Western Union Foundation Accelerator/Fellowship 2023 for Young entrepreneurs & community leaders

$25,000 in seed funding will be distributed among the Western Union Foundation Fellows based on progress and impact throughout the Fellowship.  Application Deadline: 18th Aug 2023 About the Award: A Lifetime of Impact Begins The Western Union Foundation Fellowship is for young entrepreneurs and community leaders who are from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and … Read more

Westerwelle Young Founders Program Autumn 2023 for Young Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

Apply for Westerwelle Young Founders Programme and attend the Young Founders Conference in Berlin, Germany. Application Deadline: 13th August 2023 at 11:59 CEST Interviews with shortlisted candidates: August 16-29, 2023 Notification of all applicants: August 31 Eligible Countries: All African and Developing countries To be taken at (country): Berlin, Germany/Applicant’s Home Country About the Award: The Young Founders Programme is … Read more

MEST Africa Training Programme 2024 for African Entrepreneurs

MEST Africa Training Programme 2024: The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) is looking for techies and entrepreneurs to join their next group of trainees. Application Deadline: Eligible Countries: This program is open to anyone of any nationality or citizenship who meets all the application requirements. To be taken at (country): The training will take place online. … Read more

KECTIL Youth Leadership Program 2023 for Young Leaders in Developing Countries (Fully-funded to the US)

The Kectil Program was created to identify and nurture highly talented youth in developing countries who have the potential to make a positive difference in their communities and countries. Application Deadline: 30th November, 2022 Eligible Countries: Developing Countries To be taken at (country): Online, USA (for the Youth Leadership Conference) About the Award: KECTIL that refers to the Knowles Educational and … Read more

10 best ways on how to make money from your phone


With the advancement of technology, everyone is using a smartphone with either an iOS or Android enabled operating system. It is possible to earn money just by using your smartphone… Learn how now!

5 Important Things You Cannot Learn From Business School

Things You Cannot Learn From Business School

If you are learning about the business world, there are many important lessons you cannot learn from school. You have to experience them to learn from them