Udacity is an online learning platform that assists individuals to learn in-demand skills, build incredible projects and gain an industry-valued Nanodegree program. Learners are also helped to master the tech skills required by companies.

Nanodegree Program

The Udacity Nanodegree program is an online project and skills-based educational program that is designed to help individuals build their careers through learning. Each individual learner is armed with a unique experience through classroom mentorship, moderated forums and project reviews. The programs last between 6 – 12 months and you can input 10 – 20 hours per week for each of them. Basic programming skills are taught to interested individuals which will get them qualified for entry-level programming and analyst positions at leading companies like AT&T.

Eligibility for Nanodegree Program

Candidates for the Nanodegree program must meet the following criteria:

  • He/she must be above 18 years.
  • Must have completed Career Development Projects in his/her Nanodegree Program upon graduation.
  • Must have been through with the Udacity Professional Profile and enabled Recruiter Access by the time of graduation.

How to Apply for the Nanodegree Programs

To apply for the Nanodegree programs at Udacity, visit the program’s official website for detailed information.

Courses offered at Udacity

There are several courses offered at Udacity and they include:

  • Data Streaming
  • UX Designer
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Android Basics
  • Java Developer
  • AI Product Manager
  • Sensor Fusion Engineer
  • iOS Developer
  • frontend Web Developer
  • Data Visualization
  • Cloud Developing
  • Cloud Dev Ops Engineer
  • C++
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Intro to Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Predictive Analytics for Business
  • Programming for Data Science with Python
  • Programming for Data Science with R.
  • Digital Marketing

Courses offered at Udacity include Nanodegree programmes in the:

  • school of Data Science
  • school of Artificial Intelligence
  • school of Programming
  • school of Autonomous Systems
  • school of Cloud Computing
  • school of Business.

School of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies in modern times. it is very transformational and has created about 2.3 million jobs opening today.

Courses offered in the School of AI

  1. AI Product Manager
  2. Intro to Machine Learning
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
  4. AI Programming with Python and
  5. Data Structures and Algorithms.

School of Data Science

You can become an expert and build a successful career in these five unique programs in Data Science. They are data manipulation, visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning and data science.

School of Programming

In today’s economy, programming is a highly sought after skill that records a low number of developers. The courses offered include:

  • Frontend Web Developer.
  • Java Developer.
  • Android Basics
  • C++.

School of Autonomous Systems

There are so many lucrative careers built from the School of Autonomous Systems. There is a great leap in this field and individuals are advised to advance their careers in this field.

Courses offered in the School of Autonomous Systems include:

  • Sensor Fusion Engineer.
  • C++
  • Self-Driving Car Engineer.
  • Intro to Self-Driving Cars Engineer

School of Cloud Computing

Modern companies are adopting cloud computing to ensure digital transformation. There are so many jobs in the field like Cloud Developers and Cloud DevOps.

School of Business

The Udacity School of Business helps you to achieve your objective of advancing in your business career. Courses offered in this school include digital marketing, marketing analytics, and business analytics.

Nanodegree Programs include the following:

  • Real-world projects from industry experts
  • Technical mentor support
  • A personal career coach and career services
  • Flexible learning program

Free Courses at Udacity

  • Design of Computer Programs. The course is about understanding ways to approach programming problems and devise solutions to such problems. There are new concepts, patterns and methods taught that would help learners understand coding better.
  • Intro to Algorithms. You will understand the design and analysis of algorithms which will help you to analyze networks and discover how individuals are connected.
  • Software Testing. In this course, you will learn how to catch bugs and break software as you discover different testing methods needed to build better software.
  • Software Debugging. You will learn how to systematically debug programs, automate the debugging process and build several automated debugging tools in python.
  • Programming Language. You will the introduction to the fundamentals of programming languages: how to specify and process valid strings, sentences and programming structure.
  • Interactive 3D Graphics. You will learn the basics of 3D computer graphics which include: meshes, transforms, cameras, materials, lighting and animation.


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