10 Cheapest Countries to Study in Europe/Asia

The quality of education in Europe is one of the best globally and this has made it a norm for most international students from developing countries to move to Europe. No doubt, Europe is a pioneer of the majority of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. The European countries are relatively different in terms of language, lifestyle, cost of living, and so on. However, European universities are working towards the standardization of the degree system under the Bologna Process.

In Europe, the top universities are located in the UK, though they may not be the cheapest in terms of international students. It is worth studying in Europe due to the low tuition fees and relatively cheaper living expenses.

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Top 10 Cheapest Countries to Study in Europe

Apart from the top universities in Europe which are quite expensive for international students, there are other universities they could attend and still achieve their dreams. These universities may not be in the UK or compete with the prestigious Oxford or Cambridge universities, but they are sure to be pocket-friendly and give you a reputable degree. Below is a list of the top ten countries you can achieve your university dreams in. This does not mean that there are no other countries, but we compiled the best ten for you to help you make the best choices.

1. Norway

Norway might not be the cheapest in terms of living cost but is sure to serve you the best in terms of tuition fees. It might interest you to know that most of the Norwegian public universities do not charge tuition fees to international students. Not just that, there is a mandatory tax called the student union fee which grants an affordable cost of living to students. This student union fee could be helpful in terms of exam fees, public transport, and other expenses. The cost of living is between €800 – €2000 per month.

2. Spain

For international students, Spain is a very good choice. Each year, the course fees for public universities are made very affordable by the government. The private universities, in addition, are relatively cheap and affordable. The cost of living is between €900 – €1000 per month.

3. Belgium

Belgium offers cheap tuition fees to its students. However, EU students have more preferences than international students. This is why it is very necessary to make inquiries about your chosen university before applying. The cost of living in Brussels and other cities is quite low for international students. It is estimated to be about €720 – €950 per month.

4. Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best universities in terms of cheap tuition fees. Although the cost of studying in the country is very cheap, preferences are given to EU, EEA, or Suriname students. For international students, they will have to pay a particular amount of money per academic year. The money is quite low and affordable compared to other developed countries in Europe. The cost of living is between €800 – €1 200 per month.

5. Finland

Non-EU students are offered cheap education in Finland. Also, free tuition fees are offered to international students who are not from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland. Notwithstanding, certain conditions are attached to it, especially, if you are not studying in Finnish or Swedish. The cost of living is between €700 – €1000 per month.

6. Italy

Many Italian universities offer quality education as well as cheap tuition fees to international students. Accommodations are also very affordable in Italy. Courses in fields like humanities, fashion, history, and so on are best studied in Italy. The cost of living in Italy falls between €700 and €800 per month.

7. Germany

One of the best European countries to study in Germany. There are a lot of interesting things about studying in Germany and one of them is that you do not have to pay tuition fees. However, some regions require that you pay tuition fees, though they are less than $1000. Furthermore, the cost of living in Germany is very low as to other famous European countries. The cost of living in Germany is around €853 per month.

8. France

France is one of the most expensive countries in Europe with a top-notch quality of education. However, the tuition fees and cost of living are quite affordable for international students. The cost of living in France is between €900 – €1 400 per month.

9. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a very small country with a population not up to one million. Though the population is low, the quality of education is very high because the country is focused more on the education sector. Accommodation is very cheap for international students as well. The cost of living falls within the range of €800 – €1 080 per month.

10. Portugal

Portugal is also a small country that focuses on the education sector. Some of the best universities in the world are located here. International students stand to benefit from both the quality of education and the cheap cost of living in the country. The cost of living is between €500 – €800 per month.

Studying in Asia – What it entails

The higher education sector of Asia has experienced rapid growth as a result of the population and economic boom. This has made the continent experience a growing number of international students making their choice of university in the continent. Countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, South Korea, and others are offering good opportunities to international students.

There are a lot of study options in Asia that could lead you to wonder about the one that is right and best for you. If you happen to be a student on a low budget and wish to study abroad in Asia, you do not need to worry again. We have compiled the ten cheapest countries in Asia that you can make your choice from, with low or free tuition.

10 Cheapest Countries to Study in Asia

The cheapest countries to study in Asia include:

1. Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad with a tuition fee as low as $100 000 per year. Students interested in technology and innovation are advised to apply to universities located in Taiwan. It also has a strong educational system and affordable living expenses. The cost of living is about $400 per month.

2. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the best higher institution hubs in Asia and is currently working on expanding its higher institution strategy to accommodate branch campuses of major international universities. Furthermore, it is the cheapest in terms of living costs. The living expenses are around $375 per month.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. It has a lot to offer to international students. The language is not difficult to learn and the cost of living is quite low. Also, there are beautiful natural wonders in Indonesia which makes it a fascinating place to study. The cost of living is between $800 and $1000.

4. Singapore

Singapore is a small place in Asia and is very popular for study abroad. It is rapidly becoming one of the best for research and innovation. The country is an interesting place to study and is relatively cheap and comfortable. The cost of living is about $1000.

5. India  

India is a beautiful country and has the second-largest higher education system in the world. The universities are welcoming and your career growth is guaranteed. With technological growth, one might think it would be quite expensive for students on a low budget, but that is not true. The cost of living and tuition fees are quite affordable. The cost of living in India is about $110 per month.

6. Turkey

Turkey is known for its tourism center and diverse culture. The people are hospitable and friendly to visitors and tourists. The universities offer high-quality education with low tuition fees and scholarships. The cost of living is very cheap for international students. It is about $500 per month.

7. Japan

Japan is one of the major world economic centers with high-quality universities. Of late, the government has been trying hard to attract more international students by making admission easier and lowering tuition fees. English-taught courses are also introduced in the universities. However, the cost of living is not quite low but is affordable. The cost of living is about $350 and $800 per month, including tuition.

8. Philippines

The Philippines is a home for international students with very affordable courses to select from. It is also an English-speaking country which makes it easier for international students with English backgrounds to settle comfortably. It is a home away from home and is quite affordable for students. The cost of living is between $120 and $200 per month.

9. Vietnam

There are more than 150 universities to choose from in Vietnam. If you are a student with little money but a high taste for quality education, Vietnam promises to be an affordable place for you. The cost of living in Vietnam is about $500 per month.

10. Cambodia

The country is one of the friendliest Asian countries and has many cities for tourism. It offers quality education and low tuition fees. It is a very interesting choice for higher education. The cost of living in Cambodia is between $250 and $1000 per month.

There are a lot of advantages to studying in the above countries. Students on low budgets are encouraged to extend their tentacles and get to enjoy the best of their time and money.

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