Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee a Job in Australia

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Australia is a country and also a continent and it is also the sixth-largest country by land size in the world. Canberra is the capital of Australia and the country is very developed with an ever-growing economy and urbanized areas and Sydney is the largest city in the country.

Living and working in Australia is a future dream for many people, but in order to accomplish that, you need to get a visa and work permit. The rate of unemployment in Australia is quite very low and this has made the country to be the choice of many foreigners. Since, Australia is an English speaking country, there is generally no problem of language barrier for foreigners and the country is also welcoming and has a vast land for people to explore.

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The Top 10 Degrees That Guarantee Job in Australia

If you intend to work and live in Australia either permanently or temporarily, it is necessary to know some of the degrees which would enable get fast employment in the country. Although, the unemployment rate in Australia is very low, there are certain degrees which we have only outlined 10 of them here below for your perusal.

  1. Business management: with the constant growth of many businesses and companies in Australia, there is a rise in the need of many business management workers in various fields. Business managers are always in charge of the overall dealings of a business and how to ensure profit is made at the end of the day. Degree holders of business management have a lot of work options in Australia and also there are many business schools in the country where you can further your studies as you work.
  2. Medicine: this degree cannot be overemphasized due to the current increase of medical personnel in different healthcare centers across the world. Obtaining a medical degree in Australia is about six years and there is also horsemanship. Medicine is a very competitive degree, most especially the surgeons in Australia due to its ever-increasing demands. Thanks to the use of technology, more advancement has also been made to help the medical workers in carrying out the jobs properly.
  3. Education: education has taken a big turnaround and is more sophisticated because of the improved method of teaching with technology. Due to this, there is now an increased demand for experienced tutors who are able to adapt to the new style of teaching. In Australia, the educational system comprises coursework, research, and practical elements, covering teaching areas such as early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, and special needs education.
  4. Computer Science: the future is technology and so there is a frequent need for computer specialists. Degree holders of computer science can work anywhere and Australia is not left out. Computer scientists are in charge of storing data and processing it into readable information and many organization and companies these days make use of the services of computer or IT specialist. In Australia, degree courses in computer science typically include software design, algorithms, and programming languages.
  5. Accounting: one would think with the advent of techno and machines which can help in calculations, accountancy as a career would go into extinction, but that is not the case. Many organizations and businesses are in high demand for accounting degree holders to come and use their professional foresight to enhance the growth of the company. Anywhere finance is been handled, either for a corporate or personal business, accounting is very crucial. To work in Australia as an accountant, you need to be incorporated into the Australian-qualified accountants to enable you to get a job anywhere of your choice.
  6. Dentistry: is another profession in the field of medicine that is also in high demand in Australia. If you wish to study in Australia for a degree in dentistry, it takes about five years and more depending on the area of specialization. Studying dentistry in Australia is interesting because the use of the latest dental innovations makes the job and learning very easy. You need to obtain a license of practice in order to be able to work as a dentist in Australia.
  7. Law: this degree is important and it is taught in every country where there is a need to uphold law and order. Australia teaches law in its higher institutions and upon graduation; there are jobs to be taken up in the field of law. The law degree holders make use of logical reasoning together with problem-solving skills to create lasting solutions to problems. Lawyers in Australia can work in firms, organizations, companies, and other establishments in need of law guidance.
  8. Creative Arts and Design: Australia houses many world-class art institutions and so creative arts and design is no news in the country. Australia offers a wide variety of creative arts and design courses, including performing arts, visual arts and crafts, graphic and design studies, communications and media studies as well as other creative arts. Creative arts degree holders can work in art galleries, as art exhibitors and so much more.
  9. Engineering: this degree is also making the list of the top 10 degrees to get employment in Australia. Engineering is a very versatile field and as such, there is an increase in the demand for engineers in various fields. To work as a certified engineer in Australia, you need to obtain a license and a work permit.
  10. Environmental Science: is another popular degree in Australia and it requires three or four years to complete degree. Environmental scientists are needed to help sensitize people on the benefits of keeping the environment clean and free from health problems.

10 Things to Know Before Going to Live and Work in Australia

Australia is a country filled with many good opportunities and this has definitely endeared the country to so many people. Even the quality of life, great ambience, beautiful landscapes and so much adorable features adds more interest for many people who want to explore a new environment. Now, if you are intending on moving to Australia, the land of opportunities it is quite important you familiarize yourself with the country and you should read along this article to get a sneak peak about your future destination.

  1. No language barrier: this is one of the many reasons why foreigners find it difficult to go abroad, but in Australia, there is no language barrier because English language is the official language in the country. Since English is the most spoken language in the world you have no problem being lost or find it difficult to communicate with the locals in Australia. For work and studies, the official language is still the same user, so it is something you need not worry about.
  2. Beautiful country: Australia is a very beautiful country with vibrant cities, extraordinary landscapes, and a beautiful ambiance. The country is filled with so many natural features which you can explore and enjoy while you are in the country.
  3. Availability of jobs: only a lazy man would not get employed in Australia because the country has recorded a very low unemployment rate. Aside from the full-time jobs which you can get with your degrees, the country also offers short-term jobs for travelers who have a working holiday visa. Most of these jobs are gotten in hotels, bartenders, and so on.
  4. Australia is a very big country: Australia is known to be the 6th largest country in terms of a landmass so there is plenty to explore. Throughout your stay in Australia, you may not be able to conquer the whole country even if you love to travel because as it was pointed earlier, Australia is really big.
  5. Secure your work visa before traveling: since your work visa is not been attached to a particular job abroad, you can secure your work visa from your home country before you travel to make your arrival to the country easier for you. On arrival, you can use your work visa to work wherever you want and you are also permitted to switch jobs over from time to time. If you already have a job secured or employment letter, the company or job can also assist you in securing your work visa.
  6. World-class educational system: the educational system in Australia cannot be looked over as it houses many great and world-class institutions which have produced some of the great people and professionals in the world. Australian universities rank very high and have an excellent quality of education.
  7. Processing fee for visa: sometimes the visa processing can be expensive and other times, there can be free or even less expensive ones. The cost of the visa to Australia generally depends on the type of visa you may be applying for. You should check through the immigration website to get more information about the types and costs for each visa before applying.
  8. Work visa: in Australia, there is a need to acquire a permit to be able to work. This evidence could be stated in your visa, or evidence of your residence permit. Without this evidence that allows you to work, the Australian government does not permit otherwise and if done, it could lead to drastic actions been taken over such issue.
  9. No segregation: in Australia, there is no racism or segregation because everyone is treated the same way not minding where you are coming from. Even at work, everyone is treated the same way and accorded the same rights and work protection. All employers are strictly told to follow immigration laws in paying the full wages of their employees and making sure the work area is safe and secure to work.
  10. Low crime rate: Australia boasts a very low crime rate and there are no racial problems and this makes the country convenient for many foreigners who come for studies and work. A country with a high crime rate would drive away foreigners who feel they are not safe to stay.

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What are the Necessary Criteria to Work in Australia?

To work in Australia, you need to obtain a work permit which could be issued in your visa or residence permit. Also depending on the type of visa you apply for, the requirements may differ. Below are the general requirements to work in Australia.

  • Proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS and others. Since the country is an English speaking country you would need to show your proof that you understand the language as well.
  • Your Nominated occupation must be in the relevant Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
  • Proof to show you have the necessary skills and experience for the occupation you are applying for.
  • Your skills would be assessed by an authority recognized in Australia before you commence work
  • Proof of health insurance must be tendered.

Australia is a beautiful place filled with plenty of work opportunities and in this article, we have tried to slimline the degrees considered to be in high demand and assist you in making your work decisions in the country.