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Online education is a system of education and learning that is delivered through the internet. It involves taking a course and earning a degree with the aid of the internet rather than in person. Online education gives students access to information at any place and time. It teaches students what is taught in the classroom and helps them to study at their own time and pace.

This kind of education can be carried out in various ways such as video conferencing, recorded lectures and others. However, this form of education is divided into two main categories for easy understanding; Synchronous and Asynchronous online classes.

Synchronous online classes mean that both the instructors and students have to be online at the same time. The lectures and discussions are scheduled for a particular time just like the traditional school and all participants have to be online at the designated time. In asynchronous online classes, students have the freedom to participate in class activities at any time. Though the students have to complete assignments and tests at a given time, the lectures are provided by the instructors and can be accessed at any time.

Why Consider This Form of Education?

  1. Flexibility: Gives students the freedom to choose when they want to learn. Individuals who have other commitments and projects they want to carry out can choose online learning because there are no fixed schedules like a normal school therefore; they can study and face their careers at the same time.
  2. Networking: Provides students with networking opportunities. It helps them to create networks with students from different nations in the world. Online classes are usually filled with different students therefore these students come together to learn new experiences and help each other in their careers.
  3. Reduced costs: It is cheaper than traditional school due to various reasons. Transportation costs are reduced as students do not need to move from one place to another to receive lectures. Online education fees are also generally cheaper than normal schooling fees.
  4. Comfort: Provides students with comfort while learning. Students can choose any environment and condition they wish to receive lectures in. It is suitable for slow learners as they are not forced to learn along with the rest of the class but at their own pace. Students can also have personal time with the teachers due to the small size of the classes.
  5. Career Advancement: Helps in advancing a person’s career. Some individuals need a certain degree of knowledge in their current job. Through online education, they can gain the required knowledge without having to leave their jobs.

Best Online Education Platforms

  1. Coursera:- Coursera is a great online education platform as they have partnerships with top universities around the world. Coursera offers a variety of courses which are mostly free or cheap.
  2. Udemy:- This is another online education platform that is rapidly gaining recognition. They offer various courses which are a bit expensive as they range from $10 to $500.
  3. Skillshare:- This is a platform that offers a wide range of courses to choose from. Top classes are available only through a skillshare membership. Membership costs $9.95 monthly and comes with 20% off all classes. There are classes available without membership which costs $20-$30 each.
  4. Udacity:- This is an online platform that does not have a large number of courses but has reasonable and well-chosen ones. Udacity has an impressive data science program with good teachers. The courses are paid monthly which makes it easy to drop a course when no longer interested.

Others include; Docebo, lynda . com, and WizIQ

How to Apply

Applying to an online education platform does not require a lot of stress or process. Firstly, one will need to log in to the website of the platform. Some of the platforms require membership to access the courses while others do not. For those platforms that require membership, interested participants will need to register and pay the membership fee. Then the participant will need to choose the desired course of study. After choosing the course, the participant will choose the classes he wants to register for. Then the procedures of registering and payment will need to be followed and the needed information will be provided by the participant.

Courses Offered

Online education platforms offer a variety of courses to interested students. Some of the courses are:

  • Data science
  • Musical theory
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Filming technology
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Computer science
  • Humanities
  • Public health

Who Should Apply?

Online education is for everybody. Both young and old people can apply for online education. Online education does not differentiate students and has no age limit. Anybody who is willing to learn can apply for online education. Also, online education does not require passing special exams to gain admission. There are also free online classes for those who cannot afford the special ones. Therefore, online education is for everybody.

Online education is gaining more recognition as time passes. Many universities are now offering online classes for students. Online education is a good opportunity for everyone to gain more knowledge especially those who have given up on their education.