Top 15 Jobs of the Future And Tech Skills

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With the turnaround of events in the job market, one cannot say exactly what the future holds. The best one can do is make a scientific and educated guess based on current and past trends. This will further position one to prepare for the jobs of the future. One thing to note is that change will keep happening, no matter what. All the ends of the earth will experience environmental, cultural, economic, social, and technological changes. A large host of these changes can be predicted (like climate change), while many can’t be predicted. Many changes will arise without prior warning or notice and this will lead to much more discoveries for the betterment of humanity at large.

Talking about the future of jobs will require a level of understanding and an interplay of various factors that come into play. It is already a fact already that many of the jobs of the future will spring forth from present-day technological and scientific advances.

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A large host of today’s jobs will still exist in the future but in a more refined form as they will be caught up by the revolutionary change that will sweep across the job market. Many of the jobs will transition into something entirely new

In this post, I will show the top 15 careers and jobs that may be the drivers of the future:

1. Solar Technicians

Shortly, the source of power supply will shift from electricity to solar energy. Solar energy will be the major source of power and as such there will be a high demand for Solar Energy Experts. So, I will advise you to go get solar technical skills from reputable experts in your area.

2. Nursing Profession

Shortly, the number of aged persons will increase exponentially. As such there will be a high demand of Registered Nurses to take care of these aged persons. Registered Nurses cannot get out of their jobs. There will always be a demand for their skill in the US, Canada and the UK.

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3. Software Developers

Mobile app and software developers will be in high demand also shortly. Without these software developers, automation, robotics, computers, and mobile devices will be useless. It is the sole responsibility of these developers to come up with sophisticated commands that run the hardware. Mobile App management will be one of the best careers shortly. You might want to consider going into this area.

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5. Data Analyst

Data will be one of the major drivers of the future. The smooth running of every sector is dependent on the quality and quantity of data at their disposal. There is so much data collection can do. It can help organizations build their email list and come up with products that their audience needs. Shortly, professional data analysts will be in high demand as firms will need their services in interpreting past and current trends and forecast future possibilities.

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6. Digital Content Creators and Writers

Soon, a large chunk of the products that will be available are purely digital. Website owners will need engaging content that will draw the required amount of traffic to their site which will eventually translate to sales. Content Creators will be in hot demand in the nearest future. So you can go on Udemy or Coursera to get content writing skills.

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7. Information Security Analysts

The world will experience an outbreak of cyberattacks soon due to the transition of the world to an era of Information Technology. Almost all activities will be computer-dependent as such it will be a breeding ground for hackers. The activities of the unscrupulous elements will skyrocket and they will serve as a threat to many databases. This will be a big threat to the cyber world unless there are analysts and specialists in the area of Cybersecurity to help protect the networks and IT systems of government agencies and organizations. Cybersecurity Specialists will be in high demand soon. This will be one of the top jobs of the future.

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8. Biomedical Engineer

This is one of the best careers to get into if you want to live a life of impact in the years to come. Biomedical Engineers are to come up with top-notch research and development geared at providing artificial organs, medical devices, biological implants, and a host of activities. It has been estimated that over 20,000 jobs will be available in this field over the next decades and beyond.

9. Mechanical Engineering Specialist

If your focus is on development in the technological space, then this is one career you should consider going into. Mechanical engineering technicians are responsible for testing and designing automation equipment, robots, energy devices, and 3-D printing machines. Between 2019-2030, about 300,000 jobs will be available in this area. Mechanical Engineering Specialists will be in high demand.

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10. Electronics Engineering Specialists

Electronics Engineering Specialists will also be in high demand, like mechanical engineering specialists. They evaluate, test, and design technologies. These specialists will take advantage of the latest technologies to build more complex electronic circuits that will stand the test of time. They are responsible for developing better computers, handheld medical devices, communication gadgets, and even self-driving cars. From 2019-2030, there will be a need for over 70,000 computer hardware engineers, 100,000 electronic engineers, and over 200, 000 electronic engineering technicians.

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11. Blockchain Developers

Codified money (cryptocurrency) is one of the major drivers of the future. In the years to come, the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin will gain more ground. Blockchain Technology is responsible for distributing a cryptographic ledger that has the potency of making economic transactions faster, more decentralized and more private. Major world giants will accept Bitcoin as an official medium of transaction and Blockchain developers will be in high demand.

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12. Personal Privacy Advisor

As the world is going Global and digital, it will get to a point where there will be difficulty in maintaining our privacy. It will become more complex because augmented reality technologies and facial recognition will be the order of the day. It will get to a point where it will be somewhat difficult to go out without everyone automatically knowing certain vital information about your age, marital status, and personal details. Therefore specialists who can help people protect their privacy will be in high demand helping them to benefit from social media and other technologies without missing out on any available opportunity.

13. Robotics Service Technicians

In the years to come, there will be robots almost everywhere (in schools, homes, public places, on the street, just everywhere). These sophisticated robots will be needed to make activities more efficient aiding in activities such as cleaning, lawn maintenance, cooking, and washing. Being machines, they might not work to the degree to which they ought to. As such there will be a need for Robot service technicians to repair or reprogram robots that go haywire or cease to function. Robot technicians will be a household name just like plumbers, electricians, and skilled trade persons.

14. Nanotech Engineers

Innovations have been developed from manipulating matter at the molecular level. Futurists have predicted that shortly, self-replicating nanostructures will be used in the construction of nanorobots that will be inserted into the immune system of humans to boast in fighting against foreign diseases. As this technology gains ascendency, there will be a need for specialists in the area of Nanotechnology engineering to ensure that this innovation doesn’t pose a threat to the healthy well-being of humans. It has been estimated that there will be a need for over 100,000 Nano technicians and engineers between 2019-2030.

From the foregoing analysis, we see that there are so many opportunities in the future. The only set of people who will benefit from these privileges and opportunities are those who are willing to study some more and learn these relevant skills that will make them qualified and highly sought after. In the coming years, only those who are Valuable will be relevant.


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