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Top 10 Prestigious Engineering Universities in Africa

Searching for the best Engineering colleges in Africa to study? This article will uncover the Top 10 Best Engineering universities in Africa. The area and contacts of these universities are also given. Africa is the second biggest continent on this planet.

Africa is a continent in the world having a populace of over 1.111 billion people. The zone of this intensely populated landmass is 11.67 million sq. miles. Regarding populace, this is the world’s second biggest continent. 6% of the all out surface region of the Earth is occupied by Africa.

There are 54 nations in Africa while two are questioned. Africa is renowned everywhere on over the world and draws in loads of vacationers. There are many astonishing places to visit in Africa. Wildlife parks of Africa are mainstream and are visited by numerous sightseers. For example, Volcanoes National park in Rwanda and Kruger public park in Africa.

Africa is likewise known for its sea shores. For example, Nosy Be in Madagascar and Dahab town in Egypt are astonishing places to visit. Dahab is also known as a fishing town. Cape Town in South Africa is also one of the stunning live to live in and study.

However, other than all these astonishing places there are numerous esteemed universities in Africa. So, we will tell you the best engineering colleges in Africa. The following are the best African universities that we have ranked:

10.Mansoura University

9. University of South Africa

8. American University in Cairo

7. University of Nairobi

6. University of Kwazulu-Natal

5. University of Witwatersrand

4. University of Pretoria

3. Cairo University

2. Stellenbosch University

1. University of Cape Town

List of Top 10 Best Engineering Universities in Africa

1        University of Cape Town – 1st Oct 1829

2        Stellenbosch University – 1866

3        Cairo University – 21st Dec 1908

4        University of Pretoria – 2011

5        University of Witwatersrand – 1922

6        University of Kwazulu-Natal – 1st Jan 2004

7        University of Nairobi – 2002

8        American University in Cairo – 1919

9        University of South Africa – 26th June 1873

10      Mansoura University – 1962

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10. Mansoura University

This renowned best engineering school was established in 1962 and is located at Mansoura in Egypt. In the year 2010, the college admitted 91041 understudies.

The staff of engineering has numerous departments. There are numerous degrees offered, for example, Mathematics and Engineering Physics, Computer Engineering and System.

They also offer Electronic and Communication Engineering, engineering school, Textile Engineering and many more. It was given 1167 world rank by Webometrics.

It was also given the presence rank of 1423, 1674 effect rank and 1047 excellence rank. The continental ranking by webometrics has given to this university was 5th and Egypt was ranked third.

9. University of South Africa

This monstrous top engineering school of the African Continent is located in Pretoria in South Africa. This esteemed university was established on 26th June, in 1873. In 2011 the regulatory staff of the establishment is 5575.

In the year 2012, the college enlisted 336286 understudies. There are numerous departments in the School of engineering and numerous degrees are offered here. For example, Electrical and Mining, Civil and Chemical, Mechanical and Chemical engineering, and many other degrees.

It was given 1074 world rank by Webometrics. It was likewise given the presence rank of 379, 2131 impact rank and 1918 excellence rank.

8. American University in Cairo

This is a non-benefit institution located in Cairo in Egypt. This autonomous institution was established in 1919. In the year 2010, the college admitted 5984 understudies.

The full-time academic staff of the University is 423 and the part-time scholarly staff of the university is 126. School of Sciences and Engineering encourages understudies who mean to become engineers.

They offered Construction and Architectural Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and many more. It gained 1050 world rank by Webometrics.

It also gained the presence rank of 1182, 974 impact rank and 2207 excellence rank. It has been ranked 360th by QS World since 2014. While QS ranked third in Africa and first in Egypt.

7. University of Nairobi

This college establishment is located in Nairobi in Kenya. In the year 2002, the college admitted 22000 understudies.

This University is partnered with ACU, an ACU is a relationship of district colleges. The School of Architecture and Engineering offers numerous degrees. For example, civil and Construction, Electrical and Information Engineering, and Geospatial and Space technology.

Other than these, it offers Mechanical and Manufacturing, Environmental and Biosystem Engineering. There are many other degrees offered aside from these. It was given 855 world rank by Webometrics.

It also gained the presence rank of 330, 2579 impact rank and 1400 excellence rank. The noteworthy graduated persons of this institution incorporate Davis Chirchir, Felix Koskei and many others.

6. University OF Kwazulu-Natal

This renowned engineering school is located in Durban in South Africa. In the year 2007, the school admitted 37850 understudies.

This prestigious university was established on first Jan 2004. It made out of an aggregate of 5 grounds. The school of engineering is accredited by ECSA.ECSA is the engineering board of South Africa.

Understudies of engineering can have some expertise in eight departments offered by the university. For example, Land Surveying, Civil, Electronic, Electrical, Computer, Agricultural, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering.

Webometrics ranked the University of kwazulu-Natal 830 in the world. It was, however, given the presence rank of 2013, 1534 impact rank and 559 excellence rank.

5. College of Witwatersrand

This open best engineering school is located in Johannesburg in South Africa. In the year 2013, the college enlisted 30833 understudies. This renowned institution was set up in 1922. The administrative staff of this university are 4734.

The faculty of engineering and built environment offers numerous degrees. A couple of them are information, Biomedical, Environmental engineering, and many other degrees. The college has also made modern connections to encourage the understudies.

College of Witwatersrand is seen at 563 world rank by Webometrics. It, however, gained the presence rank of 1383, 1334 impact rank and 414 excellence rank. It was positioned 250-275 in the world in 2009 by Times and QS World.

4. University of Pretoria

This exploration University was established in Pretoria, South Africa. It is perhaps the best college in South Africa. In the year 2011, the college enlisted 62000 understudies. The university has a workforce of engineering, Built environment and IT for understudies who aspire to become engineers.

It offers Biosystem, Civil, Chemical, engineering school, Electronic, Computer engineering, and many other degrees. It was given 494 world rank by Biometrics. It was also given the presence rank of 404, 1247 impact rank and 608 excellence rank.

QS World Ranked it 351-400 in engineering and IT in 2010, and in 2009 they ranked it 291. It was ranked 368 in 2007 by QS World in Engineering and IT. Starting in 2010, the enrichment of the establishment is RS 470 million.

3. Cairo University

This is an open university of Giza in Egypt. This renowned top engineering school was established on 21st Dec 1908. In the year 2009, the college admitted 257200 understudies.

In 1816 the school of engineering was built in Egypt. Yet, after certain years it was moved to Cairo area Bulaq. In 1905 “Imperial School of Engineering” the new structure was built. This structure was named as Faculty of engineering in 1935.

The Faculty of engineering have fourteen departments. Some of them are Architectural, Engineering school, synthetic, and Computer Engineering. 35 Deans have served the Faculty of Engineering since 1816. The college is partnered with UNIMED.

It was seen at 474 world rank by Webometrics. It was likewise given the presence rank of 760, 449 impact rank, and 633 excellence rank. As per worldwide college ranking ARWU ranked it 401-500 and QS ranked it 551-600.

2. Stellenbosch University

This renowned university was established in 1866. It is an open establishment of Hellenistic, South Africa. It is one of the best research universities in Africa. In the year 2010, 27694 understudies were admitted to this university. The faculty of Engineering was built in 1944.

There are just about 3400 understudies that enrolled for an engineering class. Among them 2600 are understudies. While 800 are postgraduates. It offers Civil, Electrical and Electronic, engineering school, Process, and Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.

The degrees of BEng is accredited by ECSA. ECSA is the engineering committee of South Africa. It was given 462 world rank by Biometrics. It also gained the presence rank of 757, 1120 impact rank and 454 excellence rank. It was given the third position in Africa by Times and QS.

As per worldwide University Rankings of Times, it gained a 251-275 classification rank. While QS ranked it 390.

  1. University of Cape Town

This is the best open exploration top engineering school in Africa. This exploration university is built in Rondebosch, Cape Town in South Africa. As of 2013, 25508 understudies were admitted to this college.

This prestigious university was established on the first Oct 1829. The concoction, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering degrees are offered here. Apart from these, Architecture, Planning and Geomatics and Construction Economics and Management are also offered here.

This top engineering school is offered under the faculty of Engineering and built environment. It gained 328 world rank by Webometrics. It was also given the presence rank of 1039, 568 impact rank and 267 excellence rank. In Africa, it was rank first by Times.

While all around the world it was given the college ranking of 113 by Times and 141 by QS.

The aforementioned are top engineering universities that we have ranked. They are renowned in various nations of the world. As understudies from around the world come here to live, research, and study.

These universities are accredited, are ranked locally and universally. For example, we have also covered reviews concerning QS, Webometrics, Academic Ranking of World Universities and Times advanced education.

The understudies in Africa who expect to do engineering should think about these renowned universities of Africa. The hard truth is, it is hard to get admission in these universities. You should have good grades to meet all requirements for the admission.

Comment below if you think there’s another prestigious engineering university that is supposed to make the list.

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