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Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in The Netherlands for International Students

Are you planning to study free-of-charge in the Netherlands this year? Do you want to partake in international programs while enjoying in the ambience of Netherland’s beautiful cities like… The Hague?

Here is a bit of explanation on The Hague: this is the seat of government of the Netherlands and Home to the United Nations International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. That’s a whole lot of diplomatic activities going on and a juicy amount of scholarships.

Scholarships in The Hague are quite interesting as they sometimes include internships. In this list, we will uncover 10 top Undergraduate, Masters and PhD scholarships for international students, offered by both universities and organisations in The Netherlands like the Hague.

Applications for these scholarships open in the last quarter of the year. So, if you are an international student applying for scholarship to the Netherlands, you must begin your application early. Browse for more on how to apply.

In this our #Top10Series, we reveal the top 10 Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Scholarships for international students to study in The Netherlands.

Click video below to watch the top 10 Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Scholarships for international students to study in The Netherlands.

10 World Citizen Talent Undergraduate Scholarship:

The Hague University offers upwards of 50 scholarships to students who would like to start their bachelor programme at the university. At €5,000 each, the scholarships cover almost two-thirds of the total first year university’s tuition fee and will only be awarded once. The university is an educational united nations of 146 nationalities, where everyone speaks English. You will be taught by both local and international lecturers who have an easy way of interacting with the students.

9 Holland Scholarship:

If you are in high school or university IN a country outside the EU, then apply for this scholarship by the Netherlands government. To get the €5,000 scholarship, make sure you are applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s programme at one of the participating Dutch higher education institutions.

8 Eric Bleumink Funds at University of Groningen:

This scholarship covers tuition fee, costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance for Masters students from some low income countries to study at University of Groningen. Apply early because this scholarship has limited spots every year.

7 ITC Foundation Scholarships in Spatial Engineering:

There aren’t very many scholarships in Europe supporting international students studying engineering. That is why the ITC is on our number 7 list of best scholarships in the Netherlands. This scholarship is awarded specially to students from developing countries registering to take master’s programme Spatial Engineering at the University of Twente.

6 Utrecht Excellence Scholarships:

The University of Utrecht with the Excellence scholarship attracts highly talented undergraduate and Master’s international students. The Utrecht Excellence scholarships can be awarded as tuition fees or tuition fees plus 11,000euro living expenses.

5 Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarships at TU Delft

Every year, up to four students from Sub-saharan African countries receive this scholarship. Win this scholarship and you will receive the following:

  • Full fee waiver for a TU Delft masters programme and living expenses for 2 years.
  • Membership to the Scholarship Club giving access to personal development, workshops, seminars, etcetera.
  • A master’s thesis topic which relates to one of the SDGs.
  • Be a TU Delft ambassador for Africa.


Taking a break to give honourable mention to the United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme at the Hague:

If you want to attend lectures and seminars in international Law next year, this is the scholarship for you. To qualify for this fully-funded six-week summer Fellowship Programme, you must have a legal background with professional experience in the field of international law.

4 The Justus & Louise van Effen at TU Delft:

The Delft University of Technology offers a number of excellence scholarship programs for international students. The Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship is one of those programs. The scholarship covers tuition and Membership to the Scholarship club for a 2 year masters program. You DO want to belong to the scholarship club!

3 Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Scholarship Programme (MSP):

This scholarship is particularly for friends from the North Africa and Middle East region. The MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) is by the Dutch government and offers scholarships to working graduates who want to go for short courses in the Netherlands.

2 Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) Scholarships:

The Orange Knowledge Programme used to be known as Netherlands Fellowship program. It is handled by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The allowance is a €5,000 contribution towards your costs of living, of tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research. An OKP scholarship is supposed to supplement the salary that you should continue to receive during the study period in the Netherlands.

1 Wageningen University & Research Africa Scholarship Programme:

You love your friends? Tell them to apply for this scholarship. With this scholarship, Wageningen university supports up to 5 African students in a 2-years master’s programme. The scholarship covers travel fares, living allowances for 2 years, Tuition fee, Visa costs and costs for health insurance, Budget to visit one seminar/conference in Europe and Participation in the ‘Reach your full potential’ programme. This is a full package and that… is what makes it our number 1 scholarship in The Netherlands.

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