20 Best Medical Schools in the World

Before taking up a career or profession in any medical field, you must obtain a medical certificate that serves your qualification no matter how skillful you are. And obtaining a certificate can only be from a medical school. So, to get the best medical experience, it is expedient you consider studying in any of the top medical schools in the world. These medical schools in the world provide you with quality and standardizing medical education at different levels, such as undergraduate, masters, and even doctorate levels.

We have compiled a list of the top 20 best medical schools in the world to help you make the best decision.

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1. University of Oxford

Medicine at the University of Oxford is a traditional course split into pre-clinical and clinical stages. In the first few years, students are taught theoretically with little patient contact. In the course’s later years, they move to the clinical phase, spending much more time at the John Radcliffe Hospital. About 150 students are admitted on to the course each year, and another 30 on to a graduate course that condenses medical studies into just four years. The university has two main libraries for medicine and clinical studies, one providing resources for the pre-clinical elements of the course and another focusing on healthcare. In addition to its distinctive course, Oxford offers students a college life experience, where social events and small tutorials take place. The Oxford University’s medical school is one of the best in the world.

2. Harvard University

The graduate medical school of Harvard University has three missions: to educate, research, and provide clinical care. Founded in 1782, it is the third-oldest medical school in the US. The school faculty also teach in other science departments at Harvard and work in clinical departments at some of the hospitals affiliated with the university. There are four main teaching hospitals across the Boston area. Harvard has introduced problem-based learning to the curriculum. There is also a specialized programme, accepting only 30 applicants each year, that focuses on biomedical research. Medical students at Harvard belong to one of five societies named after alumni. Students work in small groups within the society, compete in sports competitions and attend social events. If you’re looking for one of the best medical schools globally, you should try Harvard university medical school. Its facilities and quality of education are top-notch.

3. Imperial College London

The medical programme at Imperial College London offers a range of teaching approaches, from traditional theoretical classes to innovative and hands-on experience. Students have direct contact with patients from the first term, unlike at other more traditional universities in the UK. The six-year undergraduate qualification in medicine also includes a bachelor of science, in addition to the MBBS. Like Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial’s courses are heavily scientific, emphasizing not only clinical practice but also research techniques. Entry requirements are high; most accepted students will have top grades in chemistry, biology, and a third subject and will achieve a high score in the BMAT exam. The application process also includes an interview. Imperial is one of the most international institutions in the UK, but only a few overseas students are accepted into the medical programme each year.

4. University of Cambridge

Like at the University of Oxford, students can enroll in an undergraduate medicine degree at the University of Cambridge. Graduates also have several options to study medicine, either on an accelerated graduate programme or a condensed version of the pre-clinical and clinical courses. There are six applicants per place on the medical courses, and about 260 are accepted overall. Half the graduates of Cambridge’s medical degrees become general practitioners, and almost all will work in the NHS in the UK. Entrance to the medicine degree requires excellent secondary qualifications and high scores on the BMAT test. Cambridge students, particularly medical students, have a busy schedule, juggling studies, college social events, and various recreational activities.

5. Stanford University

The graduate school at Stanford University provides masters and PhD programmes to students who wish to further their medical training. Six Nobel prize-winners, 31 members of the National Academy of Sciences, and 42 members of the Institute of Medicine are among the current faculty at the school. Researchers at Stanford Medicine are undertaking research across a number of different areas, including cancer, immunology, genetics, and neuroscience. The school also provides healthcare for adults and children, with a dedicated centre for children.

6. Bangladesh Medical College

This is the oldest and one of the cheapest medical schools in Bangladesh. It can be found in Dhaka, and the duration of studying medicine and surgery is five years. After graduating from this medical school, it is mandatory for students to do a one-year internship. The institution has also produced world-class medical experts at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

7. Saint Theresa Medical University

The medical institution is situated in Armenia, and it is a private university that has been accredited officially and also gains recognition from the ministry of education and science in this country. It is a co-educational higher education that offers numerous medical programs that can lead to obtaining higher educational degrees in medical fields.

The school is being known to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students from different parts of the world. However, besides medicine and surgery, international students can also study courses in other faculties such as engineering, physical sciences, arts, and humanities.

8. Akaki Tsereteli State University

This medical university has a rich history and has won numerous outstanding medical reputations for high-class educating and equipping generations of Georgian citizens. Right from when the school was established, a total number of approximately 170 thousand medical students have graduated from Akaki Tsereteli State University.

Their students’ outstanding performances have been ranked as the 2nd best medical school in Georgia and by the World health organization as a first-class institution. They offer different programs to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

9. Anhui Medical University

This is one of the cheapest medical schools found in China. It is one of the oldest institutions found in Anhui province. Right from the inception of the medical school, its major aim has been to promote interdisciplinary amongst students using clinical and scientific activities. This has been an essential step in combining medical strength and medical research.

Anhui medical university saw the need to expand the institution and establish other affiliated hospitals for medical students’ practice and other young scientists. The school has well-equipped laboratories to enable both indigenous and international students to gain world-class lectures. For anyone enrolling in medicine, it is a six-year course, and international students are taught in the English language.

10. Asian Medical Institute

This is another medical school located in Kyrgyzstan with many international students from various parts of the world. Based on their outstanding performance, the school has been recognized by a medical body in India and the World Health Organization as being part of the best medical schools available in the world.

Furthermore, it has obtained recognition from the Ministry of Health in Kyrgyzstan to train other medical professionals from foreign countries. International students in Asian medical school have a chance to get a degree that will be highly recognized in the world. The different faculties available in the school are dentistry, medical, preparatory, etc.

11. Kazan State Medical School

The medical institution is located in Kazan, Russia. It has been classified as part of the cheapest medical schools in this country. International students have seen the school as a multifunctional medical institution because it can meet different social and personal needs in obtaining quality education regarding medical fields such as clinical sciences, biomedical sciences, medical sciences, and many others.

From a recent ranking, the institution has been placed number three among the medical institutions in Russia. The school has been built in a way to cover numerous areas in the medical world with different faculties such as nursing, pharmacy, general medicine, preventive medicine, paediatrics, dentistry, and many others.

12. Ternopil State Medical School

This medical university is situated in Ternopil, Ukraine, and international students have enrolled it worldwide. It was founded in the year 1957 and was known as Ternopil Medical Institute. The good thing about the school is that it has been ranked as one of the cheapest medical schools globally. Right from the year it was being established, there has been a continuous evolution in different areas such as equipment, researches, professionals, and many others.

Apart from being one of the cheapest medical schools, the institution can also boast of high-skilled professionals that have gotten a global reputation. According to statistics, there are over 5,500 students enrolling in this school. In addition to this, there are 1,500 international students coming from different countries who are in the medical field. International students in this school have the opportunity to enrol in diverse medical courses in other faculties such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and others.

13. University of Florida College of Medicine

This medical school accepts online courses, even for their basic science requirements. However, students must have taken their labs in person. As long as your undergraduate institution was properly accredited, UF has no problem accepting those credits to meet your basic requirements for admission into the medical school. Biochemistry is one of the mandatory courses for admission, and the university offers students who didn’t have access to the course to take it online prior to admission.

The MD program at the UF College of Medicine is an adaptive program that is always being improved to keep students at the forefront of medical innovation. The program relies on competency-based education, interactive learning, and extensive clinical experience. This is a typical four-year program. Students also have the option to earn a PhD at the same time through its MD-PhD program. This program combines research and technology with the same practical training students need to become successful physicians. This option is a good idea for anyone who wants to teach medicine later in life.

There are some distance learning opportunities at UF for those who want to complete some med school online. There are seven graduate certificates offered through the College of Medicine. These are Addiction and Recovery, Aging and Geriatric Practice, Biomedical Neuroscience, Health Outcomes and Policy, Medical Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Human Anatomy, Medical Physiology, and Medical Physiology with a specialization in Cardiovascular/Renal Physiology. These certificate options would allow you to gain extra expertise and credentialing that you could use to enhance your medical career.

14. North-western University Feinberg School of Medicine

North-western University operates the Feinberg School of Medicine, which has been recognized as being among the best research-oriented medical schools in the nation by US News & World Report. Online courses are accepted, and even entire online degrees. However, the school suggests that your specific pre-med required courses be taken in a traditional format. Labs must be completed in person regardless of the delivery format of your courses.

The MD program at North-western is a four-year program that is divided into phases. The first phase covers years one and two, where you will receive traditional classroom instruction, have clinical experiences, and complete a mentored research project. You will also begin your Area of Scholarly Concentration, which is a four-year formal project where you will work with a mentor to complete a research project. Phase two is the last half of the program will have more intense clinical experiences, and you will complete your core clerkships. You will also focus on your professional development, complete advanced rotations, and a capstone.

15. University of California, Davis School of Medicine

The University of California, Davis School of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in America. US News & World Report ranked the school amongst the best medical schools nationwide in the areas of both primary care and research. It accepts both fully online degrees and online course credits to fulfil the prerequisite requirements; no labs are required. The only note that it adds to this is that traditional courses with labs are more competitive.

The MD program at this medical school take a competency-based approach to education and is exceptionally integrative. Students will obtain essential skills to succeed in medicine and learn these things through a multi-disciplinary approach that will better prepare them for professional practice. On top of traditional instruction in small classes, students will learn through diverse clinical and community service opportunities; the environment allows for in-depth independent research and career exploration.

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16. Florida State University College of Medicine

The Florida State University College of Medicine is one of the institutions that regard traditional courses taken on-campus to be more competitive and favourable during the application process. However, online course credits can fulfil the requirements for prerequisite courses in some cases. FSU COM also allows dual enrolment, AP, and CLEP credit to cover prerequisites in some cases.

This medical school just went through a renovation within its program, creating an entirely new curriculum to create a more modern and comprehensive medical curriculum to fit into the changing scope of the field. Students will still study all of the basic and medical sciences, but additional activities will focus on professionalism, wellness, and the role of medicine in society. Lectures will be reduced in favour of small group learning and interactive guided discovery activities. Clinical experiences will permeate the entire four years.

17. University of Colorado School of Medicine

The University of Colorado School of Medicine features programs that have been nationally ranked in primary care, research, and faculty excellence. The university’s medical campus is the largest in its region and is home to two of the country’s best hospitals. Students can receive a world-class education, conduct research, and go on to make a difference as doctors. Courses taken online or even at a community college are regarded the same way as traditional university courses as long as the providing institution is duly accredited.

The Doctor of Medicine degree program features a comprehensive curriculum that is divided into four phases. The Essentials core will present science in a medical context and prepare students for their courses. The Clinical Core features competency-based clerkships and integrates courses that enhance those skills. The final phase is the Advanced Studies Curriculum. Students will complete Mentored Scholarly Activity throughout their entire course of study. MD students can select areas of interest like Global Health, Leadership, Education and Advocacy Development Scholarship, Research, Rural Medicine, and Urban Underserved Medicine.

18. University of Arizona College of Medicine

The College of Medicine at the University of Arizona does have prerequisite courses, but the primary focus is on competencies in several different areas. Online courses, online undergraduate degrees, AP courses, CLEP testing, community college courses, and IB courses are all acceptable ways to meet your prerequisite requirements. International undergraduate credit is not accepted.

The MD program at the College of Medicine-Tucson prides itself on being progressive and flexible to meet the needs of aspiring doctors in a dynamic medical field. Instead of being broken up into individual components, clinical training and basic science education are provided together over the course of four years. On top of choosing relevant electives, students can tailor this medical degree to their needs by selecting a Distinction Track. Currently, you have the option to focus on Bilingual Medical Spanish, Community Service, Global Health, Integrative Medicine, Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare, Medical Education, Research, or Rural Health.

Dual-degree programs are also another way that students can pursue specific goals. The College of Medicine-Tucson features an MD-MBA, an MD-PhD in various interdisciplinary fields, and an MD-MPH. There are no specific courses described as being online, but many of the courses you will take as you earn your MD will have online components. The Office of Continuing Medical Education also offers online classes in medical education and professional development.

19. Frank H. Netter MD. School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University’s medical school prides itself on having an innovative and student-focused curriculum. It puts your education and success first before you even apply. You can apply for an MCAT immersion program to help you prepare for the exam, and you can use online courses to satisfy all of your prerequisites as long as they came from an accredited institution.

The Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine curriculum was expertly designed to give students the best preparation possible. The program is divided into three phases. Phase one will establish a comprehensive foundation upon which you will build your medical knowledge and, eventually, your career. Phase two is where you will complete the required clerkships in several different areas of practice. Phase three comprises clinical rotations and your personalized electives to prepare you for your practice as a physician.

20. University of Kansas School of Medicine

The University of Kansas School of Medicine is nationally ranked for research funding and has had several centres designated by the National Institutes of Health. It is the only medical school in Kansas and has a history of revolutionary contributions to the field of medicine. This medical school allows all prerequisites to be completed online and even accepts online degrees. The only exception is that all labs must be completed in person.

The curriculum of the Doctor of Medicine offered by the KU School of Medicine is a competency-based curriculum that relies heavily on active learning. The first two years explore essential areas of medical science and culminate in a medicine capstone. The third-year is when students will gain clinical experience in diverse core disciplines. The final year is when students will personalize their course of study with a sub-internship, critical care specialization, and several electives.

Here we have them: the 20 best medical schools in the world. You can choose any of the schools featured in this post to get the best medical training in your journey to becoming a professional medical doctor.