Apply Now for WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates

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The World Health Organization’s free online courses (WHO free courses) are the best option if you’re looking for certificate-granting courses in 2024–25. In addition to receiving formal certifications upon successful completion, you can access dozens of free courses on subjects including drug control policy, nutrition, mental health, and occupational health and safety. WHO courses can be a wonderful way to add value to your CV without spending a lot of money or time, whether you’re trying to update your abilities or get certified in new areas of knowledge.

Apply Now for WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates
Apply Now for WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates


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What is OpenWHO?

OpenWHO is a platform created by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a way to disseminate knowledge to address health emergencies. OpenWHO is offering an accessible, interactive learning platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, in place of laborious in-person training sessions or sparse outreach materials. Furthermore, there is no set time limit or plan for completion, and the courses are designed to accommodate a variety of user demands. They are available in more than 20 languages. With the use of this cutting-edge technology, WHO and its important partners can now efficiently, with maximum accessibility and least amount of disturbance, disseminate life-saving information to a huge number of frontline responders.

Furthermore, students have an excellent opportunity to advance their careers, join a globally renowned organization, and engage with individuals from a variety of backgrounds through the World Health Organization Free Online Courses 2024–25 with certificates.

WHO Free Online Courses 2024-25 Details:

  • Offered by: World Health Organization
  • Courses Platform: OpenWho
  • Access mode: Online
  • Eligible Countries: Anyone can apply

Benefits of WHO Free Online Courses:

The most recent scientific research serves as the foundation for WHO’s online courses, which are intended to deliver accurate and pertinent information.

2. Possibilities for career advancement:

The online courses offered by WHO can assist people in acquiring new information and abilities that they can use in their present or future employment.

3. It is convenient:

People with busy schedules or those who live in rural areas can attend online courses at any time and from any location.

4. Its free (No Fees):

Because WHO’s online courses are free of cost, a broad spectrum of people can take them regardless of their financial position.

5. Opportunities for networking:

The ability to interact with people from all over the world who share your interest in a certain issue is provided by WHO’s online courses.

6. Certificates of accomplishment:

Those who successfully finish one of the many online courses offered by WHO can obtain certificates of completion, which are beneficial for career advancement or job applications.

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List of WHO’s courses: 

  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Clinical Management
  • COVID-19
  • COVID-19 National Languages
  • COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Digital Health and Innovation
  • End TB
  • Get Social
  • Data
  • Healthier Populations
  • Health Inequality Monitoring
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response
  • Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • One Health
  • Outbreak
  • Preparing for Pandemics
  • Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  • Ready for Response
  • Scientific and Strategic Talks on COVID-19
  • Universal Health Coverage

Eligibility Criteria of the WHO Free Online Courses 2024-25:

  • Everyone can apply for these WHO-free courses.
  • Applicants for the WHO courses do not have to meet any academic requirements.
  • There are no prerequisites.
  • No nationality restrictions.
  • Medical students are encouraged to apply for the World Health Organization courses.

How to apply for the WHO Free Online Course 2024-2025?

The process of registering for one of WHO’s free online courses is usually simple. The general procedures for signing up for a WHO online course in 2024–2025 are as follows:

  • Locate the course you wish to enroll in: To discover the course you want to take, explore the WHO website or utilize the search option.
  • Examine the course details: Make sure the course is a suitable fit for your interests and experience by reading the objectives, course description, and any other information supplied.
  • Verify the necessary technical specifications: Ensure you have a device that satisfies the minimal requirements, a modern web browser, and a reliable internet connection.
  • Create an account: Go to the WHO website and make an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Enroll in the course: After locating and reviewing the desired course, click the “Enroll” button and adhere to the on-screen instructions to finish the enrollment process.
  • Launch the course: Following your enrollment, you will receive access to the course materials and be able to start learning.




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