is also important to meet the entry requirements for the chosen course, to be enrolled full-time, to be eligible for fee assistance or to be a fully fee-paying student. Scholarship recipients must maintain a satisfactory major and a full course load.

Thirty-eight scholarships are available. All applicants who have applied for admission to the university through VTAC (Victorian Student Application Center) are automatically considered.

#3. Women in Computing Scholarship from Dotcom-Monitor, Inc.

For whom: For women studying computer science full-time at an accredited institution in the U.S. or Canada.

Country: USA, Canada.

Level: not important.

Amount: $1,000 per year.

The scholarship can be spent on tuition, books, academic supplies, and other equipment the student needs for classes.

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of an essay. In the essay, the candidate should talk about themselves, the importance of their future major, and the reasons why it is important for women to pursue computer science. 

Any accredited university can be chosen to study IT. The scholarship can only be awarded once.

#4. Women in Information Technology Scholarship from Monash University

For whom: women entering university in IT direction.

Country: Australia.

Level: Bachelor’s degree.

Amount: $6,000 per year (covers 48 credits of study)

The scholarship is open to applicants with high academic grades. Created to support girls in the IT field.

A total of 50 scholarships are awarded per year. All eligible applicants who have indicated Monash University as a priority university in VTAC are automatically considered.

#5. VIP Women in Technology Scholarship from Visionary Integration Professionals

For whom: Women with good academic performance, leadership and creativity, green card holders, and an interest in IT.

Country: USA.

Level: undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate.

Amount: $ 2,500 lump sum.

The scholarship is only open to female applicants who have already been accepted to a college or university in the U.S. for the fall semester and who plan to study information and computer technology and related fields.

Leadership skills, creativity and initiative are important. The cumulative GPA should be above 3.0. For foreign nationals it is important to have a Green Card.

#6. MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Scholarship from Leeds Trinity University

Country: United Kingdom.

Level: Master’s degree.

Amount: £11,000 per year. The student can choose to use the payment to repay tuition fees, as a regular scholarship or a combination of these options.

Applicants must be enrolled on the MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence course from September and fall into one of the under-represented groups: women, black students, disabled students, students with complex socio-economic backgrounds, gypsies, excluded students, refugees, children of military families, veterans and partners of military personnel. International students can use the scholarship as refugees or if they have a residence permit.  

A phone interview may be offered at the time of selection, after which a final decision will be made.

#7. Curtis B. Smith Cybersecurity Fellowship from the UC Berkeley School of Information

For whom: Graduate students, current or new, but formerly enrolled at the school.

Country: USA

Level: graduate school

Amount: $3,000. At the discretion of the committee, the amount is either divided into several smaller awards or paid in full.

The scholarship is awarded annually in the fall and is available to graduate students in the School of Computer Science, including students enrolled in the Information and Cybersecurity and Information Management programs at the university.

Good academic standing and no disciplinary record are important. Awardees must demonstrate high academic excellence and achievement at the university, as well as a research and professional interest in cybersecurity.

Selection is on a competitive basis. A resume and a statement explaining how the applicant’s research interests relate to the scholarship topic must be submitted. 

Re-application is possible, but priority is given to those who have not yet received a scholarship.

#8. Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Program at ETH Zurich

For whom: High-achieving applicants who do not have a master’s degree and are not yet enrolled in a master’s program at ETH Zurich.

Country: Switzerland.

Level: Master’s degree.

Amount: tuition fee waiver and Fr 12,000 per semester for living and study expenses. The scholarship is awarded for the duration of the Master’s program.

Applicants must be in the top 10% of their undergraduate program. Along with the scholarship application, a preliminary proposal for the Master’s thesis and contacts of people who are willing to provide references should be uploaded. After the first selection, a final interview may be offered.

The number of fellowships depends on funding. There are 60 scholarships available for 2023/24.

#9. International Excellence Scholarship from the University of Newcastle

For whom: High-achieving first-year students studying IT and related fields

Country: Australia.

Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Amount: $15,000 per year to reduce tuition fees.

The scholarship is automatically awarded to students who meet the requirements and are enrolled in the following programs. Undergraduate: data science, computer science, information technology, computer systems, cybersecurity, data analytics. Master’s degree: cybersecurity, data science, information technology.

Fellows are selected on the basis of academic achievement. The ATAR and GPA of the candidates are examined.


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