7 Things You Do in Your 20s That Would Ruin Your 30s

People have done a lot of things that they ended up regretting later in life. Most of these things were done in their 20s when they lacked the basic knowledge of taking responsibilities. Sometimes, they wish they could change the hand of time and do it the other way round, or at least, do it in a better way. But as they say, time and tide wait for no one. So, it has already happened, the only solution, if there is any, would be to find a way to remedy the effect of their mistakes or to live with the regrets all their lives.

When anyone is in his or her 20s, they’re very young and naïve. Not just that, assuming the person was born in some homes which do not help their children create a good path for the future, it could contribute in making the person unable to understand the right things to do.

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In their 20s, they feel they have a lot of time to play around and that nothing matters, except what they think that matters. Therefore, they approach life with levity and see things from a distorted lens. However, one thing they fail to understand is that sooner than anticipated, the 30s are going to rush in on them and stare them in the face. If they had not made good use of their 20s, their 30s is right there to accuse them of a lot of things they took for granted.

Some people actually get married in their 20s, start a home and build a budding career. But it is just a few people who do it right. Anyone could build a great future in his or her 20s if he or she takes a positive and calculated decision. This is in contrast to taking a rash decision that could contribute in ruining one’s life. Some people have started a home in their 20s and get stuck along the way, probably, because they had married the wrong person. How will such people navigate through?

Because life moves faster than we expected and we can do nothing to stop the hand of time; it is mandatory, as people who want to make out the best from life, to focus on relevant things and avoid doing any negative thing that would bring regrets to our lives in our thirties.

As a result of this, we have compiled some mistakes you need to avoid making as someone in his 20s and ‘enjoying life’. These mistakes will ruin your 30s, so take heed if you are in your 20s.

  1. Not taking good care of yourself

Health is wealth, so they say. Your health must be your priority. But most people in their twenties ignore their health and focus on eating just anything and think they are having the best of life. The club, smoke, take excessive alcohol and make hanging out their priority. They take food excessive in fat, sugar and protein. They do not care to know the consequences of not taking some exercises to keep fit and burn excess sugar and fat. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and the rest are usually the after effect of these things. And who says you cannot get these diseases in your thirties?

  1. Making wrong friends

 Some people in their 20s feel anyone can be their friend. One thing we need to understand is that our friends are one of the set of people on top of the ladder of influence. They influence us in ways we never can imagine and affect the decisions we take. If perhaps, one gets involved in the wrong company, he is likely to be influenced by the friends. This has a life-changing effect and is permanently in his record for life.

Some people become die-hard criminals, drug addicts, drunkards, smokers, and so on, in their 20s. Some of them drop out of school, feeling it does not matter. Sometimes, they feel they would change at the right time, but may not be able to control the effect of these decisions in their lives. Not just that, it could affect them in finding a good job and building great careers. If they could not manoeuvre life, they could take to the streets, doing illegal jobs, in order to make some money. Do not get mixed up in the wrong crowd in your twenties because it might be the greatest undoing in your thirties.

  1. Rushing to get married

Don’t get me wrong! Everyone wants to get married and is on the lookout for a potential life partner. Sometimes, in your 20s, you feel if you do not get married immediately, the guys may never come again. Then, out of the blues, a guy that looks promising and possesses your basic qualities appears and starts talking about marriage. Nothing else matters at that time and you are not ready to see things from the point that your career may not continue after marriage. Then, you get married, only to realise that it was one of the costliest mistakes you made in life. That is for the ladies! The guys also get married in their twenties and some do so because they want to enjoy the accolade of looking as young as their children.

Some of these decisions may be good, but may not be right if you get entangled with the wrong person because you did not understand the basic things to look out for in a partner, other than someone that is beautiful or has a car and a good job. At the end of it all, you may be unhappy in marriage or get divorced, regretting ever meeting that person.

It did not end there, sometimes, you rush to have kids, thinking the best time to be a parent is now. If you are not emotionally ready for kids and they start coming, you may not be able to train them well. This affects your parental life, you may not be able to enjoy life or have some great adventure with memorable outcomes and the freedom you should enjoy in your 20s is gone.

  1. Ignoring families

Family is the only people that would be there for you when others are gone. They have been the closest people since you were born and would keep being there for you, no matter what happens. They could be annoying sometimes, especially, if they begin to pry into your personal affairs and infringe on your freedom. However, they meant well.

In your 20s, you are filled with so many activities like school activities, trying to focus on love, maintaining a social life, and so on. Your priorities should not be without carrying your family along, but it seems people in their 20s give more quality attention to other aspects of their lives, while the family is ignored. The people that have been part of your formative years are avoided. As time goes on, the relationship you shared with your family is seared. Before you could know it, you are in your 30s. It is by then, you will realise the importance of family. Be as it may, it would be difficult to get connected right back.

  1. Impulsive buying

Impulsive buying has to do with buying anything you could lay your eyes on. In your 20s, you have little or no financial responsibilities, and so, you could feel the best thing to do is to spend every dime that enters your hand. You want to get the latest things, have the latest phones or gadgets, club, eat out and have fun. It may not occur to you that savings is very compulsory and might be very helpful at the most critical moments of your life. Savings and investments can start right in your twenties, believe me. You know what? When your thirties come upon you, you would look back to be grateful.

So? Know your limits. Now that you have got a taste of freedom, spending beyond your means is very catastrophic and could land you into becoming bankrupt in your thirties. By then, everyone feels you are mature enough to take care of yourself. What if there is no adequate plan against your thirties? You are stuck!

  1. Doing a job you hate

It is sometimes inevitable to do a job that is exactly your dream job. With the kind of economy, we find ourselves, it is difficult, at times, to get a perfect job. When you get your first job, which you may not like, you might be faced with the fear of not being able to get another one. And so, you get stuck and keep doing a job that causes you to stress, takes away your happiness or prevents you from exploring other areas of your life.

My candid advice? Do not get stuck doing a job you hate because you feel you may not find something better. The earlier you take the right decision, the better for you because, in your 30s, you may not have the freedom to get a better opportunity.

  1. Burning bridges

We hear motivational speakers advising that we burn bridges when we are about to face the next life. But I tell you not to burn all bridges. Some people in their twenties, as soon as they get a better offer in life, abandon their previous life and move on. Some give up on friends, family, and those that were there for them when the going was tough. It could be that they got a better job offer and immediately jump into the moving train, waving goodbye to the previous job, without having to resign professionally. You are meant to give a few days, weeks or months’ notices, in order for them to get a replacement. Also, since you cannot see the future, you might meet these people at a very tight corner. What then will you do?

Healthy Habits You Need to Cultivate in Your 20s

Like we pointed out, there are things we do in our 20s that are not healthy. But we do them anyways, probably because we are still young and look healthy. By neglecting to take care of your health in your 20s, you are likely to face the impact later in your thirties. Therefore, the earlier you inculcate healthy habits in your 20s, the better it will be for you to enjoy good health, not just in your 30s, but your lifetime, as long as you keep practising them. They are simple, anyway. So, there is no cause for alarm.

  • Cultivate a good sleep habit

Good sleep is very important for both mental and physical health. You need at least, seven hours of sleep every night and you must go to bed early so as to rise early. This improves your immune system and helps your cognition.

Healthy sleep habits should be followed up by natural sleep patterns. You should avoid taking stimulants or food that contains caffeine when it is almost time for sleep, have an orderly eating pattern, exercise regularly, maintain consistency in your sleep schedule, and also, sleep in a dark and quiet bedroom.

When you cultivate these sleep habits as early as possible, you will be able to stick to a positive schedule for sleeping, even in your old age.

  • Do not neglect your health

It is very necessary to know your family medical history and try to undergo a yearly physical test. For your mouth, it is recommended that a six-month visitation should be made to a dentist regularly. Prevention is better than cure and you can only prevent disease by being intentional about your health.

Similarly, it is vital and mandatory to regularly get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Many people with infections are even oblivious of their health status and can easily pass it on to the next person. Be mindful of whom you make your sexual partner (if possible, avoid sex completely or use protection if you must have sex), or places you pass your waste, as these are common ways to get easily infected.

You might be healthy in your 20s, however, it is not out of place to maintain a healthy living. Your health should be your priority.

  • Regularly exercise yourself

Exercising regularly will help you to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Create time in the mornings or evenings to constantly exercise yourself. You could join a gym and start a workout routine or you can practice on your own. Both aerobic exercises (like jogging) and anaerobic exercises (like weightlifting) are very good. You can mix both too. Exercises make your stay both physically and mentally healthy.

  • Cook your own food

Cooking your own meal helps you to know the right thing to eat. It is not bad to eat out once in a while, but it is actually very healthy to plan your meal and make sure you eat a balanced diet.

Moreover, eating a healthy meal will help you not to develop such chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure in your middle or old age. Above all, you will be able to save some money when you plan your meal well.

  • Get a hobby

Having a hobby is one of the things that bring joy to an individual. Remember that your hobby is what you enjoy doing. Hobbies include activities like cooking, dancing, travelling, reading, singing, writing, painting, skiing, drawing, and the rest. Some people do not know what they enjoy doing because they have not actually given it considerate attention. Sit still and think out your hobby. If it means taking a class for it, in order to get perfect, it is also fine. This will make you even a professional in that area. More still, some people have discovered their life callings through their hobbies.

  • Limit your alcohol intake and avoid smoking

You could remember the maxim that says, “Smokers are liable to die young.” This is applicable to young people in their 20s too. The amount of smoking and alcohol you consume in your 20s has a negative impact on your health as you advance in age. Future diseases arise as a result of what you consumed early in life. Therefore, reduce the amount of alcohol you consume and totally quit smoking.

Six Money Moves to Make in your 20s

As someone in his 20s, you can ca build a solid financial foundation that will be the bedrock of your financial life in your 30s and the rest of your life. You have a great opportunity now to build your financial life and here are some financial moves you need to make now.

  • Write down your financial goals

You should be able to have an idea of where you want to go in life and start now to chart the course financially. Make good financial moves in order to save and invest for the future. You want to go for a vacation, own a house, be financially independent or just take care of your bills in your 30s? it begins in your 20s. When you start now to plan your financial life, you won’t have any reason to envy your friends who did when you get to your 30s or start feeling sad that you cannot even afford a nice life.

  • Create a budget that matches your financial goals

Always make sure that your budget supports your financial goals. For example, if you plan to build a house in your 30s, you will have to budget for it now and stick to the budget. To help you make a better budget: track your expenses, make realistic budgets, monitor your progress, get an accountability partner or a coach, evaluate your budget and make changes that are necessary.

  • Create an emergency fund

While budgeting, always remembers contingencies. Keep separate money for unforeseen circumstances that could keep you in a financial crisis. An emergency fund serves as an insurance against such issues.

  • Do not live in debt

Try as much as possible to pay off every dime you owe. Whatever you cannot afford should be ignored for now. It means that it is not yet time to have them. So, to enjoy your 30s, learn how to pay off your debt in your 20s. It is a very smart financial move.

Furthermore, do not spend on stuff you do not need. Like we said, impulse buying should be avoided by all means. Only purchase necessary items and keep your sanity intact.

  • Start now to invest for your future

Starting a retirement plan in your 20s is not too early. Discover your risk tolerance and decide how to invest, in order to strike a balance. You may not be earning much now, but you sure need to start investing, no matter how little.

  • Have a side business

A side business is a job you do aside your main job. It may not earn you so much money, but it sure would take care of some financial needs. You could have a separate account for it and be prudent in your savings. Such money could be used to start a real business in your 30s or solve a pressing need.

Your twenties are very important for your thirties, do the right thing. Don’t wait for your 30s to appear before you take the important decisions of your life. You can start now to be at your best and I assure you that you won’t have any regrets.

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