Online Course to Learn Compelling Resume, Networking & Interview Skills

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Your skills and expertise are only as strong as your ability to sell them. To secure a job that appeal to you, you also need to know how to present yourself as an attractive potential employee. This career development course will help you highlight your skills and stand out in the crowd through your application materials, networking opportunities, and interviews. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to make a lasting impression on hiring managers and others throughout your job search.

Enrolment: self paced

Timeline: 4 weeks @ 1-2 hours/week

Skill Level: Introductory

Course of Study: Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills | Course Platform: edX

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Created by: Fullbridge

Cost: Free

Get the job you want with compelling resume writing and focused interview preparation.

What you’ll learn

  • How to construct eye-catching resumes, cover letters, and other supplements
  • How to customize application materials for different professional opportunities
  • How to create and curate professional profiles on social networks like LinkedIn to showcase your strengths
  • How to strategically grow and use your network
  • How to prepare for and excel in any interview
  • How to effectively follow up with interviewers and hiring managers throughout the interview process

Eligibility requirement

For current and prospective job seekers

Certificate offered? Yes

How to Enrol

Visit Course Webpage to Enrol.


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