Best Psychology Universities in Canada 2024 (Top 10)

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If you want to know the top 10 best universities in Canada to study psychology, you are at the right place. In this article, we present the top universities in Canada to study psychology. Moreover, our selection is based on the quality of education and global recognition.

Each university described here offers world-class education despite the differences in tuition fees. Because university tuition and other statistics are constantly changing, figures presented in this article about any university may vary from the current numbers.

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1. University of British Columbia

The first university on our list of top universities in Canada to study psychology is the University Of British Columbia. The university is located in Vancouver. It is accredited by AACSB. AACSB provides internationally standard accreditation and is one of the longest-standing accreditation bodies in the world. The university is keen on providing rigorous and relevant teaching. It offers a global perspective on education. Their innovative approach to education is aimed at training global leaders in different fields: leaders who drive change and shape industries and organizations around the world.

Student cohorts at this institution strike the perfect balance. Students work closely in small groups so that they get to know one another. Yet they are diverse enough for each student to expand a network of contacts to every corner of the globe. Collaboration among students is a cornerstone. The network a student builds at UBC Sauder will be valuable in their career for years to come. Classmates become colleagues, clients, and contacts.

Each program at the university strives to foster a respectful, collegial environment. The environment is designed so that experiential learning becomes very easy. You learn inside and outside the classroom. From co-ops to internships, global immersion, and volunteer opportunities, the school offers high-quality programs. Equally, it was once ranked among the top business schools in Canada.

International student tuition amounts 2024/25

The tuition fees below shown are for international students starting in 2024 Summer Session or later. For tuition amounts for students in all years, see the Academic Calendar.

ProgramPer-credit amountFirst-year full course loadFull course load tuition
Applied Science – Engineering$1,638.4537$ 60,622.65
Arts$1,572.9830$ 47,189.40
Commerce (Sauder School of Business)$2,035.3730$ 61,061.10
Computer Science$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20
Dental Hygiene$1,620.3433$ 53,471.22
Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism$1,569.3230$ 47,079.60
Environmental Design$1,575.9630$ 47,278.80
Fine Arts$1,572.9830$ 47,189.40
Forestry – Natural Resources$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20
Indigenous Land Stewardship$1,620.3433$ 53,471.22
International Economics$1,902.8630$ 57,085.80
Kinesiology$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20
Land and Food Systems$1,620.3432$ 51,850.88
Media Studies$1,572.9830$ 47,189.40
Medical Laboratory Science$1,620.3438$ 61,572.92
Midwifery$1,620.3435$ 56,711.90
Music$1,313.8334$ 44,670.22
Nursing$1,575.9630$ 47,278.80
Pharmaceutical Sciences$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20
Science$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20
Social Work$1,572.9830$ 47,189.40
Urban Forestry$1,620.3430$ 48,610.20

Post-baccalaureate programs 2024/25

ProgramFirst-year full course loadDomestic StudentsInternational Students
Dentistry (DMD)Not applicable$ 20,395.31$ 84,272.16
Education (11 month) – BEd teacher education60$ 13,273.80$ 61,939.80
Education – NITEP30$ 5,960.10Not applicable
Education: Diploma Program30$ 6,636.90$ 30,969.90
Entry to Practice Doctor of Pharmacy42$ 19,929.84Not applicable
Law32$ 13,953.92$ 43,701.12
Medicine (MD)Not applicable$ 20,395.31Not applicable

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2. University of Toronto

Among the top universities in Canada to study psychology is the University of Toronto. Besides, it is a global center of research and academic excellence at the heart of Canada’s multicultural capital. The University of Toronto is a catalyst for transformative learning, insights, and public engagement, bringing together diverse views and initiatives around a defining purpose: to create value for society.

Visitors to the university often comment on the special feeling in the environment. This is because the energy and pace of a top-tier institution create a definite buzz: Students launch and advance their careers, researchers share breakthrough knowledge and insights, and noble thinkers exchange views with the wider community. Students also get a feeling of momentum, growing impact, and transformation. At the University of Toronto, extraordinary people come together to rethink assumptions, reinvent models, and redefine expectations.

Students at every career stage come here to gain the knowledge, agility, and confidence demanded by a world that keeps accelerating. Learning at the University of Toronto goes deeper into a rigorous, model problem-solving approach that shapes effective decision-makers. And it also goes deeper into personal development, with programs that aim to help you fulfill your potential as a leader, scientist, entrepreneur, or agent of change.

The Full-Time MBA academic fees in the University of Toronto is as follows:

Total academic fee1st year academic fee2nd year academic fee
Canadian citizens and permanent residentsCAD $92,540
USD $67,888
CAD $46,270
USD $33,944
CAD $46,270
USD $33,944
International students on a study permitCAD $136,410
USD $100,066
CAD $67,530
USD $49,538
CAD $68,880
USD $50,528

3. University of Waterloo

Our list cannot be complete without mentioning the University of Waterloo as one of the top universities in Canada to study psychology. It is a public research institution with campuses in Waterloo. The university offers academic programs via six faculties and thirteen faculty-based schools. The university also manages three satellite campuses and four affiliated university colleges. All the same, the University is also a member of the U15. U15 is a group of research-intensive universities in Canada.

The University of Waterloo is prominent for its cooperative education programs. These are programs that enable students to integrate their education with applicable work experiences. The university operates the largest post-secondary cooperate education programs in the world. At one time, it had over 20,000 undergraduate students from over 40 countries. These students were all taking cooperative education programs.

The university is a co-educational institution, with approximately 36,000 undergraduate and 6,200 postgraduate students enrolled there in 2020. Alumni and former students of the university can be found across Canada and in over 150 countries; with a number of award winners, government officials, and business leaders having been associated with Waterloo.

4. McGill University

Next on our list of top universities in Canada to study psychology is McGill University. This university ranks among the best in the world in many fields including business and management. Its courses and historic reputation of excellence continue to jell with students and professors around the world coming to its downtown campuses in Montreal.

The university provides students with the latest thinking and skills to inform and inspire decision-makers, scientists, and innovators across many disciplines including business and management. Courses are also to help students manage today’s evolving career challenges. The university also offers free, online courses available in English and French.

Undoubtedly, a McGill University education ensures an outstanding learning experience for all students through high-impact programs that provide access to experiential learning and build foundational skills in critical and creative thinking and problem-solving.

The tuition fees for international students in 2024:

Undergraduate tuition fees:
$20,483 – $41,000

Graduate tuition fees:
$17,708 – $28,362

All fees include expenses like teaching, practice, administration, etc., but do not cover the cost of accommodation, living, transportation, annual registration fee, and other personal expenses in Hangzhou and Montreal.

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5. Western University

The fifth on the list of top universities in Canada to study psychology is Western University. Equally, it is one of Canada’s leading academic institutions. It has more than 24,000 students and over 306,000 living alumni worldwide. Notable alumni include government officials, academics, business leaders, Nobel Laureates, Rhodes Scholars, and others.

The University’s library system, “Western Libraries,” is divided into six libraries that house more than 2.45 million books as of September 2015. There are also electronic resources, including e-books, serial titles, and databases.

The main campus of The University provides student housing, with nine student residences accommodating either first-year students or upper-year students. In September 2015, 23.49 percent of the undergraduate population lived on campus, including 78.69 percent of all first-year students

Key Facts about Western University:

  • World-ranked – Western is ranked among the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide
  • Research-intensive – We are a founding member of the U15, Canada’s group of most distinguished research universities
  • Global campus – Our 34,917 students include more than 4,698 international students from 118 countries
  • Top students – One of Canada’s top entrance averages for first-year students at 91%
  • High retention rate – One of Canada’s highest first to second year retention rate at 92%
  • Prestigious scholars – Western boasts 24 Rhodes Scholars to date
  • Comprehensive academics – 12 faculties, plus the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, and professional programs in medicine, business, law and engineering
  • Tailored programs – 400+ combinations of undergraduate majors, minors and specializations
  • Diverse graduate offerings – 88 graduate degree programs, including a range of interdisciplinary programs
  • Solid career outcomes – 92.3% employment rate 6 months after graduation
  • International reach – Over 362,000 alumni in 160 countries worldwide

6. Queen’s University

Another of the top universities in Canada to study psychology is Queen’s University. The world today is constantly changing — new technologies, skills, emerging markets, changing competitors, evolving expectations, and more. To succeed, students need a strong combination of knowledge, skills, and personal abilities.

Due to its strong reputation, the University attracts top students from across Canada and around the world. The School maintains international exchange partnerships with over 100 respected institutions in 37 countries and welcomes more than 300 international exchange students annually.

Equally important, Queen’s University has been a pioneer in critical areas of academics. It utilizes an approach that is far more stylish and integral than that used at other institutions. The aim of this, is to help students graduate better prepared to lead and be productive members of today’s collaborative workforce. Students put theories and best practices to the test through research, internships, new venture opportunities, and student-run businesses, including Canada’s first hedge fund run by MBA and graduate students.

The university’s dedication to student success extends well beyond the innovative classroom experience. Its comprehensive career support programs, coaching services, alumni networking events, and life-long learning opportunities are all designed to help students realize their goals and ambitions.

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7. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University ranks 301-350 in THE (Times Higher Education) University Ranking in 2023. It was the first university in Canada to establish a school for some critical courses, like Law. By and large, the institution is over a century old. It is nearly one and a half centuries old. It provides experiential learning to give students a better understanding of the concepts they have learned or developed and how to apply the knowledge or skill in solving real-life problems. The University has faculties that are internationally respected leaders in academia, practice, and policy-making. Its passionate teachers are driven to deliver the best possible education and bring practical experience, discovery, analysis, and interpretation into the classroom.

The university’s history as the first university-based common law school in Canada sets them apart. Since 1883, the university has been known for: an intellectually ambitious and rigorous approach to the profession of law serving as the model for legal education in Canada, its unique emphasis on public service – now widely known as the “Weldon Tradition of Unselfish Public Service”.

Additionally, students of this institution are drawn from across Canada, from coast to coast. Graduates are well represented in a clerkships at every level of the Canadian judiciary. They are also strong in advocacy and mooting, highly engaged, and community-minded. Above all, the school was singled out for best practices in “student-led initiatives” in Corporate Knights’ 2011 King Schools Survey.

Tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year are: $22,094.29 for Canadian students. $40,640.29 for International students.

8. McMaster University

Besides, this university actively fosters interdisciplinary thinking and evidence-based solutions to transform society. This big difference is that students will be challenged to apply their knowledge to practical real-life problems. Students will also be groomed to understand how the concepts they learn today will impact real-life situations in the world tomorrow. Thus, the aim is to foster knowledge that will be significant today and tomorrow.

Education with Purpose is more than a tagline; it is a reflection of the mission, vision, and values of the university. While the university instills a sense of purpose in the students, it also has a collective purpose to help transform business and society. As a result, the university’s new strategic plan will allow it to produce innovative programs and research that enable our graduates to excel in today’s fast-paced world.

McMaster University is one of the top public universities in Hamilton, Canada. It is ranked 189 in QS World University Rankings 2024. It is globally recognized as a leader in research, teaching, and community-building, especially in healthcare management and the management of digital innovation. Thus, if you are looking for the top universities in Canada to study psychology, this is one of them.

9. University of Alberta

It is one of the first and longest continuously accredited institutions in Canada. More so, it has been in existence for over a century, with more than 30,000 alumni. Students gain international experience while completing their university education. Under the Outgoing Exchange program, students can choose to study at one of many international partner institutions.

The University of Alberta is one of the world’s leading institutions and among the best in Canada. Its leadership role is obvious in research, quality of the academic program, graduate career success, economic impact on society, and its support for an environment where innovation and entrepreneurial thinking are free to flourish. Thousands of students gain admission into the university. Remarkably, students come from many countries around the world.

The University of Alberta ranks as 111th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2024 and 7th in the latest Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, The school has a proud alumni community of more than 300,000 graduates.. The tuition fee is about 5,500 and 20,500 Canadian dollars for domestic and international students, respectively. In the same way, it is one of the top universities in Canada to study psychology.

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10. University of Calgary

This is a public research-intensive university in Calgary. It started operations in 1966. It has 14 faculties offering over 250 academic programs and over 50 research institutes and centers. Equally, it is one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities. It combines the best of university tradition with the city of Calgary’s vibrant energy and diversity.  More to the point, the main campus occupies a beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. The campus spans more than 200 hectares, making it larger than Calgary’s entire downtown.

Additionally, the university has upwards of 3200 non-academic staff dedicated to operating the institution and delivering on its core mandates. With a $1.3 billion consolidated budget, the University of Calgary contributes at least $8 billion annually to Alberta’s economy. The tuition for International Bachelor’s Degree is 22,189 CAD to 30,066 CAD while the tuition for Domestic Bachelor’s Degree is 6,166 CAD to 7,533 CAD.

In addition, the university expects the best of everyone who works and learns there. It supports and recognizes the achievements of all community members and helps students and everyone there to achieve their highest ambitions. It also offers student awards and scholarships. Interestingly, it is one of the top universities in Canada to study psychology.

In conclusion, the above are our top universities in Canada to study psychology. You can go through them to make your choice. However, if you did not see what you want, you can always make further research.


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