Would you consider Distance Learning Education for Masters Degree Program

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Have you thought of distance learning education as an alternative medium to acquire your Bachelors,Masters or PhD program? Distance learning online is a concept I consider interesting, and would like us to discuss about it. I intend to take the topic in bits. So I’ll be writing more on distance learning in coming publication.
Firstly let’s get educated a bit on the topic with some question answered. You too may decide to take the next step to pursue an associates, bachelors, MBA, Masters or PhD through online learning program.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is the practise of transferring knowledge to learners(students) who are separated from the instructor(teacher) by time and/or distance and are making use of technology components, such as the Internet, video, CD’s, tapes, and other forms of technology to accomplish learning.
Distance learning- also distance education, online course, elearning- can be achieved if special consideration has been taken regarding the course design, instructional techniques, communication mediums, organization and administrative issues associated with the distance education program. Knowledge transfer occurs regardless of the fact that the instructor and learner are geographically separated by time or distance.

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You are probably an adult, in the Millitary or have a very demanding job and family. You are still holding onto that life-long dream of achieving a Master’s or PhD degree but don’t know how or have the time. There is good news. Many learners’/students professional and personal lives have been affected by the online learning experience.
Research results have consistently shown that with good instructional design there’s no significant difference between distance learning and in-class learning.
It is deemed that distance learning has been a method of teaching and learning for many individuals for at least one hundred years (Moore & Kearsley, 1996) starting with print technology and the postal service (correspondence education) all the way up to the electronic communication that is used today.

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