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10 Universities Where Super Rich Go

The disposition of rich kids to the university they choose to attend can be seen as a result of various circumstance. They would want an institution of study which satisfies their standards. Yes, no kid would like to go to a university that does not meet their standard but then in the case of choosing a university, many factors are considered both financially and otherwise. If you do not have the finance to back up your choice, you tend to just accept what other reasonable options you get.

There are a plethora of universities operating with a different standard of education; the academic quality offered by these universities differs hence, making the rich sceptical. They have their doubts and are uncertain on the level of education these universities might offer. They are critical in their choice of institution, they choose with caution considering various factors. Generally, the rich would always hunt for the best no matter how expensive it is simply because they can afford it.

10 Universities Where Super Rich Kids Go

There are top ten universities that attract super-rich kids from far and wide. The universities listed below in the table are in no particular order of preference These include:

1American University in DubaiUAE
2University of LondonUnited Kingdom
3Harvard UniversityUnited States of America
4Yale UniversityUnited States of America
5University of Southern CaliforniaUnited States of America
6Brown UniversityUnited States of America
7Columbia UniversityUnited States of America
8Stanford UniversityUnited States of America
9University of MumbaiIndia
10Oxford UniversityUnited Kingdom

10 Popular Degrees Super Rich Kids Study in University

Rich kids would want to be independent. As we have discussed earlier some rich kids would not want to totally depend on their parents’ wealth. Though money shouldn’t be the ultimate factor in your academics, however, since these kids would also want to be rich, there are certain degrees they would study.

According to wealth insight, the following majors are some of the popular degrees held by millionaires, in both graduate and undergraduate studies, from around the world.

  1. Accounting

Just like finance, obtaining a degree in accounting would aid these kids in making smart investments within the financial sector as well as making smart business decisions

  1. Computer sciences

Technology keeps advancing, as it does it produces millionaires amongst the ranks of some well-known innovators, it is predicted that computer science degree holders would prove successful.

  1.  Commerce  

Getting a degree in this course aids entrepreneurs to make successful business decisions.

  1. Politics

Those interested in politics would venture into politics. This degree would further their knowledge of private investment within the financial sector that would yield a large sum of money

  1. Business administration

A degree in business certainly would aid rich kids in being successful in their entrepreneurial endeavours, which would serve successful to them.

  1. Law

Lawyers are well respected for their smart practice within the financial sector. This attracts rich kids

  1. Art

Rich kids venture into arts. Those that have the passion makes their creativity worth millions

  1. Journalism

Journalism is another degree rich kids study in the university

  1. Engineering

This is also one of the degree rich kids study. Engineering has so many different areas rich kids study

  1. Management and business administration

Rich kids also study MBA.

10 Reasons Why Rich Kids Attend Expensive Universities

Some of the reasons can be seen as follows:

  1. Possibilities of meeting and developing a relationship with their fellows. Attending an expensive university creates room for networking as you will see student coming from a very wealthy social background.
  2. Expensive universities have professors that are better than average. In these universities, their professors are likely to be world renown in their research.
  3. These universities signify the elitist and highest quality. They are also likely to be the most prestigious.
  4. Most of the private universities are good for status. Some rich kids go to an expensive university because they provide the status they seek.
  5. Going to an expensive school implies a guaranteed upscale future.
  6. Rich kids go to these schools because the greatness of an expensive school is the upper level.
  7. This university gives them the potential career paths they desire. It creates an avenue to an influential career path.
  8. Expensive universities are usually seen as the best; they are regarded as high esteem and therefore gives respects to its graduates.
  9. This university creates an exceptional learning environment and rich kids would like to study in such a conducive place.
  10. These universities are sure to have good teaching infrastructural facilities.

7 Factors Affecting Their Decisions

They would finally emerge with a decision once they have determined that a particular institution meets their needs and desires. These decisions that would be made would be dependent upon certain factors which may include;

  1. Academic Quality/Quality of Education

Previous research has displayed that the academic quality of a school is an important factor a rich kid would consider when choosing an institution of their choice. The value of student this university graduates determines the academic quality. A rich kid would expect a university that has a balanced teaching technique. A school that has a sound quality education, a school with decency, a considerable amount of excellence. A university that is academically focused. A school with a wide range of course offerings

  1. Academic Reputation

Of course, the academic reputation for producing excellent academic results act as a factor for choosing a university. They would love to attend a place that is known for its high-quality teaching. A place that is known for its excellent teachers.

  1. Security

No student would like to go to a place where they would feel insecure as a result of their parent’s wealth. They would not like to be seen as targets for kidnap. They would want a place where they would not feel insecure. A place that has little to no campus crime, sexual assault supports etc.

  1. Distance

For those Rich kids who want to go as far away as possible from the family would consider the distance of the school. He would want to be away from parents influence and be independent standing on his own without any interference from parents.

  1. School Ranking

Rich kids check all major ranking tables of a proposed university of their choice and their calculated averages. The ranking of a school plays a major role in determining the school to go. For it is a good source for an overview of how a university is performing. Rich kids want a university that is ranked high in these aspects:

  • World University Rankings: They would want to go to a university that is placed in a high position.
  • Teaching Rankings: They look at the teaching quality of a high institution.
  • Impact Rankings: Here they look at the university commitment to sustainability and equality.
  • Reputation Ranking: And of course they would want to know how academics view an institution.
  1. Sustainability

With the increasing spotlight on sustainability, no rich kid would want to go to a place that does not dedicate their time and resources to being conductible. They would be critical on universities policy on reducing carbon emission, plastic use and food waste. It is imperative they know what the university is doing to be more sustainable.

  1. Social Influence

The rich kid would feel more at home around people of their class. They always look out for universities that suit their personality. They would want to attend opulent universities where they would meet people of their influential status

10 Career Paths Super Rich Kids Pursue After University

There are various careers rich kids ventures off to. These careers would make them fulfilled. We would list 10 out of a plethora of others.

  1. Law
  2. Engineering
  3. Medicine
  4. Investment Banking
  5. Real estate Brokers
  6. Insurance Brokers or Agent
  7. Corporate Executive
  8. General Physician
  9. Surgery
  10. Pharmacist

Popular Rich Kids and Their Net Worth

There are so many rich kids in the world, but let’s take a look at the top 10

  • Prince George Alexander Louis: He is the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. He is 5 years old. His net worth is $ 1 Billion
  • Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt: They are twins of Hollywood power couple, both 9 years old and their net worth is $67.5 million.
  • Dannielynn Birkhead: Daughter of Anna Nichole Smith and Larry Birkhead. 12 years old and net worth is $59 million dollars
  • Nick D’aloisio (23 years old)-(Net worth: $30 million dollars)
  • Valentina Palomar Pinault (11 years old)-(net worth $12 million dollars
  • Abigail Breslin (22 years old)-(net worth $12 million dollars)
  • Jaden Smith (20 years old)-(net worth $8 million dollars)
  • Elle Fanning (20 years old)-(net worth $5 million dollars)
  • Rico Rodriguez (20 years old)-(net worth $4 million dollars)
  • Jaylen Bledsoe (17 years old)-(net worth $3.5 million dollars)

In conclusion, education is of utmost importance in our everyday life. The rich are aware of this and therefore do not play down on the roles it plays in the quest for self- development and human capital development. University prepares a student for life. They are important to those who want to develop critical thinking skills and ability that will pave way for a bright career. The rich also know this which is why they do not just apply to obtain higher learning from just any university but the best of the best…