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Top 10 Exciting Careers in New Zealand

If you are planning to move to New Zealand for an overseas career in 2021, then you must be aware of the top highest paying jobs in New Zealand to decide if it really worth moving to the country. The top sectors where jobs are expected in 2021 are healthcare, engineering and IT. But there are plenty of job opportunities in sectors such as construction, trades and business services.

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You’ll be able to make a more informed decision about potential career pathways by having a good idea of the highest paying jobs in New Zealand.

The top exciting careers to pursue in New Zealand

1. Civil engineer

Civil engineer careers in New Zealand is currently a huge shortage of civil engineers, meaning the job will pay you well. The career deals with construction of bridges, roads and water supply networks. A degree in civil engineering or other qualifications for building and construction can help. For this role, however, one of the key things is experience. You’ll need a broad understanding of the roles and procedures that go into managing a project.

 The average salary for this role is NZ$93,257.

2. Quantity Surveyors

The management of the costs of civil engineering and other construction projects is the responsibility of quantity surveyors. They strive to minimize the total costs and risks of such programs, to ensure that they retain quality and comply with legal requirements. It is a function that, from planning onwards, has an impact over every stage of the process.

To start quantity surveyor careers in New Zealand, you’ll need the correct set of qualifications. You’ll want either a New Zealand Diploma in Building or a bachelor’s degree in quantity surveying, to begin with.

The average salary for this role is NZ$71,321.

3. Software engineer

Software engineers specialize in the production and design of software for computer systems or software for applications. These two areas include operating frameworks (back end) and user-facing applications, respectively. There is a lot of demand for these practitioners with the emergence of digital applications of all kinds.

Software developers, server managers, networking administrators and database administrators figure in New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list, meaning these careerss pay extremely well.

You would need a lot of knowledge about the field, but there are no clear qualifications to become a software engineer. A degree in computer science or business computing will help you.

The average salary for this role is NZ$70,699.

4. General practitioner

Due to the shortage, doctors in New Zealand continue to earn well. It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that it will take 11 years to become a General Practitioner. Related careers you may want to consider include being an anaesthetist, pathologist, physician, audiologist/audio metrist, or gynaecologist/obstetrician.

The average salary for this role is NZ$175,004.

5. Oil and gas engineer

Oil and gas engineers ensure the safe and efficient extraction of gas and oil from reservoirs. Apart from preparing and assessing sites, they also ensure that health and safety regulations are in place. Considering the amount of oil and gas reserves in New Zealand, this is one of the country’s best-paying jobs.

Oil and gas engineers usually have post-graduate education and on the job training.

The average salary for this role is NZ$101,000.

6. Accountant

Accountants ensure that the financial accounts of individuals and accountants are in good order. They check records, balance the books, provide insights and suggest targets. In just about every sector, it is an important position, making it one of New Zealand’s best-paying jobs.

Training as an accountant in New Zealand takes between two and six years. You will need a degree in either accounting or a business-related subject. You will need three years of professional experience from there, as well as a Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) qualification.

The average salary for this role is NZ$55,002.

7. Investment banker

For a broad variety of companies, investment bankers work to secure money, often in affiliation with banks. They help facilitate complex financial transactions, such as investments, mergers, and sales. To identify risks, investment bankers use their skills in analytics and capital markets.

In order to start a career in investment banking, they need an undergraduate degree and an MBA. They need to gain experience, often with something like an internship or training scheme.

The average salary for this role is NZ$75,000.

8. Veterinarian

You’ll be happy to find out that veterinarians are highly compensated in rural areas. It’s a position that needs specialist expertise and a particular skill set, making it one of New Zealand’s best-paying jobs.

You’ll need to undergo a five-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science course to become a vet. You will require some experience and must register with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.

The average salary for this role is NZ$78,667.

9. Nurse

There is a shortage of nurses in New Zealand, and the situation is only set to worsen as the population of the country grows and ages. Although the pay is not necessarily high, it is still a stable career choice. You may choose to do a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Nursing or Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing to become a registered nurse.

The average salary for this role is NZ$ 57,000.

10. Roofer

Roofers fix and build roofs, with long-term demand expected to play a part. Roofers are mostly self-employed, which for many makes it an appealing career path. You will need to complete an apprenticeship and receive a National Roofing-Installer Certificate to get started in this career.

The average salary for this role is NZ$ 50,000.

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Why You Should Choose Careers in New Zealand

1. Friendly people all around and at the office

It is often said that ‘The Kiwis ‘are the nicest and friendliest people in the world. They will go out of their way to ensure that you are happy and are always willing to help you if you are in need. People like this make for great coworkers as you can always count on them to help you when you are over burdened with work and in addition to this, over time you too will learn to inculcate this wonderful virtue of helping anyone in distress irrespective of whether you know them or not.

2. Lot of Cultural diversity

The cultural diversity of New Zealand is absolutely mind boggling so you are bound to meet a lot of people as well as make a lot of friends both in your workplace as well as in your neighbourhood. So, if you will be living alone in New Zealand and wondering whether or not you will be able to forge meaningful relationships with anyone they do not worry at all. You are bound to meet new and interesting people who will be willing to welcome you into their community with open arms.

3. High standards of living but also high pay

One thing is for sure that Kiwis enjoy an excellent standard of living. From an outsider point of you, you might be wondering if you will be able to maintain such a high standard of living if you are considering moving there. However, it is important to note that they have such high standards of living owing to the fact that their pay is good and even the minimum wage of this country is very high so that people do not have to struggle to make ends meet and provide for their families.

4. Rent is paid per week and not monthly

As funny as it might seem, rent is collected on a weekly basis rather than monthly. It is no secret that the cost of living in New Zealand isn’t very cheap however compared to Australia the cost of living is much lower. However, if you are earning well then you will not find it tough to pay your rent. One good thing is that if you are leaving your flat, you do not have to pay for the entire month, only for the entire work, so that is certainly a blessing in disguise.

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5. Excellent and affordable restaurants for any weekend plan

One of the chief attractions for anyone living and working in New Zealand is the fact that there are a mind-boggling range of restaurants and eating joints for people to choose from. If you are bored on the weekends then you and your friends could choose from a variety of restaurants depending on your mood. The food will most certainly blow your socks off and at the same time, you do not have to worry about the bill as the food is sure to be affordable.

6. Work is easy and works ethic, good

One thing you do not have to fret about when working in New Zealand is about being over worked. The work ethic in New Zealand is absolutely wonderful so you do not have to worry about feeling too buckled down under pressure. The Kiwis focus on their work when they are in office. However, they know when to call it a day and head home to their family and loved ones, so that they can live balanced lives and without having to compromise on either front.

Pursuing a career in New Zealand is one of the best decisions to make, feel free to pursue any of the careers featured in this post.