Top 10 Countries with the Highest Salaries for Engineers

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Are you an engineer who fancies earning more money? Then, these countries could be the best place to make your dream a reality. In these countries, engineers make the most money while they take their careers to the next level.

Of course, it is not all about money. There are other factors to consider before considering relocating. You could feel more comfortable living and working in your home country. But if you feel your potential could be better used in another country to earn more money, this article is for you.

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Here, we explaine what you need to know about engineering and in which country you could find yourself making more than you budgeted.

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Is Engineering Career Worth all the Hype?

Yes, it is. Engineering fields are usually among the top ten paying careers. All the sweat, hard work, stress, and fears of graduating with a good grade during your undergrads are not going to be wasted. Now is a payback time and the job market is pretty healthy for engineers in whichever career path you choose.

A survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that some engineering fields like mining, construction and manufacturing are undergoing a period of upsurge. There were additional 415 000 positions in the healthcare industry alone as of 2016.

Engineering graduates have always been in the news for enjoying high recruitment levels and some fields like the humanities are in sharp contrast. Getting higher pay is not just a reward for sleepless nights, stress, and focused efforts while in school, it means that for you to keep earning higher, you must put in much effort in your career. Therefore, you need to reinforce your courage for a lifetime of stress and focused learning, though with more rewards in whichever field you found yourself.

In case you are tempted to quit the job because of the challenges, do not forget that it rains everywhere. Expect to enjoy a ride with some bumps here and there, not forget that these bumps are what makes life an interesting place.

Which Engineers Earn the Highest Salaries?

Engineering careers usually rank the highest on any job list. Most new graduates in the US can be paid as high as $63 000 per annum. This is according to Universum, a Stockholm-based employer branding firm in 2017.

Another survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers showed that electrical engineering is likely the most in-demand engineering field. in 2016, the average salary was about $73 078 per annum.

Engineering is an umbrella term with many branches, industries, specializations, and of course, competitions. Below are the top engineering jobs as compiled by from the US Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are numbered according to their ranks and the average income per annum. The data are obtained from universities, Forbes Magazine, US News and World Reports and some top engineering associations like the National Society of Professional Engineers.

  1. Petroleum Engineers – $147 520 per annum
  2. Architectural and Engineering Managers – $138 720 per annum
  3. Airline Pilots and Flight Engineers – $131 760 per annum
  4. Computer Hardware Engineers – $110 650 per annum
  5. Aerospace Engineers – $107 700 per annum
  6. Sales Engineers – $104 660 per annum
  7. Nuclear Engineers – $104 630 per annum
  8. Chemical Engineers – $103 590  per annum
  9. Engineering Professors – $102 000 per annum
  10. Mining and Geological Engineers – $100 970 per annum
  11. Electronics Engineers – $99 660 per annum
  12. Marine Engineers – $99 160 per annum
  13. Electrical Engineers – $95 350 per annum
  14. Biomedical Engineers – $91 760 per annum
  15. Material Engineers – $91 150 per annum
  16. Mechanical Engineers – $87 140 per annum
  17. Civil Engineers -$87 130 per annum
  18. Environmental Engineers – $86 340 per annum
  19. Industrial Engineers – $85 100 per annum.

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The above figures are just a snapshot in time, as they did not capture potentially future trends in the industry. There are some fields that might be highly paid at the moment, but may be affected by future developments like changes in demands and supply. Again, you should bear in mind that many employees are likely to retire at least ten years from now. This could affect the demand for more workers and ultimately affect the salaries offered to them.

The data may not have captured some engineering fields. Computer engineering, for instance, was not fully represented as some fields like software engineering were not represented. This is despite that the field records more growth than the computer hardware. Its potential impact may not be exaggerated as Artificial Intelligence is yet to gift the world the best it could offer. Also, with an influx of graduates into the industry, comes a dramatic reduction in wages.

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Which Countries Offer the Highest Salaries for Engineers?

Engineers are the movers and shakers of our time. Whether you recently graduated or you are in your mid-career, engineering jobs abroad could pose as an opportunity to explore a new part of the world, gain new experiences and skill-set as well as understand the culture of other people.

In the field of engineering, it is quite obvious that demand outweighs supply in the global workforce, contributing to the notion that engineers are hot cakes. We bring you this specially and carefully compiled list of countries with the highest salaries for engineers:


Canada is one of the countries that are ahead of others in terms of infrastructure and access to natural resources. The economy is very friendly with a progressive environment and social legislature. For engineers who are passionate about a good working environment, in addition to great salary scales, then, considering working in Canada could be the best decision they could take. Petroleum and chemical engineers are the best sought after as Canada has rich resources to accommodate such talents. However, you cannot practice fully as an engineer without first getting licensed by a professional engineering association in Canada. It may not come easily, but it would be worth it at the end.

The average salary per year for engineers is $112 467.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the lucrative countries where engineers thrive well. It has a stable economy, which is usually the top criterion when relocating abroad. Civil engineers can do better in this country as long as they are willing to contribute in constructing a safe structural environment for everyone.

The average salary of engineers in New Zealand is $76 701.


High up in the Alps is situated Switzerland. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and has a long-term record of success in innovative engineering. Here, scientific research and manufacturing are the major components of the country’s economy. So, if you are a mechanical or chemical engineer, you can as well do well in finding yourself an abode in this peaceful European country.

The average expected income for engineers is around $79 243 per year.


Germany is one of the few countries of the world with a rich history of engineering. Boasting of a global reputation in automobile and pharmaceutical companies, Germany is one of the best countries that pay their engineers handsomely. Mechanical and biomedical engineers can be best favored in this country whose universities rank the highest among the best in the world for scientific research. So, Germany is the most attractive country for innovative engineering.

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You will need to have work experience and a Tier 5 licensed company to be offered a paid engineering job in England. However, other factors like language barrier may not come into play because engineers are not just well-paid, they are in high demand in the country. So, getting your baggage ready to build a career in England will not be a wrong decision, anyway.

The expected average salaries of engineers is $74 346.

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Graduate engineers in Australia earn a starting salary of $65 000 and as they gain experience, their salaries scale up to an average of $135 000 per annum.  The strongest of the largest engineering markets is Victoria, followed by Tasmania and Queensland.

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Japan is one country that has played a key role in global technology and industry for so many years. Mechanical, chemical, biomedical and electrical engineers can find a good bearing in this country as the economy boasts of having juicy opportunities for them.

The average salary of an engineer is $76 845 per annum.


Obviously, China is competing seriously with the US as the largest economy of the world. This, then, should come as no shock that engineers with long standing experiences are the building blocks of this rapid development. The Chinese government spares no time in developing the economy infrastructural, scientifically and technologically. International engineers are highly valued in China even as the country is rapidly becoming the cynosure for global order.

The average salary of an engineer in China is $47 361 per annum.

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United States of America

The Southern States are known for expansive military bases, manufacturing centres and companies – all of these provide competitive career opportunities for engineers in fields like aerospace, chemical, civil, biomedical, health and safety, electronics, marine, mechanical, and a host of others. The average expected income is around $62 948 per year.


Recently, Denmark signed a five-year agreement with Kenya for the training of engineers in the maritime and shipping sector, personnel and development. There would be huge financial resources to be invested in this course to enable marine and nautical science engineers in Kenya to sea-going service of 12 months. This will be a great boost in the shipping industry, while opportunities for commercial services are created. Denmark has an average expected income of $61 235 per year.

The list of countries with highest salaries for engineers is inexhaustible as there are also countries with more potential for its engineers. You can take your time to go through the countries and choose what’s best for you.