Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the STEM field

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Many of the highest-paying STEM positions require a strong foundation in science, math, and technology. Consider a career in the STEM fields if you appreciate applying math and science skills (such as research and critical thinking) and are interested in analytical and technological concepts. A STEM career can also help you reach your financial potential, which is why technical applicants are drawn to these kinds of positions. 

In this article, we explore some of the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the STEM field so you can determine the best career path for you.

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What is STEM?

STEM represents the field of study that integrates the concepts of “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” and is an acronym. Professionals who work in STEM fields include engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and many more. Additionally, a STEM profession typically involves working in one or more of these specialized areas, and candidates can anticipate a high salary. Furthermore, a lot of the best-paying STEM positions demand a strong educational foundation and experience in the field of specialization.

Top 10 highest-paid jobs in the STEM field

1. Data analyst

Average salary: $73,052 per year

A data analyst gathers, sorts, and analyzes data that businesses use to make operational and financial decisions. Data analysts are used in a range of commercial contexts, such as finance, business, sales and marketing, and product development. Data scientists, regardless of their specialization, assist companies in planning for expansion and development by analyzing operational and financial data.

2. Systems administrator

Average salary: $82,949 per year

System administrators support the functioning of computer networks. These IT specialists are typically in charge of setting up user configurations for intranets, segmented networks, wide-area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), and other data communications systems, as well as installing and maintaining commercial computer systems.

3. Mechanical engineer

Average salary: $87,258 per year

Mechanical engineers create, plan, and construct electromechanical energy-converting devices and parts that produce power. Typically, these engineers create the designs for devices like electric generators, gas and steam turbines, and combustion engines.

4. Epidemiologist

Average salary: $87,871 per year

An epidemiologist is a public health professional who studies the patterns of infection and disease as well as the causes of disease in humans. These experts in public health concentrate their efforts on minimizing and lowering the likelihood of illness and disease. Additionally, they frequently work in the community to create suitable health policies and educate the populace.

5. Chemical engineer

Average salary: $90,442 per year

A chemical engineer’s main responsibilities include planning, designing, and developing chemical manufacturing processes for businesses in the industry that depend on the usage or production of chemicals. Chemical engineers typically employ the concepts of chemistry, biology, and mathematics to solve problems and provide effective solutions that businesses may utilize when producing fuel, food, medications, and other products that depend on chemical processes.

6. Nuclear engineer

Average salary: $93,331 per year

Nuclear engineers focus on the creation, use, and upkeep of nuclear instruments and equipment, including reactors, radiation shielding devices, and the systems that run nuclear energy operations. Additionally, nuclear engineers with a focus on nuclear medical technology can create and develop radiological apparatus and equipment for the healthcare industry, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices.

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7. Materials engineer

Average salary: $94,243 per year

Materials engineers create and develop new materials and study and examine textile materials made of plastic, metal, and ceramics. These engineering professionals test and process various materials that manufacturing companies use to make products, including computer parts, biomedical equipment, solar and sustainability applications and more.

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8. IT manager

Average salary: $94,335 per year

An IT manager is a specialist in information technology who integrates and manages the day-to-day operations of an organization’s technological infrastructure. These individuals typically oversee and manage IT development and maintenance teams in commercial environments to support firm information and data systems.

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9. Computer scientist

Average salary: $104,692 per year

A computer scientist uses technology to address problems. These technological experts create websites, design and program software, and create apps for smartphones and other mobile devices. The evaluation and creation of mathematical models with computer-to-network and user-computer interaction capabilities are the usual areas of interest for computer scientists.

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10. Software engineer

Average salary: $108,278 per year

Software engineers design and create computer software using concepts from computer science and mathematics. Operating systems, games, business analysis software, network systems, and other software applications are just a few of the many software projects and applications that a software engineer can create.

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