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Every field has a way of promoting talents and budding talents; The Journalism Contest has in one way or the other helped and increase the efficiency of works and also raising a very high competitive spirit amongst them. For years now, there have been continuous and periodic journalism contests. The aim of these is to develop better and reliable journalism as well as the efficient reach of relevant information across locations.

Top companies offering journalism contests

As said earlier, journalism contests have helped change the world of our news carriers and help them get efficient in the process of passing our relevant information to the general public.

Below is a list of the best companies offering journalism contests.

  • Continental Reinsurance

For five years now, Continental Reinsurance has been giving good recognition and acknowledgment to great journalism talents; this recognition has been usually to Anglophone and Francophone African countries. Successful candidates who end up emerging as the winner or sometimes runner-ups are always those who have made the needed contribution to the media through their outstanding works of journalism across the continent.

  • Scripps Howard

One of the platforms that have served a huge number of audiences as well as more businesses through a developing portfolio of national cum local media brands is the E.W Scripps Company. Scripps Howard Company has about 36 television stations running on solid and rigid national journalism bordering across business news as well as entertainment updates and all other relevant news inclusive.

The platform also offers a number of award-winning investigative and reporting newsroom services as well as a series of educative programs like the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Since its inception in 1878, the Scripps Howard Company has held up to its motto “Give light and the people will find their own way.”

Other journalism contests for international students

As every year runs to an end, there is always one contest or the other for everyone in a career field. This also is applicable to journalists as they give out time to analyze and criticize each other’s works, subsequently reflecting on the overall works of a year and giving out awards of excellence to those who have worked for it.

This period of recognition does not come only at the end of the year, it also comes up in the beginning as well as mid periods of the year. So why not take some time off watching football and quit political arguments for a while and earn yourself the “Thanksgiving” you deserve to keep your career on the go. Some available international contests are:

  • Goldsmith Book Prize

The Goldsmith Book prize is biannually given to journalists who have published academic and trade-related contests throughout the year. This kind of publication could be either as a book or periodicals. This prize also fulfills the aims and objectives of making the press independent as well as improving a democratic government through the media and press. Successful candidates will earn themselves a framed certificate and prize money of $5,000.

  • Anthony Lukas Book Prize
  1. Anthony Book Prize is an annual recognition given to intellectual journalists who have written nonfiction contents on them of political and social injustice. The works must pass a series of commitments to extensive research, original contents and report as well as literary appreciation. The prize which comes in money is worth $10,000.
  • National Awards for Education Reporting

As the name reads, this award is for journalists who have reported and covered educational news with the goal kg encouraging and inspiring a better educational system. As education is an important part of every society excellent storytelling cum excellent coverage of educational news is presumed to portray the importance of it. The award is worth $10,000 in cash.

  • Edwin Gould Foundation’s Eddie Prize

For the Edwin Gould Foundation, entries would be examined on counts of genuine reports as well as how deep the content covers on discussions including the day-to-day challenges faced by students on low income and other related conditions and problems; all these in their efforts to get a degree. The award is worth $7,500.

  • National Magazine Awards for Print and Digital Media

The Ellie Award gives recognition to print and digital publications that have consistently shown the superiority of journalists in the execution of their duties. The recognition also broads across the innovative techniques, perfectly-researched editorials, good sense of imagination and creation and many more. The prize for finalists is a certificate of recognition while the winner -an Ellie- goes home with a statue reproduction of Alexander Calder’s stabile elephant

With your excellent skills behind the camera stand as well as your passion for news reporting and journalism as a whole, you can earn yourself some accolades and recognition through these journalism contests. While all these contests do not usually come prize money, you will still be recognized and known for what you do; that alone is a joy for any career person.