Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in India

The labour market is competitive globally and India is not left out. However, certain degrees guarantee jobs in India as a result of the demand for that skill in the country. Becoming an expert in any field has never been an easy task and that is one of the most crucial decisions one can make in life. Currently, there have been so many available options for courses with tough competition in the job market.

However, this could lead to confusion. This is why knowing and analyzing your options well is very necessary. Hence, we have compiled the best ten popular degrees in India with highly competitive job opportunities and hope you find one interesting to choose from, depending on whether you are science, art, or business inclined.

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1. Business management

This is one of the degrees that guarantees a job in India. Every organization or business has a person who strategizes and coordinates the duties of employees. The person is known as the management in that organization. For you to become a professional in this field, you must possess certain skills like organization, critical thinking, leadership, analytics, creativity, communication, directing, goal-oriented, and more. To accomplish that, you will need to use human, financial, and material resources available to you efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, some top colleges in India to obtain business management certificates include the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

Furthermore, you could obtain your degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Public Administration (MPA) and start your career as a supervisor or frontline manager. Gradually, you get to the senior management position and finally, to the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) or even the President of the organization.

2. Engineering

Engineering is the application of mathematical, scientific, social, economic, and practical knowledge to invent, innovate, design, build, and improve structures, machines, systems, tools, materials, components, processes, and organizations. Most science students choose engineering as a result of so many benefits thereof. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world, India included, and offers a variety of careers for professionals.

Also, in India, the engineering field is regulated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). You will obtain a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech). After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you can proceed to obtain a Master of Engineering (M.E.), Master of Technology (M.Tech), or Master of Science (M.S.).  However, you must also pass the 12th examination with a minimum of 60% for physics, chemistry, and mathematics 9PCM) or physics, chemistry, and biology (PCB).

3. Computer Application

Technology has become part of man. It is an integral part of life and has been able to make life an easier one. No field of human endeavor can survive without a computer. With this increasing popularity of computers, most IT firms are evolving, growing, and expanding. The computer performs a group of coordinated functions and assignments for the benefit of the users. Students of computer Applications specialize in software programs to learn applications and operating systems.

In addition, to become an expert in the IT field, you will need to spend about three years in school to learn about databases, networking, data structure, and programming languages (including C++ and Java). Afterward, you will become a software developer/engineer/programmer. After obtaining a bachelor of computer Application, you can proceed to study for your master’s program in the same field.

A minimum of 50% in the 12th examination, including English language, is required to become a student of computer applications.

4. Mass Communication or Journalism

Mass communication involves the process of communicating your message or information through mass media to a larger audience using different media. It is equally another profitable course that guarantees a job in India. Mass communication plays an influential role in the modern world. You will learn how to persuade or affect the behavior, attitude, opinion, and emotion of the masses. Today, the internet is the easiest and most used medium of passing information across.

Additionally, mass communication majors in four fields and include, including Advertising, Journalism, Broadcasting, and Public Relations. Students must have strong communication skills, creativity, energy, and enthusiasm to excel in their field. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC), you can seek a career in various fields like the print, television, radio, or digital field. You can also specialize in different areas like film direction, public relations, television correspondents, scriptwriting, editing, event management, photojournalism, and so on.

5. Dentistry, Medicine, and Surgery

Doctors are respected globally for possibly the same reasons – their ability to save lives. They are, sometimes, given the place of god in society due to their rare qualities. Because they have the power to heal, medical professionals are considered the most prestigious professionals. You will have to go to the Medical Educational Institution to study medicine. The most famous degrees in this field include Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS), Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine (BHMS), and Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). Indian institutes of medical sciences and Christian medical colleges are the best medical colleges to obtain medical degrees in India.

Upon graduation, you earn the title of ‘doctor’ and can further specialize in certain areas of medicine by proceeding to post-graduate studies. Obtaining a degree in medicine, could take about 6 years.

6. Accounting

Accountants are obligated to keep track of the financial affairs of an organization. Some organizations have in-house accountants, while some accountants operate independently as consultants and auditors. The presence of companies and establishments in the country increases the demand for accountants thereby making accounting a degree that guarantees a job in India.

Furthermore, accountants are usually commercial stream students, but in some cases, 12th science streams or arts stream students may also offer the course in higher institutions or as a professional course such as chartered accountants. Accountants earn well in their field, just like other professional courses. That is to say, they are well-valued for the services they render. They are viewed as people with integrity as they are good with numbers.

7. Architecture

There is always a high demand for creative and skilled architects. The field of architecture is one field that keeps evolving as the tastes of people change progressively. Architects must be up-to-date with trends to satisfy the desires of their clients. Their job involves planning and designing homes and other structures as well as helping the contractors to interpret some structural designs.

In addition, the field of architecture is not as saturated as that of engineering, meaning there is high demand for professionals in this field. As a profession too, you may choose to set up your own business and work independently. You can also choose to work with big contracting firms to build your career. Whichever way you choose, all it takes for you to succeed is creativity and technical skills.

8. Law

There is high demand for skilled and talented lawyers in India. In addition to that, lawyers are well-paid and highly respected in society. After completing a bachelor’s degree in law to earn an LLB, BA, B.Com, etc., you may opt to work for legal firms or set up your private practice.

You need to have good skills like reasoning skills, creativity, oratory, investigation, and confidence. You could also specialize in lucrative fields of law like Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Business Law, Labour Law, and Family Law, among others. Your area of focus will determine the kind of clients you will have. You might also become a consultant in your chosen field.

9. Banking

Bankers are professionals who are good with numbers and have special skills like analytical, communication, and financial skills. Make sure you are passionate about numbers, statistics, and data analysis to enjoy the job. You might also care to know that the field is not just for bankers or those who studied financially related courses. Those who studied engineering, economics, statistics, accounting, and so on, can as well build a career in banking. They may have to take some professional courses to be well-grounded in the field.

10. Designing – Fashion Designing, Interior Designing or Web Designing

Designing involves the creation of a plan for the construction of an object, system, or measurable human interactions. Any person involved in this job is called a designer, whether a fashion, interior, or web designer.

A fashion designer can work in a fashion house and is involved in designs related to clothing, fashion, and trends. He or she can also choose to work independently. Also, an interior designer specializes in designing the interior or exterior of a building to give it a colorful outlook. A graphic or web designer is involved in visual communication and problem-solving by engaging typography, space, image, and color. He creates and combines words, symbols, and images to develop a visual representation of an idea or a message.

A designer needs to be highly skilled in the areas of thought process, research, and modeling. It is not just enough to be addressed as a designer; you need to have other skills like marketing, networking, presentation, and sales to outperform your competitors. The National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the institutes in India that specializes in such training. Bachelor of Design is a three- or four-year degree program to equip individuals with the skills in this field.

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Why You Should Study in India

India is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world.  Studying in the country could guarantee you the best opportunities to land a good job in India. Below are some of the reasons you should study in India:

  • Cultural diversity: India is one of the world’s largest secular countries. People from all over the world could find a haven in India, irrespective of culture, language, or religion. It is easy to adjust yourself and get set for learning once you find yourself here.
  • Generation of the young: Most of the people living in India are below 25. This means that every second person you bump into in the country is young and agile. When you always meet people of like minds, you can easily connect with them.
  • Living on a budget: living in India costs $5000 per year. This is quite affordable as against living in the Western world where you may not live comfortably without having up to $25 000 per year.
  • Cutting-edge IT facilities: India is equipped with the latest IT facilities and everything is well within your reach. At most campuses, free Wi-Fi is made available to students. The government also began an initiative tagged ‘Digital India’ initiative that helps to transform the country into a digitally empowered society.


Studying and earning a degree in India will guarantee you a safe job in the country, especially when you are well-equipped with the trending courses to conquer the influence of unemployment. You can make up your mind quickly to select any of the above-mentioned jobs to be able to guarantee a safe future in the country and build a concrete career.

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