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Presidency South Africa Social Employment Fund 2022

The Social Employment Fund will support organisations across South Africa to create work for the common good, as part of the Presidential Employment Stimulus.

When is the Application Deadline:

8th December 2021

Tell Me About Presidency South Africa Social Employment Fund:

As part of Government’s broader economic recovery agenda, the Presidential Employment Stimulus seeks to use direct public investment to support employment opportunities, counteracting job losses due to Covid-19, and creating an opportunity for growth and renewal.

The stimulus package now includes social employment, as part of its portfolio of interventions to create jobs and support livelihoods.

Which Fields are Eligible?

Applications are encouraged, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Placemaking, including informal settlement upgrading, urban agriculture, etc.
  • Health and care, including care of the vulnerable, antenatal care, etc.
  • Community safety and action against gender-based violence, including counseling for victims, support for refugees, etc.
  • Greening and the environment, including trees for townships, recycling, etc.
  • Food security and nutrition, including food gardens, food waste strategies with farmers, etc.
  • Education support, including ECD, after school care, computer clinics, community libraries, etc.
  • Community and public art, including activities at community art centres, etc.
  • Cross cutting/multi-disciplinary.
  • Other, including digitization and new ideas.

What Type of Scholarship is this?


Who can apply for Presidency South Africa Social Employment Fund?

The Industrial Development Corporation invites relevant organisations that are interested in participating in the Social Employment Fund to submit bid proposals aligned to the requirements contained in the Terms of Reference.

Which Countries are Eligible?

South Africa

How Many Scholarships will be Given?

Not specified

How Long will the Program Last?

The funding allocation for the Social Employment Fund (SEF) allows for a nine month engagement.

How to Apply for Presidency South Africa Social Employment Fund:

Apply below

Visit Fund Webpage for Details

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