Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the social science field

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There is more to the social sciences than merely scholarly disciplines like sociology and psychology. They also include occupations that use the methods and concepts of social science. Employment in the social sciences may be found in non-profits, research firms, or the federal government. 

It’s critical to understand where the highest-paying positions are located and what credentials you’ll need to obtain them before pursuing these vocations. 

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This post will break down the top 10 highest-paying social science fields and provide you with an estimate of your potential income.

Here are the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the management field.

#1. Social Media Manager

Average pay: $52,883 per year

Social media managers are professionals at managing and marketing social media. It is their duty to plan, organize, and carry out social media campaigns.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

A bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations, or a similar discipline is required for this position. A three-year associate’s degree from an approved university may occasionally be accepted by employers in place of a bachelor’s degree.

How can I apply for this position?

Getting expertise in managing social media accounts for businesses or people is the quickest route to this position. You’ll need to be proficient with a variety of tools and platforms and have a good understanding of the online interactions that firms should have with their customers.

#2. Sociologists

Average pay: $55,305 per year

Sociologists examine human civilization and culture. To help individuals comprehend their own behaviors better, they might collaborate with groups or communities. These experts might also research larger populations, such as cohorts of individuals with a shared attribute (such as gender or ethnicity).

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Although it is feasible to start in this sector with less experience, employers prefer applicants with at least five years of experience. While some employers prefer individuals with higher degrees in sociology, others will recruit those who only have a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences.

What is the best way to get this job?

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in sociology or related social science from a college or university is one way to be considered for this position. Consider enrolling in some advanced courses after graduation to demonstrate to potential employers your expertise in the industry.

#3. Survey Researcher

Average pay: $59,187 per year

Survey researchers are those who gather and examine data, typically for marketing or opinion studies. Customers, staff members, or the broader public may be surveyed by them. These researchers might also create questionnaires to assist businesses in understanding their clientele and making informed choices with their input.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Survey researchers with a bachelor’s degree in social science or statistics and at least three years of experience are preferred by employers. Additionally, a lot of businesses favor applicants who have earned a master’s degree in survey research or a closely similar social science degree. 

What is the best way to get this job?

After receiving your degree, you can begin working as a junior analyst or assistant. After that, you can climb the ladder to reach this position.

#4. Police Officer

Average pay: $60,400 per year

Police officers are in charge of upholding the law, keeping the peace, and defending residents’ rights. 

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Applicants with a social science high school graduation and some previous law enforcement experience (such as security guard experience) are preferred by employers.

Employers seek applicants with skill sets that include effective communication under pressure, nonviolent conflict resolution, and self-preservation.

What is the best way to get this job?

To become an officer, you must be able to pass both a written exam and a physical fitness test, as well as have at least two years of experience in security or law enforcement. After you are hired, you will participate in continuing education courses that cover first aid and the handling of firearms and other weapons.

#5. Anthropologist and Archaeologist

Average pay: $61,910 per year

Anthropologists and archeologists are specialists in the study of human behavior and culture. Depending on their field, they may research how people live today or how they lived in the past. They can aid in our historical learning and help us gain a deeper understanding of our own lives.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Before you apply seriously for work as an anthropologist or archaeologist, you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. It will be important to employers that you have completed advanced coursework in these areas.

What is the best way to get this job?

Involve in voluntary work or internships as soon as possible if you wish to start down this professional route. In the future, when you’re applying for full-time work, this will help you develop your résumé.

#6. Political Scientist

Average pay: $64,894 per year

A political scientist collaborates with politicians and policymakers to identify possible policies for trade, taxes, health care reform, and war. Surveys, polls, and other comparable instruments are used to assess public opinion on various matters.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Political scientists with some level of experience in their particular subject are typically given preference by hiring supervisors. For instance, it would be beneficial if your CV indicated that you would want to work in international relations as opposed to domestic relations.

In addition to a master’s degree in political science, prospective political scientists should hold a bachelor’s degree in political science or a closely related field. 

What is the best way to get this job?

Applying directly through an employer’s website or networking with people in the industry are the fastest ways to land this job. Next, make sure your application sticks out from the others by highlighting your background in political systems and related fields.

#7. Intelligence Analyst

Average pay: $72,692 per year

Intelligence analysts are in charge of gathering data and interpreting it to determine what’s occurring and why. To understand what’s happening in the world around us, they use data, maps, charts, and other representations.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

The minimum educational need for these analysts is an undergraduate degree in social science, preferably in political science, while many firms favor candidates with graduate degrees or an MBA. To be successful in this career, you must possess strong critical thinking abilities.

What is the best way to get this job?

There are numerous methods to enter this industry. Local police departments and military sites sometimes provide internships. It’s possible that someone you know in this industry could help you get an interview.

#8. Geographer

Average pay: $73,670 per year

Geographers map and examine the surface of the earth. They aid in our comprehension of the surrounding natural environment, including how it changes with time and how humans interact with it. These experts can even assist us in forecasting future occurrences such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

Only a bachelor’s degree in geography is held by certain geographers. Some hold advanced degrees in environmental science or related subjects like urban planning.

How can I apply for this position the best way?

You can obtain this position by first obtaining an education. Until you have completed enough credits for your degree program, you should begin by enrolling in classes at your neighborhood community college or university.

When earning your degree, look for an internship at a company that piques your interest. Many employers will turn interns into full-time employees when they graduate.

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#9. Economists

Average pay: $101,905 per year

Economists are in charge of comprehending how the economy functions and giving others advice on how to improve it. They assist governments and businesses in determining the value of various decisions. In order to forecast future patterns and create response plans, economists also examine past economic trends.

Qualifications and degrees that you need

While some firms prefer candidates with a Ph.D., most prefer candidates with a master’s degree in economics. A few companies would even consider your application for a position if you have prior experience working as an economist.

What is the best way to get this job?

A degree in economics from a reputable university will help you land a job as an economist. Additionally, you should demonstrate your abilities through voluntary work or internships that demonstrate your aptitude for the industry.

#10. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Average pay: $116,471 per year

Industrial-organizational psychologists are committed to creating instruments and techniques for evaluating and enhancing worker performance in order to increase workplace productivity. They apply their knowledge of psychology to comprehend how workplace dynamics are impacted by human behavior.

Among their work duties could be:

  • Evaluating worker performance and pinpointing areas in need of development
  • Putting on training courses that assist staff in developing their abilities
  • Collaborating with CEOs to identify strategies for raising worker happiness and output

Qualifications and degrees that you need

An industrial-organizational psychology master’s degree is a minimum requirement; however, businesses prefer experience. After gaining some experience, you can apply for positions at higher levels and potentially make more money.

How can I apply for this position?

Obtaining a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology (IOP) is the quickest route to this position. You must possess a solid understanding of how behavior in humans impacts output. Take into consideration working as an intern under other experts, as employers prefer candidates with at least five years of experience.

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