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University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan (aka Unibadan or UI) was founded in 1948 and is the oldest Nigerian institution that offers degree programmes to both local and international students. It is located approximately 8 kilometres away from the centre of Oyo state, which is the principal city of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The university currently tutors over 35,000 students in its campus, and apart from the College of Medicine, it consists of twelve faculties. These facilities include Science, Arts, Forestry & Agriculture, Education, Renewable Natural Resources, Veterinary Medicine, Social science, Technology, pharmacy, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Public Health.

A thirteenth faculty which consists of Economics, Environmental Design and Management was recently proposed to the university and is currently awaiting approval from the relevant authorities.

The institution is no doubt reputable. It supports residential and sports facilities for individuals on campus including staff and students, as well as a zoological and botanical garden located in a separate location away from the sports and boarding facilities.

As at September 2016, the university was listed among the top 1000 most reputable universities on the Times Higher education ranking. However, before it was ranked, it has always occupied a spot on the Top African 10 Webometrics Rankings.

Available Degree Programmes

The University of Ibadan offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to both local and international students who wish to study within its various campuses.

Undergraduate Programmes

Below is a shortlist of courses available to students who wish to obtain an undergraduate degree in the university:

  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Biochemistry
  • Human Nutrition
  • Pharmacy
  • Agriculture
  • Language and literature
  • Archaeology
  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Industrial chemistry

And more.

Postgraduate Programmes:

  • Anthropology
  • Language and literature
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Chemical Pathology
  • Agricultural Extension And Rural Development
  • Psychology
  • Human Kinetics And Health
  • Engineering
  • Veterinary Public Health And Prevention Medicine

And more.

How To Apply

Undergraduate Programmes

Like all federal universities, students must obtain a minimum score of 200 marks from the admission exam organized by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). After which the student must complete the institution’s University Matriculation Exam and must meet the minimum cutoff mark required for his desired course.

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee at the University of Ibadan varies by faculty/course. However, the charges are in a range of N18,150 – N35,000.

We advise that you visit the university’s official website to enquire about the tuition fees for your desired course.


Students must be aged 16 or above and should have passed five relevant ‘O’ Level (secondary education) subject at credit level in one or two sittings.

Keep in mind that a credit pass in English is compulsory for every faculty, while a credit pass in mathematics is equally compulsory for science-based courses. However, a pass in mathematic will be accepted if the student’s course of study is in the faculty or social science (except economics).

Please visit the university’s website to learn more about how to apply and the required cutoff mark for each course.

Postgraduate Programmes

Students are advised to download the Master’s Degree application form from the university’s postgraduate website if they wish to apply for a graduate programme. The cost of the application form often changes but is currently priced at N15,000 (academic programmes) and N18,000 (professional programmes).

Aspiring students are also required to undergo a proficiency test in the English language, which will cost the student N2,500.

The student is expected to complete the form and upload it to the university’s website for revision. The application form must contain accurate information about the student and must be uploaded along with all the relevant credentials.

The applicant is also required to provide three letters of recommendation from any three members of the desired faculty. The referee should first be accustomed to the applicant’s academic works before proceeding to recommend him/her.

Just like the application form, the referee form can also be downloaded from the school’s postgraduate website and should be submitted on time via email.

After the process is complete, the student will be notified of any recent development regarding the application.

Tuition Fee:

Please visit the university’s postgraduate website to enquire about the tuition fees of your desired course.


Local or international applicants are expected to have graduated from their previous university with a Second Class Upper Division before they can be considered for admission.

A proficiency test with a minimum score of 40% in the English language is expected from the applicants before the university can consider them for admission. The same applies to students from foreign countries.

It is worth noting that international students must also provide 3 Letters of recommendation from any member of the faculty that they wish to undergo their studies.

The postgraduate degree programme that the student wishes to undergo must correspond with his/her previously obtained Bachelor’s certificate and the school authority in the transcript.

Keep in mind that both local and international students might be required to attend an interview before being granted admission into the desired programme.

Please visit the university website to learn more about the requirements needed before you be considered for admission.

In conclusion, the University of Ibadan does not discriminate based on gender, religion, national origin, age, ethnic group, or physical deformity. As long as the applicant meets the criteria for admission, the student will be accepted to study his/her desired course of study.