5 Online learning platforms for STEM courses?

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How do you choose from the many online learning platforms for STEM courses available? You must first look for the top choices to start!

How to Pick the Best Online Learning Platform for STEM

Before you begin learning online, you should choose a couple of the best platforms that can give you all the learning opportunities needed to master a particular subject. You must take the following into consideration:

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#1. Structure: 

This is crucial since it promotes improved learning and more successful professional development. For instance, you can definitely cobble together information on practically any subject using YouTube, but you won’t learn much because the environment isn’t structured and progressive.

#2. Course content:

Every online STEM program’s approach to each subject is a little different, as are the course materials. Consider web programming as an example. You can learn so many different principles, languages, and frameworks that they couldn’t possibly be covered by a single course.

#3. Community: 

This makes STEM learning much more enjoyable and efficient. It reinforces what you’ve just learned by providing you with a different viewpoint, and you can ask your peers for assistance. Additionally, participating in an activity with a group of peers is considerably more inspiring than doing it alone.

#4. Price: 

Of course, there are free STEM classes as well, but premium courses are typically better quality and more entertaining. Some programs provide free trials, while others provide refunds. Some courses offer permanent access, while others require a membership or are only active temporarily. The best online learning platform and courses for STEM will typically require balancing these four factors in a way that suits you.

The Best 5 Online Learning Platforms for STEM Courses

#1. Coursera:

As one of the leading providers of online STEM courses, Coursera collaborates with universities and organizations all around the world to offer a variety of in-depth courses to students all over the world, both for payment and for free.

Furthermore, Coursera offers about a thousand free courses, many of which feature recorded video lectures from professionals at prestigious universities and companies. Note that at the conclusion of the course, the majority of these courses offer certificates of completion.

#2. Udemy:

Udemy provides STEM courses in a variety of professional sectors as well as courses for developing certain skills that are taught by qualified instructors. These online classes contain both free and premium content.

Depending on the level of specialization, Udemy’s paid courses range in price from $13 to $500, with regular discounts and class offers.

Furthermore, for its free courses, Udemy lets users create their own courses from lessons. Experts in a variety of industries can develop and publish their courses on Udemy for students among the vast user base of the platform.

#3. Learn STEM

With over 600 instructors and practitioners, Learn STEM provides a wide range of courses in addition to weekly live events. Learn STEM seeks to offer free access to important information that will aid in educating people both inside and outside of the classroom. The following six languages are also offered as resources: 

  • English, 
  • German, 
  • Portuguese, 
  • Italian, 
  • Dutch, and 
  • Lithuanian.

#4. edX

One of the most well-known nonprofit worldwide online STEM learning platforms, edX, was established by MIT and Harvard. The goal of edX is to break down the boundaries associated with traditional education’s cost, accessibility, and location while still offering high-quality information. To do this, edX partners with prestigious colleges and organizations throughout the globe.

Note that the majority of edX’s courses are free, but there is a cost to obtaining a validated certificate after passing a course.

#5. Alison

Alison provides free online STEM courses for learning and developing skills that were produced by professionals in a range of industries. The site offers materials created with students, job seekers, and other types of learners in mind. It caters to a variety of learners, including managers, professionals, teachers, and independent contractors. You may track all of your courses in Alison to keep tabs on your academic development.

Overall, there are a huge number of online learning sites that provide classes in many different subject areas. These websites include courses to finish a degree, get a certificate, learn some skills to advance in a career, or learn something new. People can learn at their own pace while having access to a wealth of materials through online classes.

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