Who is Distance Learning online suitable for?

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Distance learning is being used by just about everyone involved in
educational learning, career and personal development. From high
school students, to those involved in higher education- college/
university, the military, and the government, to those pursuing
continuing education, corporate training, personal training and
alltime learning.

Distance learning is being used for multiple purposes:

To reach underserved and advanced students

To create multiple choices and opportunities for intending students/learners

To reach learners in different geographic locations – rural areas, as
well as cities across the world.
At least, one would have less excuse to give for not being educated,
since there are low cost, affordable and even scholarship programs for
distance learning courses online that anyone can enroll with. Talking
about low cost and affordability, distance learning is, by all status,
cheaper than on-class/campus education.

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Course enrichment and staff development
Institutions and organizations are also using distance learning to
save on the cost of training and to offer just-in-time training to
individuals and employees in remote locations.

Distant learning is very flexible. At the same time, distant learning
requires more of the learner. As a learner, it is your responsibility
to ensure that you schedule the necessary time away from other
activities in order to complete your coursework and assignments. Talk
about time management, a symbol of responsibility. Whatever schedule
you set, you must follow through with it, or else your learning will
not be effective. Distance learning has reversed the dynamics of
learning; instead of the student going to school, the school now comes
to the student.
Is Distance Learning online for YOU?


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