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Kaira Looro 2021 – Women’s House Architecture Competition

Kaira Looro Architecture Competition is a design contest open to students and young architects with aims to discover new talents and to adopt sustainable architecture models for humanitarian purpose to improve life conditions in developing countries. Prestigious prizes are provided for winners, selected by an international jury made up of pregistous firms and institutions.

Application Deadline: 28th February 2021

About the Award: The challenge of the competition is to design a women’s house that aims to promote gender equality as a key factor in rural development. The architecture must be a space dedicated to hosting activities which focus on education, raising awareness, and developing the village in the name of equality.

Design: The aims of the “Women’s House” is to host meetings, seminars, labs, and any other activity that could be useful in reducing forms of discrimination, strengthening and promoting gender equality, creating awareness and knowledge, and stimulating involvement by all parts of society. The project will be self-constructed with the benefiting community and will therefore need to meet certain construction criteria. The structure will need to accommodate the following activities, which will correspond to certain areas that have been designed to be independent from or connected to one another, depending on the concept of the designer.

Eligible Field(s):

  • be easily built with sustainable technologies: that can be adapted for self-construction and which do not require the use of heavy vehicles or complex machinery;
  • make use of natural and/or recycled materials: available in the area so as to limit the environmental and economic impact caused by transport of materials and to generate revenue within the local context;
  • be integrated with the socio-cultural context: of the area by reinterpreting and respecting its traditions.
  • Management and Organisation: he structure will need to have an administrative space in order to allow for the management and organisation of activities.
  • Dialogue: One of the project’s objectives is to encourage communication between institutions and associations in the area
  • Collective Activities: The fundamental objective of the project is to promote gender equality and human rights through the organisation of awareness raising activities, seminars, labs, and exhibitions.

Participants will be sent (after registration) additional materials necessary for the project’s development:
data sheets, prices, images, and characteristics of the primary materials; maps of the village of Baghere and the valley; overview of the Tanaff Valley; images of the village of Baghere, Tanaff, and the valley; CAD and photographs of the construction site; Layouts of the designs.

Type: Contest

To be Taken at (Country):

  • The location of the project is southern Senegal.
  • The “Women’s House” will be built in the municipality of Baghere

Value of Award:

1st Prize: 5.000€ + Construction + Internship at Kengo Kuma
2nd Prize: 1.000€ + Internship at Miralles Tagliabue EMBT
3rd Prize: 500€ + Internship at SBGA
Honourable Mentions 100€
Special Mentions
20 Finalists
20 Top 50

How to Apply: Subscribe now

  • It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award Webpage (see Link below) before applying.

Visit Award Webpage for Details

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