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Top Universities in Africa 2019 – Did Your School Make the League?

2018 is coming to a close and it’s that time again where we find out Universities in Africa and how they have fared.

This year, 4 universities in the first 10 are from South Africa, and a total of 7 South African universities make top 20. 3 Egyptian universities occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th positions while 2 universities in Nigeria, the 9th and 10th. 6 more Egyptian universities can be found occupying the 11th – 20th position bringing the total of Egyptian universities in top 20 to 9, ahead of South Africa. Remarkably, no university in Eastern Africa makes top 20 this year.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now find out how your university is ranked this year.

Watch this Interesting Animated Video of the Top 10 Universities in Africa

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1University of Cape TownSouth AfricaCape Town
2University of the WitwatersrandSouth AfricaJohannesburg
3Stellenbosch UniversitySouth AfricaStellenbosch
4University of KwaZulu-NatalSouth AfricaDurban
5Makerere UniversityUgandaKampala
6American University in CairoEgyptCairo
7Benha UniversityEgyptBanha
8Beni-Suef UniversityEgyptBeni Suef
9Covenant UniversityNigeriaOta
10University of IbadanNigeriaIbadan
11University of JohannesburgSouth AfricaJohannesburg
12Kafrelsheikh UniversityEgyptKafr el-Sheikh
13Mansoura UniversityEgyptDakahlia
14University of PretoriaSouth AfricaPretoria
15Suez Canal UniversityEgyptIsmailia
16University of the Western CapeSouth AfricaCape Town
17Alexandria UniversityEgyptAlexandria
18University of BéjaïaAlgeriaBéjaïa
19Cairo UniversityEgyptCairo
20Fayoum UniversityEgyptFauyoum
21Ferhat Abbas Sétif University 1AlgeriaSetif
22University of GhanaGhanaAccra
23University of Marrakech Cadi AyyadMoroccoMarrakech
24Mohammed V University of RabatMoroccoRabat
25University of SfaxTunisiaSfax
26Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah UniversityMoroccoFez
27Sohag UniversityEgyptSohag
28Tanta UniversityEgyptTanta
29Tshwane University of TechnologySouth AfricaPretoria
30Ain Shams UniversityEgyptCairo
31Al-Azhar UniversityEgyptCairo
32Assiut UniversityEgyptAssiut
33Badji Mokhtar University – AnnabaAlgeriaAnnaba
34University of Constantine 1AlgeriaConstantine
35Helwan UniversityEgyptAin Helwan
36Menoufia UniversityEgyptMenoufia
37Minia UniversityEgyptMinya
38University of MonastirTunisiaMonastir
39University of NairobiKenyaNairobi
40University of Nigeria NsukkaNigeriaNsukka
41University of Sciences and Technology Houari BoumedieneAlgeriaBab-Ezzouar
42University of South AfricaSouth AfricaPretoria
43South Valley UniversityEgyptQena
44University of TlemcenAlgeriaTlemcen
45University of Tunis El ManarTunisiaTunis
46Université Hassan II de CasablancaMoroccoCasablanca
47Zagazig UniversityEgyptZagazig

University Ranking is provided by Times Higher Education – an international higher education search engine and directory reviewing accredited Universities and Colleges in the world.

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  1. Emmanuel Ngolobe says

    Seeking for a university graduate scholarship in agricultural extension eductaion from Makerere university,
    How can I be helped.

  2. chumzy says

    oops! UNN and Unizik is nowhere to be found….

  3. Kadiri Tolani says

    Indeed an eyesore.Considering the parameters used in ranking universities, i see no reason why our government can't revive the educational sector in Nigeria.If government owned universities in Nigeria could fall this low on the table, i wonder what would be the lot of private universities.

    1. Nelson Amaunda says

      better Ibadan.there is a mess in Kenya dear

  4. kologna says

    This is embarrassing, a university in ghana rated above a Nigerian university. This is shameful. Only unilag is struggling to make us recognised. may God help us

  5. Andrew Henry says

    am very impressed with this ranking but am wondering about nigeria too I though it would have bring even one university in top five rank.

  6. Daniel Nila says

    which criterias are used to determine top universities any where on the world, especially africa university.

  7. Wengel Tessema says

    Can anybody explain what the creiterias of ranking were?

  8. Ntawirema Best Celestine says

    Hey ,I don't see UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA 🙂

  9. Peter Urayeneza says

    Rwanda is missing here? Kigali will complain about this classification?

  10. Saheed Kareem says

    why is university of IBADAN NIGERIA not on that list.

  11. Ekomobong Ekanem says

    We would like to see the criteria for the ranking

  12. Samuel Aloyo Andayi says

    my university is not there and has never been on these lists,does that mean scholars from universities mentioned above are the cream of the society.i dont care what the ranking is i care about myself and my abilities.

  13. Eric Raz Higenyi says

    Kyambogo University in Uganda

  14. ዳጊ ማኛ says

    what the creiterias of ranking

  15. Hilawie Hawaz says

    at least addis ababa university is there but the other universities in Ethiopia will not make it to the list even if the list includes 300 universities in a 100 years

  16. Venenscias T Kiiza says

    when makerere university kampala is not ,among the top ten,then i doubt all the rankings…

  17. Aiah Foday-Khabenje says

    Where is the Athens of West Africa in the ranking?

  18. Martins Ezuma says

    check no 38…UI

  19. Fentaw Ambaw Mitikie says

    what about Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia?

  20. Abdulkarim Shehu says

    could ds b tru??????

  21. Abebe Gina says

    This is can not the rial ruank

  22. Alaru Nobert says

    I would like to know the basis of this ranking,because in less than a year ago Makerere university had been among the top ten but now it is in 20s,share with us what you really consider and why you doing such rankings,how does it benefit the society.

  23. Abel Asrat says

    Addis Ababa University Ranked Number 32

  24. Numarsan Bantii Bantiin says

    Where are our universities???

  25. Oloi Tom Richard says

    South Africa just want to wake up by lying to most Africans that they are better than the rest of the African countries on assumption, its today again South Africa, yesterday i read about top 100 secondary schools in Africa, it was almost 75% south African schools, this is being biased to a greater extent. It used to be west Africa followed by East African education in Africa…….stop selling your schools on websites by deceiving.

  26. Dosegnaw Aragaw says

    what about Jimma University of Ethiopia?

  27. Mohamed Zakaria says

    algeria where are you

  28. Grace Azira says

    List is incomplete without MAKERERE UNIVERSITY – Uganda..

  29. Mohamed Ca says

    usthb Made Fucker

  30. Beshah Mogesie says

    this is not the list of universities

  31. Beshah Mogesie says

    As far as our universities are serving us, do not care about the ranking

  32. Moh Henni says

    donc canou ytmnykoun bina hhhh

  33. Yacine Sine Sine says

    c'est honteux pour nous

  34. Dennis Tyson Mutugi says

    what ranking is this? University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University are constantly in top 20 in all African rankings… Now KU is number 90? And you expect anyone to believe this?

  35. Dejju Shimelis says

    Addis Ababa universty must be ranked atleast top 15

  36. Bernard Beta Parah says

    hahaha funny list. anyway any IT enthusiats is welcome to join the new tech forum called

  37. Rugema Faustin says

    Ooh, no one from my country

  38. Precious Foye says

    Sure this is web ranking and not academic.

  39. Precious Foye says

    Good ranking shows methodology and analysis.

  40. Midou Ismail says

    désole mon frère, malheureusement nous somme nulle

  41. Vatia Dan says

    Add a comment…aiish!!!

  42. Uga Wendo says

    O que se passa com as Universidades em Angola? Sei que a Catolica esteve aí pelo menos uma vez. As 100 melhores Universidades africanas.

  43. Biniam Assefa Alemu says

    what about A.A university

  44. Hagos Gebreslassie says

    one can understand that how much the ordering of universities posted is not valid. because, What is different thing in Addisababa university which is not done by other universities in Ethiopia. If other universities are doing what the other universities are doing why not on the same runk?

  45. Yankubah Yarmah says

    So it meas that university of Ouagadouguo is the 1st university in West Africa? That is unbelievable.

  46. Kenisky Mutumavich Mwebikov says

    Moi University is position 51.

  47. Escuteiro Dorivan Jorge says

    79 Universidade de Cabo Verde – Cape Verde

  48. Youcef Kwikwi says

    I"m very sad about my country
    i wish thing go better

  49. Buzuneh Hailu says

    What About Adama Science and Technology University – ASTU

  50. Alex G Mugisa says

    Makunika is conspicuously absent…We need Prof Barya back…. Dr. Gilbert Gumoshabe

  51. Kimetto Emmanuel says

    nonesense,,,Kenyatta University is ranked the second best kenyan university,,but other inferior' universities appear in the list,and not Kenyatta university,,,whoever is concerned with this to wise up

  52. Haile Belachew says

    32 Universities in Ethiopia, only on 32th !! Addis Ababa University.

  53. Cosmas Kibet says

    Beshah Mogesie You need to care, lest you lag behind..

  54. Dawit Gizachew says

    what about our universities?

  55. John Norago Nyerrinya says

    KNUST-Ghana ranked 54?

  56. حيران في الناس says

    Alexandria University – Egypt

  57. Najim Ussiph says

    What do you expect John, when all your Professors have turned administrators and have abandoned classrooms and labs

  58. Kibinkiri Eric Len says

    This is good news for African Universities especially those still sleeping. wake up!. Felicitation unisa felicitation Afrique du Sud. Je suis derrier vous

  59. Kibinkiri Eric Len says

    This is good news for African Universities especially those still sleeping. wake up!. Felicitation unisa, felicitation Afrique du Sud. Je suis derrier vous

  60. Gobina Mongambe Kofi says

    I am surprise that no Cameroon university has been shortlisted. Can someone explain why.

  61. Michael Nkwenti says

    Good Universities might not feature on the list because they have not met the quality standards put in place by the evaluating bodies. Africans must understand that quality education require a lot of factors to be put in place especially those factors that facilitate learning such as good learning environment, clear information about processes to students, the strick respect of the learners, clear and acceptable evaluation systems, clear institutional development plan etc. Most great African scholars still believe that they should be the chosen few! They make learning difficult for upcoming generation. Needless to mention them and their institutions because you already know them. Those factors contribute in retrograding their rankings. Think about processes and policies in your present and formal institution and say whether they qualify to feature in the top 500 rankings!

  62. George Nditafon says

    Cameroon is not even among the 1st 100. Did that surprise anyone??????

  63. Shitta Holluzorgy Emmanuel says

    this is not correct. it's been edited! A University from Tanzania is the no. 10 (University of Dar es Salaam). And The University of Lagos, Nigeria is 20 on the list.

  64. Philp Mas says

    Never underestimated the mind of graduate from university of pretoria. we can solve problems that no one knew about. South African universities like University of Pretoria (and University of Cape town are just Cream of the crop world Class. And My native University of Swaziland isnt there yet.

  65. Philp Mas says

    im not south african im a foriegner but i think the list might just be true after enrolling& graduating in number 2. coming from number 67, i can pretty much feel it.

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