Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship with MTU 2024

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Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship with MTU 2024. Apply below.

When is Application Deadline:

19th April 2024

Tell Me About Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship:

Cyber Innovate is a needs-led entrepreneurship training programme built on MTU’s nationally acclaimed research, innovation, entrepreneurship and academic training ecosystem. Graduates will have the skills to launch high-potential startups and inspire the next wave of cybersecurity innovation. Cyber Innovate offers students a tax-free stipend of €38,000 for the 10-month programming thus easing the transition back to academia and nurturing a new generation of cybersecurity entrepreneurs.

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Which Fields are Eligible?

Cyber Security



Who can Apply for Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship?

Unlike traditional cybersecurity courses, applicants are not required to have a background in cybersecurity or IT. This opens doors for individuals from diverse fields such as IT, humanities, and business to apply, fostering a collaborative environment where varied skill sets come together to produce groundbreaking solutions.

How are Applicants Selected?

As digital transformation rapidly accelerates across all sectors, there’s an unprecedented need for visionary cybersecurity experts. Our programme focuses on IT, OT, and IoT/CPS domains — critical engines driving Industry 4.0. As cyber threats evolve beyond data breaches to target the very core of global infrastructure, there’s never been a more crucial time for groundbreaking entrepreneurs in cybersecurity.

Which Countries are Eligible?


Where will Award be Taken?


How Many Awards?

Not specified

What is the Benefit of Cyber Innovates Cyber Security Scholarship?

  • This initiative aims to foster a new generation of cybersecurity innovators and entrepreneurs by offering a comprehensive 10-month program coupled with a tax-free scholarship of €38,000.
  • Successful candidates will not only receive a postgraduate qualification in cybersecurity innovation but will also have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new startups and innovations.
  • The course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to evaluate, select and validate ideas for new cybersecurity products and services which will contribute to the creation of new start-ups and innovations.

How to Apply:

Apply here

Visit Award Webpage for Details


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