Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the Arts field

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There are a number of jobs as an art major that you might think about after graduation. Knowing the average wage that art students can anticipate in the job market can help steer you in the right direction if you’re unsure about the exact field to study. In this post, we’ll define an art major and look at some of the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the arts field

What does an art major study?

An art major pursues a degree in fine or media arts by enrolling in a formal course program. Fine art encompasses academic disciplines like painting, sculpture, and film, whereas media art includes graphic design, animation, and other related subjects.

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Furthermore, majors in art can study history, painting, design, and photography, among other subjects. Art is a major that you can pursue online or at four-year universities. You can also get anything from a doctorate in the arts to a diploma in the arts. Studying art opens up a lot of career options because it encompasses a wide range of topics. For example, with an arts degree, you can become a graphic designer, an animator, an art critic, or a textile designer.

Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the Arts field

Think about what you want your future compensation to be in order to locate an art field career that interests you. These ten well-paying positions in the arts field are:

Average salary: $48,656 per year

Gallery managers are in charge of organizing various exhibitions for the public or private galleries they work for. Beyond this, the gallery itself will determine its precise responsibilities. Numerous people bear the responsibility of ensuring that visitors to the gallery receive appropriate attention and care. 

In addition, gallery managers may have to handle budgeting, supervise the installation of exhibits, communicate with framers, administer the gallery website, and deal with artist and gallery relations.

2. Interior designer

Average salary: $58,585 per year

The job of an interior designer is to create a space’s interior according to the requirements of the client. This can involve planning it with consideration for aesthetics, practicality, security, and available space. Interior designers generally strive to create visually appealing places. 

In their work, they use a variety of ornamental elements, including wall color selections, flooring materials, lighting, and vases. In addition, they supervise construction, draft design plans, and make a schedule for the project’s completion. Interior designers can either work at a firm or be independent contractors.

3. Technical designer

Average salary: $61,223 per year

Basically, a technical designer’s job is to make a fashion designer’s sketch come to life. Technical designers work with various members of the fashion design team, including the designer, manufacturer, and merchandiser. 

Furthermore, their responsibility is to guarantee that clothing satisfies established norms and requirements. You must be passionate about fashion, have excellent problem-solving abilities, and pay close attention to detail in order to succeed in this position.

4. Industrial designer

Average salary: $63,373 per year

Industrial designers are responsible for the development and design of various manufactured goods. They work with the market research department, visit with clients, and create sketches of design concepts to show them. Note that industrial designers must be proficient sketchers, aware of balance, knowledgeable about technological matters, and effective communicators.

5. Store planner

Average salary: $71,013 per year

Creating inventory plans, generating store sales, overseeing new openings, and assisting with company sales and inventory analysis are all tasks that store planners are responsible for. They oversee the management of their staff and communicate with stakeholders. Store planners should have strong time management abilities, be outstanding communicators, and be adept at multitasking.

6. Art director

Average salary: $71,332 per year

Art directors are responsible for various duties, including the creation of art layouts, formulating concepts, obtaining client approval, and overall management of the design team. They are primarily responsible for the visual elements of a media campaign or advertisement. 

In addition to having outstanding interpersonal and photographic abilities, art directors should also be very creative and proficient in typography.

7. Senior fashion designer

Average salary: $79,292 per year

Designing new lines of apparel, accessories, or other items is the responsibility of senior fashion designers. They create collections based on current trends and target certain markets with each design. 

Furthermore, it’s a senior fashion designer’s responsibility to sketch designs, research fabrics and trending colors, and oversee the overall design production. Along with having great technical abilities, senior fashion designers should also have a superb sense of texture and color.

8. Creative director

Average salary: $86,729 per year

Creative directors, also known as “design directors,” are responsible for developing new company branding campaigns, monitoring trends, assisting clients, and attending various creative sessions or meetings. 

Furthermore, they are responsible for managing the creative section of their organization, tracking workflow, and delegating work to other team members. You should have excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation abilities as a creative director.

9. User experience (UX) designer

Average salary: $90,967 per year

UX designers work with the product team and the client on a variety of projects, such as wireframes, sitemaps, and usability testing. They are in charge of the research, drawing, and prototype phases of the user experience process for digital products. Expertise in UX software, effective communication, and user research abilities are essential for UX designers.

10. Product designer

Average salary: $97,162 per year

Simply put, product designers are responsible for the design of an old or new consumer product. They create product specifications based on feedback from internal and external partners, draw a product, and design it to full completion. Product designers also research various product creation techniques, test a product’s functionality, and improve the design of older products. Product designers should have great communication and technical skills, an eye for detail, and overall visual design skills.

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