Udemy Vs Udacity Vs Coursera – Side by Side Comparison for the Best Platform to Take Online Courses

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This article, first published in December 2014, was updated to represent recent changes across the platforms. It now compares Udemy Vs Udacity Vs Coursera online courses platforms.

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Udemy is an online market place open to ”industry experts” to teach their knowledge and area of expertise to learners.

Udacity partners with “industry leaders” like Google, Facebook, AT&T & Microsoft, to teach technology skills today employers need.

Coursera partners with “top Universities” like Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Manchester, and University of Sydney etc to offer courses to learners around the world.

In addition to their different models, the major difference here is in “who creates the content”. The decision is between learning from industry experts (Udemy), industry employers (Udacity) and top university professors (Coursera).

Comparison of Udemy Vs Udacity Vs Coursera

The table below is a side-by-side comparison of the three major online learning platforms.

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Udemy, Udacity or Coursera – Which is better?

Eventually, it’s totally up to you to decide. If you want to learn technology skills from tech companies, pay about $200 per month to complete the course and get a certificate, consider Udacity. Browse Courses on Udacity.

If you want to learn anything from android, iOS & web development to business & entrepreneurship, academics, health & fitness, language, music, photography, yoga, games etc, in a less academic style, consider Udemy. Browse Courses on Udemy.

If you want a more university style learning from the academia, consider Coursera. Browse Courses on Coursera

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