Business Training

Business training teaches skills in leadership and management in the daily operations of business activities. Business trainings can be taught in various levels of education ranging from secondary, graduate to postgraduate levels. At the post graduate level, mostly common is the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which teaches not only business but also leadership and managerial courses. Although, business trainings differ from country to country in curriculum and structure, it still follows the same pattern of study and this gives the graduates a wide range of career choices at the end of the training.

Business Training Institutions

Business from time has always been part of human existence and so is the desire to learn and study about it. As the years goes past, business training institutions have grown immensely and have also carved out a niche in the business world to enhance learning and there are wide range of courses to be offered as they differ from institutions to institutions. Business training institutions offers both long, short and concise training courses that teach practical skills and these courses may take up to a year or more (2-3 years) depending on the choice of course.

Top Business Training Institutions in Nigeria

  1. Metropolitan School of Business and Management, Nigeria:

    This school of business training makes the list of top business training institutions. Although, it has its headquarters in the United Kingdom, it has a lot of branches in Nigeria. Their training does not include only business but they also practice and teach leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The metropolitan school of business and management (MSBM) also offers their courses and trainings online. You can access their website for further details on registration.

  2. International School of Management, Nigeria:

    This school of business training is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Coupled with the business training, they also offer trainings and programs in development and managerial courses.

  3. Institute Of Professional Managers And Administrators Of Nigeria:

    Offers top professional courses and trainings. They also provide good research environment for business trainings. This is one of the top business institutions in Nigeria, as there are world class professors and tutors ready to undertake and practice the training with you.

  4. Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) in Nigeria:

    This institution offers professional courses in business and management studies. The training takes up to 2 years and at the institute, one can also apply for masters in business administration (MBA) and post graduate diploma in management which takes a duration of about a year. This business training institution is located in Lagos Nigeria and it offers top notch training.

Eligibility and Criteria

When registering for scholarships both home and abroad it is important to note and follow all guidelines for the registration and also the eligibility and criteria as failure to do so can cause the rejection and or denial of such applications. Below are listed some of the keynotes and criteria to look out for:

  • Bachelors degree in any recognized and accredited university
  • Academic transcript
  • Secondary school certificate (to undergraduate studies)
  • Applicants must be a national of one of the following countries: Africa/Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, North America, and Western Europe/Oceania.
  • Professional background and leadership abilities.

Top Business Training Institution Scholarships For International Students

  1. The University of Gavle Scholarship for Undergraduate and Masters Students in Sweden:

    The University of Gavle in Sweden offers scholarship of about 75% off tuition fees to talented undergraduate and postgraduate students to study business and managerial skills.

  2. National Business Education Association (NBEA) scholarship:

    This NBEA scholarship is for individuals who wish to continue their studies in business studies either graduate or postgraduate studies.

  3. Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP):

    Since from the inception of this world graduate program, it has helped thousands of graduate from Japan and also other developing countries to complete graduate degrees in both business and managerial studies. The Japanese government is solely responsible for funding this scholarship.

  4. IMD MBA Scholarships:

    This scholarship for international students helps to bring graduates and applicants all around the world for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programs. This scholarship is 100% based on merit.

  5. INSEAD Business School International Scholarship:

    If it has always been your dream to pursue a top-ranked MBA programme, then INSEAD MBA program is a perfect fit. The INSEAD program offers over 90 available scholarships which can be taken on campuses in Fontainebleau and Singapore.


The benefits of getting a scholarship for business training when one cannot afford it are listed below:

  • Full covered tuition fees
  • Travel allowance
  • Establishment allowance
  • Monthly stipend
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance
  • Increases employment chances of the applicants in a top management organization.

Below is a much more elaborate list of Business Training, Start here to apply.

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