10 Best Universities for Business Major

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Business degrees encompass a range of topics that apply to many sectors of the economy. A degree from any of the best universities will give you an edge over your competitors in the employment world.

Not to forget, if you have any dream of establishing a flourishing business, becoming an outstanding personality in your industry, or just acquiring the best of education in your field, it is worth exploring a business degree. There are so many opportunities you can explore upon graduation.

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The Bureau for Labour Statistics (BLS) speculates a 5% growth for the business and financial occupations between 2019 and 2029, faster than the median growth rate of other jobs. This, the BLS attributes to the high request for business professionals and other factors like globalisation, complex tax and business regulations, as well as high usage of data for customer satisfaction.

As one pursuing a business degree, you are taught foundational skills and ways to build professional networks that would help you as you accelerate in your career. in business colleges, you are not just going to build core business skills, you will be encouraged to specialise in one area. Areas of speciality include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, marketing and supply chain management.

Every business college has its unique mission statements, degree programmes, internship programmes and international prospects. Some schools prioritise classroom learning, while others focus on practical learning.

There are many colleges around the world offering highly placed degrees in business. Here are the top 10:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Sloan School of Business

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a privately owned college situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Boston Area. It is one of the leading business schools in the US. Admission into the college is highly competitive and its acceptance rate is just 7%. The college offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programmes, in addition to executive education. Its degree programmes are among the top-ranking programmes in the world.

MIT helps students with traditional leadership practices that would enable them to evolve in the ever-competitive business world. The students develop skills required to lead and transform through changes experienced in modern business through digital learning.

Courses are delivered via case method, lectures, team projects and practical Action Learning Labs. The academic level of coursework is focused on analytical reasoning and quantitative analysis.

Some programmes offered in the college include finance, human resource management, international business, leadership, healthcare administration, and a lot more.

Tuition per year: $77,168

  1. Toronto School of Management (TSoM)

Toronto School of Management offers a range of industry-related programmes that are designed to help the students meet the demands of the evolving business world. Students are also trained to handle the latest digital tools and software that are necessary to overcome the challenges their career would pose to them.

The programme portfolio of TSoM includes business, hospitality and tourism, accounting, digital marketing, cybersecurity and data analytics. The school also boasts of a diverse student body from across 8 countries, making it a friendly hub to international students.

The Career Service Department of the school ensures that students are provided full support on how to make the right career choice and prepared for interviews. The students will be able to apply the theories taught in the classrooms to a real-life work environment and take part in decision-making and ultimately proffer solutions to problems.

 Tuition per year: CAD $12 495 CAD $20 000

  1. University of Pennsylvania – Wharton Business School

Regarded as one of the best business schools globally, the Wharton Business School is changing the way business is being done by providing big ideas to the students, backing them up with insightful exploration and turning them into inventive solutions. Students are educated and inspired to meet the complexities of the challenging world, advance in their business careers, and drive economic growth to a greater height.

The college was established as the first collegiate business school in 1881and has played a key role in the transformation of the study of business from just trading to becoming a powerful and highly recommended profession.

Some of the programmes offered at the institution include entrepreneurship & innovation, finance and leadership. The college also offers bachelor’s, masters and doctorate programmes in almost 20 disciplines. You might also want to study in the least expensive schools in Pennsylvania

Tuition per year: $70,200

  1. The University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business

The University of California, Berkeley, which was founded in 1868, was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It boasts of over 180 academic departments and programmes, with eight Nobel Prizes held by current faculty.

The college combines project-based travel opportunities with foundational business skills. The programmes offered in the school encompass computable, leadership, business and language skills, inciting the students to view business from a global perspective.

tuition and other fees per year: $47,602

  1. Bocconi University, Italy

Bocconi University is a private university located in Milan, Italy. It was the first university in Italy to commence and degree programme in economics. It provides education for bachelor’s,  and doctorate studies in the fields of economics, finance, law, management, political science and public administration.

The university is constantly ranked the best in Italy and one of the leading schools in the world. The history of Italy’s educational, social and economic modernisation cannot be told without mentioning Bocconi University, due to its undeniable roles. It is also one of the major Italian research institutions with democratic value and is open to all and sundry.

Since its establishment, Bocconi has remained true to its belief in liberalism, pluralism, socialism and economic advancement. Though a private university, it has traditionally been more than an elite university.

Tuition per year for international students: $12,500

  1. London School of Economics (LSE)

The London School of Economics is tremendously diverse and comprehensive. The unique business programmes of the school are designed to provide outstanding strategic and leadership skills to students from all over the world. It also offers a full range of teaching and research programmes across all its academic fields. from its location in the heart of London, LSE connects communities across the globe from formal educational enterprises to advisory work with administrations and multinationals.

The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, executive education, distance learning, language study among others. It has 24 areas of education and 20 centres for research, with extreme focus given to the fields of economics, management, finance and social sciences.

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  1. University of Oxford – Säid Business School

The University of Oxford is one of the oldest colleges in the world and was founded in the 12th century, before the Magna Carta and Aztec Empire. With its rich history and multiculturalism, the school has made a tremendous impact on the global educational system. Prominent world leaders, brilliant thinkers and reformers like Sir Williams Jones, Stephen Hawking and GH Hardy have their roots in this noble institution.

The University of Oxford has consistently been ranked as the best college in the UK for excellent research programmes as it continues to produce more outstanding academics than the world can boast of.

Tuition per year: $32,800-45,900

  1. The University of Cambridge – Judge Business School

The University of Cambridge is famed for its global and historical impact on education and research. Though one of the oldest colleges, it boasts of modern teaching facilities, state-of-the-art research centres and public engagement, making it one of the leading institutions in today’s world.

The University of Cambridge was granted a Royal Charter by Henry III in 1231 after its establishment in 1209.

Tuition per year: $29,952

  1. Yale University – Yale School of Management (Yale SOM)

Yale School of Management is located in New Haven, Connecticut. Though one of the smaller colleges for business, it has made tremendous efforts to enlarge its scope. There are almost 100 full-time professors and 70 affiliates and visiting professors employed by Yale SOM across its eight disciplinary groups.

It conducts research and education in leadership, behavioural economics, operations management, marketing, entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and other academic fields. The curriculum is designed to accommodate the ‘Raw Case’ approach used by the professors to challenge small teams of students to analyse practical case studies using data, news reports and interviews.

The students are offered plentiful opportunities for extracurricular activities. There are almost 50 student-run clubs in the school whose focus is majorly on professional and social activities.

Tuition per year: $74,560

  1. Columbia University – Columbia Business School

Columbia University is one of the few institutions that were founded before the American Revolution. With its comprehensive and progressive curriculum, the school prepares the students to become leaders in the highly competitive business world. It lays a solid foundation for success in its diverse areas of study and offers profound understandings of industry-related skills.

The school has over 150 full-time programmes and 20 executives which help in transforming business strategies across the world. There are over 100 experienced teachers from top organisations who come together to share their wealth of knowledge with their ever-growing students.

Students are immersed in business by connecting their classroom learning to the boardrooms, trading floors and retail stores where theory meets hands-on experience. Students are also provided with internship and externship programmes where they apply their learning in leading companies in the areas of finance, investment, marketing, data analytics and product developments.

Tuition per year: $79,752

Conclusively, International business colleges concentrate on the comprehensive scope of business. Students are offered a great opportunity to have a global perspective on how to manage multinational establishments and develop strategies for the global marketplace and economic systems. They also graduate and land a well-paying job within six months in private, government and not-for-profit organisations.

In case you are considering a college for a major in business, any of the above colleges will offer you the best experience in both theoretical and practical businesses.