Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in England

Looking to pursue your degree studies in England, but probably wondering what your job options would be after graduation? Well, we have answers to that!

Taking the right decision to study for a degree that would not just help you to find a job easily, but to earn higher and have more opportunities within your chosen field is a beautiful decision. It’s more beautiful when you find yourself moving sweetly towards the top end of the career ladder. Well, who does not like good things? Life’s too short for you to start regretting why you never studied a particular degree and it’s always comforting to know that you made the right choice in your career. What does that mean? We have helped you compile some top degrees that would guarantee you a great job after graduation.

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Below are the most employable degrees in England

  1. Mathematics

There has been a shortage of math graduates in England and the UK as a whole. So, if you are coming out of the university with an excellent degree in mathematics, you have already made yourself a hot cake in the job market. You might choose to work in the field of finance and banking, IT firms, or you can decide to get yourself a teaching job. Your skills will be highly valued and your employers are going to look up to you for several skills, including analytical and developmental skills. Studying math is never easy, but knowing full well what’s in for you after graduation, will enable you to be able to confidently give it your best shots.

The average salary of a mathematician in England is £39 000 per annum.

  1. Mechanical engineering

Just like mathematics, England is in high demand of mechanical engineers. Nevertheless, the government has really worked hard to boost the numbers in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For mechanical engineering graduates, there are relevant jobs in automotive, aerospace, defense and construction companies.

The average salary of a mechanical engineer is £39 106 per annum.

  1. Architecture

A degree in architecture involves the wider scope of work placements after the completion of a seven-year degree programme. In England, the building boom shows no sign of slowing down and so, architecture will continue to be an in-demand job in the building industry. You could also find a job in interior design, set up your own business, work as an architectural consultant or work under a firm. Whichever way, starting off as an employee, after your degree programme, will help you to learn the ropes of the business and gain better experiences.

The average salary of an architecture in England is £40 788 per annum.

  1. Computer Science

There is no modern business that can survive without a computer. The IT industry keeps booming as new technological and innovative developments keep emerging. A good degree in computer science will give you a wing to fly in your career. IT recruiters are constantly looking for graduates of computer science. There are so many branches of the field that you can specialize in – coding, web development, project overseeing, firefighting, system administrator, IT consultant, and more. Going for a higher degree in the field will also help you to earn higher as well as expand your knowledge capacity.

The average salary of a computer is £41 950 per year.

  1. Medicine and Dentistry

Graduates with medical degrees also achieve great feats in their jobs, with an impressive salary to show for the hard work. More so, studying medicine in any university in England is a way of setting yourself on a global edge over your counterparts in other parts of the world. You will gain first class experience, have access to a world-class medical system and also have your job placements in real hospital environments. As a medical graduate in England or any part of the UK, you are in high demand anywhere in the world.

The average salary of a medical practitioner on a yearly basis is £40 000.

  1. Engineering

Graduates of engineering are always placed on high salaries anywhere in the world. However, studying engineering because of the salary is not an encouraging decision. The degree is already a multidisciplinary programme with many branches, making it an exciting sector to work in. By studying any of the engineering programmes, ranging from civil, aerospace, chemical, marine and environmental engineering, to electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and more, you will be able to gain skills and knowledge, as well as the confidence to succeed in the job market. In England, state-of-the-art facilities are used to build up students in a very cozy, innovative and welcoming environment.

Engineers earn £45 000 per annum in England.

  1. Life Sciences

As a graduate within the field of life sciences, you have a great employability rate upon the completion of your studies. There are a wide range of jobs in the biology and chemistry fields with employers willing to part with high salary, just to have the best hands. You will also be able to get advanced skills in solving complex problems while applying scientific methods and ideas in your job. Other transferable skills include teamwork, organization, critical thinking, good communication, detail, and so on.

  1. Economics

In the job market today, economics graduates are expensive commodities. A professional economist is needed in every organization, in order to help in maintaining the financial stability of the organization. Once you drop your pen from the university, with an excellent result, there would be numerous job opportunities available for you.

Economists are some of the highest-paid employees in England due to their high contribution to financial and economic stability. Economics graduates, alongside medicine and math, earn 30% higher than other graduates. This is according to the official statistics obtained from the UK government.

Your average salary as an economist is around £40 000 per year.

  1. Law

Obtaining a law degree in England is highly appreciated. You will be recognized beyond national boundaries, with attractive jobs at your doorpost to make the best choice. There is a broad variety of jobs to choose from in law. Some of them include barrister, solicitor, advocate, patent attorney, legislative analyst, and so on.

L as a law graduate, you could also decide to build your career in other fields not directly related to law. Such fields include banking, politics public relations, human resources, and so on, all that is required is for you to take a short course in the relevant field.

Law degrees are not just employable, but rewarding. The average salary for a graduate of law is around £35 000 per annum.

  1. Education

The education sector in England is one of the top priorities of the government. The government is ensuring that the sector is constantly improved to enable the country to produce the best and excellent future educators.

After your degree programme, you will be qualified with knowledge and practical skills to teach youngsters in schools. Teachers are always in high demands in the country, both in private and public settings. However, there is another area that graduates are being hunted for and that is ‘homeschooling’. Homeschooling is becoming rampant in the country, especially for children undergoing primary education. The employability rate of educators, in addition, is high and you can choose to teach in the primary, secondary or tertiary institutions.

However, compared to other degree programmes, the education graduates earn less. The average salary is around £27 000 per annum.

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Most Interesting Ways to Land the Best Jobs in England

Working in England offers you a chance to thrive in a faraway land, and have a cracking good time while at it. England is known to be a very famous place because of some interesting and historical sites as well as the quality of life in the country. It has an alluring culture that attracts all and sundry into the beautiful country. The best restaurants could be found in this country, but then, getting hired to work in England could be your best bet.

With a smashing good CV, it will be very easy to get any kind of job you want. You have to consider your work hours and how much you are working for, while warming up to come to England.

The following will help you to land a good job in England:

  • Some jobs do not require prior experience: That’s really perfect for a fresh out of school graduate who just needs to get something doing while figuring out what to do with his or her future. However, such jobs may not offer you exactly what you anticipated. You may have to consider a lower pay in such situations, the main thing is that you are not considering remaining at that level.
  • Some jobs need a little more experience: Well, almost all job descriptions emphasize job experience. This is why taking any job, no matter how much they pay, maybe the best way to overcome some challenges accompanying work experience. Better still, you can gain your experience while studying…that is if your programme will permit you the opportunity to. Anyhow the case may be, getting experience will help you in your job search.
  • Consider the working hours: Jobs abroad offer a range of options, just like they are in your home country. There are jobs that give you time to flex the weekends and there are also jobs that allow you to have a romantic evening. You could also choose to work in the weekends and evenings, while, maybe, sleeping during the day. Of course, there could be reasons you may not want to work during the day. If you also can, there are 24/7 jobs. It all depends on what you want and how much your mental health will thank you at the end of the day.

The best way to enjoy England is to find a job. Speaking the Queen’s English is a perk, but not the only way out. There are jobs that do not require speaking English to apply. Working abroad in England gives you a variety of options…there is always something for everyone. Locate your field and ability and get something nice for yourself. You are already here, no going back.