Top 10 Most Favorable Cities to Study Abroad

As a student seeking better learning opportunities, deciding whether or not to study abroad can be one of the toughest decisions to make. Even after deciding to study abroad, the next question you will have to answer is where to study.

It is very important that you find the best city, institution and desired program that will help place you on track for your goals and ambitions, expose you to better opportunities and experiences while also helping you learn valuable skills. All of these will not only affect your understanding of your course of study, but it will also aid your understanding of the world at large.

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To get you started, we have compiled a comprehensive list of destinations across the world where you can look up to for a qualitative degree. This article also includes factors to consider when selecting a city of study and why it is important for you to study abroad.

What Makes a City Ideal for Study abroad?

Before looking for the best cities to study abroad, it is important to know what makes a city an ideal student location, this will properly inform you of what to look for and expect in these cities. Usually, what makes a city ideal is about the opportunities available for international students as well as the expected positive study experience. Features of an ideal city for international students include:

  • Great and numerous student activities
  • A vast cultural environment
  • The city must be an ideal option to live in with diverse job opportunities for graduates
  • There must be reduced crime rates in the city
  • Stable economic activities and stable government
  • A large international student population

Why You Should Consider a Study Abroad

Undoubtedly, studying abroad is a global desire of all students who desire a better life and great exposure level for themselves. Over many decades, students have crossed countries, oceans, and continents just to get the best education; this makes you wonder why is it very important to choose a university to study abroad?

Truth be told, studying abroad offers a lot of advantages and benefits to students, right from improving their social life to helping them get a better job. Seeking for reasons why you should study abroad? Read through the next lines and fill your thirst.

  • Studying abroad is a challenge

It might seem strange to start from here, however, the truth should be made very clear and understandable. Studying abroad is a huge challenge and will remain that way for a very long time. Even companies and organizations would choose a degree for an international institution to that from their location country- this so due to the belief that the holder has more exposure and expertise, hence, having something better to bring to the table.

While you might have some concerns about having to leave your home country, know that this is very natural. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the sacrifices you have to make to benefit from the valuable experiences that comes with studying abroad.

  • You get to experience a whole different culture

Another big advantage of studying abroad is the chance to become fully immersed in a new and totally different environment. Studying abroad helps you to see and do things you would not expect; you also get to meet with people of a very different culture and way of life.

A typical instance is that you will be able to try out new foods, listen to new music, try out local activities and languages and also exploring every other thing your host city has to offer.

  • Quality education

One of the core reasons why people leave their home city to study elsewhere in the pursuit of quality and better education. It is no doubt that studying in the UK, US, Australia, and the likes, you get to experience better and quality education. These counties have the highest and most reputed higher education systems as well as the highest percentage of the top-ranking universities in the world.

  • Learn a new language

As mentioned in the previous heading, learning a new language is part of the reasons why you should try out studying abroad. While learning a new language can be a whole lot of stress and challenge, there is nothing more challenging than living where such language is spoken natively- hence, you have to learn it.

  • Career opportunities

The main reason why you are getting a degree in the first place is to create better career opportunities for yourself. Now, in an interconnected and globalized world, employers are beginning to value and cherish graduates with international education and experience- they believe these people have something better to bring to the table.

When you study abroad, you learn a new culture, overcome the challenges of living in another country, learn a new language(s), gain a better and deeper understanding of the world and learn some skillset that prepares you for the future. These are the traits employers seek when hiring.

  • Make and meet new people

No matter where in the world you go to for an abroad study, you will definitely meet new people and make new friends who are just in the same position as you. Although you will not only meet people of the same category, you will also be exposed to those better than you and those who might not be up to your standards, then you get to decide who to keep as friends.

A lot of lifetime friendships and relationships begin from the university; you will be able to live, travel and learn alongside your friends during the course of your study. This also gets beneficial when you know and meet people from diverse countries of the world- especially after you have left school.

  • International travel

Studying abroad is another opportunity to travel and see the world- which is another rewarding educational experience. Anyone schooling in the United Kingdom can easily catch a flight to go see Paris, Barcelona, time and many other fascinating European and nearby countries. This will also positively affect your worldview and character, thereby preparing you for life in a global world.

  • Gain your independence

Often times, it is said that going to a university is when you can truly say that you are independent and can choose and decide without intimidation or interference from parents. This is true, especially when you go to school in a different country from your home country.

Here you get to make choices without having to look up to anyone. Contrarily, this way of life could also be challenging as you can no longer expect anyone to tell you what to do, hence, you live your life and shape it independently. Studying abroad helps you grow into an adventurous adult, ready to succeed through in your career and through life’s hurdles.

Top 10 Most Favorable Cities to Study Abroad

After knowing what opportunities lie ahead of studying abroad, it is important to know what countries are best to study abroad. With hundreds of countries across the globe, there are thousands of universities offering a wide range of courses from which you can select from, however, you are still tasked with choosing which one best fits your choice; check out the list below.

  1. Spain
  2. Germany
  3. United States
  4. Italy
  5. France
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Canada
  8. Sweden
  9. New Zealand
  10. Australia

What These Countries Share in Common

Obviously, the aforementioned 10 countries have diverse economic, cultural and social activities, however, they make up the list for the best study locations across the globe. Notably, all these universities have some many things in common, some of them are:

  • You will find the top world universities among these countries. That is to say, they offer the best educational opportunities to students from across diverse countries of the world.
  • Countries like Spain, France, Germany, Italy and many more will give students the opportunity to learn international languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian and more. Learning these languages is crucial to aiding better relations amidst countries of the world.
  • Alongside quality education, adventure seekers will find Australia, Spain, France and the United Kingdom very handy. These countries have great tourist centers, art houses and galleries, tours and beautiful locations where students can catch fun during their course of study.
  • Another major thing found in all these countries is reduced crime rates. When there is good security for the protection of the lives and properties of the citizens, students are attracted to study in such locations- this is exactly what you get from studying in the aforementioned countries.
  • There are better employment opportunities for those who choose to study in the best cities and universities. You will be exposed to better learning opportunities as well as utilizing and making use of what you have learned. You can as well get hired by an employer within that country after you have graduated.

In the sum of it all, good governance is one thing that makes these countries stand out and choose for a study abroad.

There are a lot of options that are available for you to study abroad- ranging from cities to universities as well as the course of study and even scholarships. While many countries are also setting up diverse additional programs to attract international students, it is therefore important to choose what offers the things you desire.

In addition, also know that disregard of whatever took choose to study, the decision to study abroad will always make you stand out intellectually and psychologically amidst your peers. The latter is another way to tell you to utilize the opportunity and get the best of this one in a lifetime adventure

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