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Joined the Largest Photo Contest Yet? Enter for the Wiki Loves Monuments Photo Competition 2016

Wiki Loves Monuments, the biggest photo competition in the world, will take place in September 2016 for the seventh time! Throughout September, people in more than 30 countries will be invited to share photos of their national heritage through Wikipedia.

Application Timeline: 

  • Start date: 1st September 2016
  • End date: 30th September 2016
  • Decision of Competition: end of October 2016

Offered annually? Yes

About the Award: Participate in Wiki Loves Monuments, the largest photography competition in the world. Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is an annual international photographic competition held during the month of September, organised worldwide by Wikimedia chapters, groups and local Wikipedia volunteers. The public takes photos of monuments, upload those to Wikimedia Commons, and then they can be used in Wikipedia and elsewhere.

Every country has its own monuments, organisation, partners and awards – and the ten best photos for each country will be submitted to the international finale. By entering a national competition, you automatically compete in the international competition.


Offered Since: 2009

Type: Photo contest


  • Make sure that your country is in  the list of (definitely) participating countries for 2016.
  • Please be bold and submit many pictures – not every single picture has to be a winner. In the olympic spirit: participating is more important than winning.

Selection Criteria: Each national competition has its own judging process, and is permitted to nominate 10 pictures for the international finale. These pictures (somewhere between 200 and 500 in total, depending on the number of participating countries) will be judged in a few rounds by the international jury. Their criteria are therefore usually considered as a basis for the national juries. They are broadly formulated, so some explanation might be helpful.

  • Technical quality: The first criterium is all about the quality of the picture itself. What is the sharpness and resolution of the picture, how do you make use of the light in the situation, did you have to go through particular trouble to make this picture as it is? Is the perspective not distorted, is the view realistic, etc. A good rule of thumb is that a winning picture should usually fulfill the Wikimedia Commons technical criteria for ‘featured picture’ status – which you can read more through the link below.
  • Originality: Of course also the original setting is considered. If your setting already exists thousands of times around the web, it is probably not the most original way of photographing the monument. After all this is a competition, and jury members are looking for that little “extra” that your image may contain.
  • Usefulness of the image on Wikipedia: One of the main goals of this competition, is to collect good photographs of the monuments to be used on Wikipedia. How well does your image keep that in mind? Does it represent the monument well, so that it can be used in an encyclopedic context? Is it not misrepresenting the monument, or are there very distracting details?
  • Almost no image will be perfect on all three criteria – and that is fine. A certain balance is what we’re looking for. Hopefully this gives a bit of guidance towards the best way of getting one of your pictures scoring really well in the upcoming Wiki Loves Monuments competition!

Number of Awardees: 10

Participating Countries: See link below

How to Apply: Click on one of the country names below to go to the local competition page, or go directly to the main Upload Wizard page where you can choose your monument’s country and start your upload from there.

Visit Contest Webpage for details

Award Provider: Wikimedia

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