Masters In China? What You Need to Know

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Right from time, china has always stood out as one of the countries of the world which offers a lot of things which could be ranging from manufacturing, technology, medicine and now, the country is thriving towards offering world class educational system to not just its citizens but to be extended to students from other parts of the world. The Chinese educational system is gradually gaining world acceptance and is now a sought after destination for most international students who want to study abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

With its institutions becoming more popular among foreign students, there is still a little worry in the case of language. Since Mandarin is the major language of the Chinese people, its courses are taught in Mandarin and while some others are taught in English language. It is important to verify the language of study for your preferred course as you consider studying in china.

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The cost of studying in china is relatively low as compared to the other parts of the world like the UK or the US. Since the educational system is still trying to grasp the world attention, efforts have been made by the government of the country to support its students by awarding scholarships to deserving students in order to encourage studying in the country. With a diverse and unique culture, china possess as a great study destination where international students can explore and enjoy all the country has to offer.

Types of Chinese Universities

The Chinese universities are just like the normal universities in other parts of the world with little or no difference which may be in the learning methods. The Chinese institutions are about 2500 and are divided into the following:

  • Public universities: these are owned and operated by the government. They are in charge of the general operation of the universities such as the funding and own most of the oldest institutions in the country. Public universities are more affordable to attend since most of the fees are already subsidized by the government.
  • Private universities: are usually owned by private individuals or organizations. These types of universities do not rely on government funding as they are regarded as non-state universities.
  • Community colleges: These types of colleges only offer undergraduate programs which may be often regarded as associate degrees in preparation for the proper university degree.

There are also graduate schools that are usually focused on masters and PhD programs. The graduate schools are usually part of a larger institution that focuses its attention on creating and delivering a decent and advanced postgraduate degree. Some universities usually have more than one graduate school which is used to specialize in different study areas. A few of the most common graduate schools are; law schools, medical colleges, business schools amongst others.

10 Things to Know Before Applying for a Masters Degree in China

China is gradually becoming a study abroad destination among foreign students, with the government investing more into its educational system each year making china stand out among other top study destinations of the world. Although with an entirely different culture and way of life, here are 10 things to know before you consider studying in china.

  1. Language of study: the courses offered in the Chinese universities are usually in English language and the Chinese language; Mandarin. For English language courses, the students would have to provide proof of English language proficiency and find out if the host institution is offering the course in English before applying since a vast majority of the courses are taught in Mandarin. International students can also take up courses in the Mandarin language to boost their fluency and also assist them in interacting with their fellow students and the Chinese locals.
  2. Duration of study: the master’s degree courses offered in China are usually between two to three years of study which may largely depend on your course of study. The Chinese institutions offer both taught and research study programs which keep on increasing in their course fields to be able to accommodate or cater for the international students who are admitted yearly to the different study programs available in the over 2500 institutions in the country.
  3. Student exchange program: the Chinese institutions offer the student exchange program and are in partnership with the UK institutions. These exchange programs enable students to study either in the UK or in china depending on the course and the eligibility criteria. You can find out more about your eligibility and other necessary information from your host university.
  4. Tuition fees: studying in china is relatively cheap when compared to other parts of the world. Tuition may vary depending largely on the institution of your choice whether in the private or public universities and also the course of study. The sciences and engineering courses usually pay more than the other courses or programs available.
  5. Scholarships: there are quite a several scholarships available for international students while they study in China. These scholarships may be awarded by the universities, government, and other private organizations in a bid to encourage more foreign students to apply for study in the country.
  6. Student visa: to apply for a student visa, it is better to do so when you have received your letter of acceptance from your host university after which you can proceed in your application by visiting a local Chinese embassy in your country.
  7. Unique culture: china has a very unique culture, their mode of traditional outfits, food and also in their festivals. The Chinese people are known to be accommodating and are always ready to share their culture with foreigners. The unique cultural background would give room to allowing you as an international student to enjoy your study year.
  8. Peaceful environment: the country is very peaceful and has a limited case of racism and other color discrimination challenges. There are also a notable number of foreigners who reside in the country with no problem at all; therefore you would definitely feel at home even as you study in the country.
  9. More study options: Chinese institutions now have a lot of courses that are made available to students. The courses range from science, arts, and other notable courses making the country stand on the same shoulders with other study destinations of the world.
  10. Growing reputation: the recent hike in foreign students opting for china as a study abroad destination, has now gradually placed china at a world class center making its educational reputation soar higher. Chinese universities are now respected and their graduates are adequately considered for work placements in big companies.

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5 Notable Reasons to Study in China

With a thriving economy and unique culture, china is defiantly a good place to obtain a degree of study. In order to foster your plans of studying in china for you master degree course, here are 5 reasons that may interest you about the country.

  1. Affordable education and cost of living: the tuition fees is relatively low as compared to the quality of education in which you are going to be given. Also, the cost of living in china is not so high and students can live in the country with ease and assistance from the government or institution.
  2. Employment: china has a very good economy and has created employment for its people. Therefore with a Chinese degree, you can secure good employment in the country or in any other place of your choice since the Chinese university certificate is gradually gaining a stance in the employment world.
  3. Friendly environment: the Chinese people are very friendly and accommodating to foreigners and so there are numerous foreigners who come into the country each year whether for studies or tourism.
  4. Quality education: the Chinese government has invested greatly in the education sector creating an opportunity for students to enjoy a very good education at a low price. The quality of education in china is world-class and of good quality.
  5. Good food: china has a variety of food which they encourage foreigners to try out. The food which comprises of vegetables and natural seafoods are usually delicious easy to buy from local food stores across the country.

Application Requirements and Documents For International Students

Below are some of the requirements needed for international students who want to study for a master’s degree in any university in China.

  • A copy of the student international passport
  • The student must be more than 18 years of age
  • Minimum undergraduate degree requirements of 2.1 or its equivalent as specified by the host university for course of choice
  • Copies of student passport photographs
  • A personal statement in English language for students from English speaking countries
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Copies of the student’s bachelor’s degree certificates and other certifications as requested by the host university.
  • Student transcript or result
  • Curriculum Vitae or resume which may include referees or as directed by the host institution
  • Personal and research work statements.

Chinese universities are gradually coming into the limelight and are gaining acceptance and recognition as with other top study destinations of the world. The Chinese government has immensely supported and invested so much money into its growing educational system that numerous scholarships which are available to encourage international students to come and study in the country. If you are in search of a study abroad destination which would be affordable and also student-friendly, china is a sure bet for your degree programs.