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Top 10 German Universities to Study MBA/Business & Management 2020


Business and Management skills are necessary for the success of any worthy venture. To succeed as an entrepreneur, paid-staff or even as a politician, one of the skills you must possess is management skills. Little wonder people now pay huge sums of money to get trained in the art of business and management from the top schools around the world.

This list highlights the top ten German universities and institutions to study business and management in 2020.

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  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI)

Though not a full-fledged university, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation is by far the best and most prestigious institution for studying Business and Management in Germany. Its reputation exceeds the borders of Europe, and many students and professionals from all around the world troop there every year to get trained by global experts in the art of Business and Innovation.

Programs at this institution are inclusive of elements of enterprise, leadership and organizational success.

The most outstanding feature of this institution is their practical, problem-based approach to teaching and learning, which allows students to imbibe new concepts and lessons deeper and faster. The institution offers undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs to students, and awards appropriate degrees to those who run through the program from start to finish and satisfy all requirements for the award.

Find out more information about BSBI here: www.berlinsbi.com

  • Mannheim Business School, University of Mannheim

With a total student population of 10,730, the University of Mannheim is the best university in Germany to study Business and Management. The University of Mannheim Business School is one of the most prestigious all over the world, such that nearly 20% of its total student population is composed of international students.

The Mannheim Business School offers world-class business and management education and certification for all stages of career – both on individual basis and on organizational basis.

It is the undisputed number one university to study business and management in Germany, based on international MBA rankings of Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and The Economist.

However, admission into this institution is very competitive, and the school only admits a handful of applicants every year.

To find out more information about this institution and their requirements, please go to: www.mannheim-business-school.com

  • Universität Siegen, Germany

The University of Siegen, Germany is the second-best university to study Business and Management in 2020, narrowly losing the top spot to the University of Mannheim’s Business School on the Times World University Rankings for Business and Management-related subjects.

The University of Siegen offers Business and Management programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The degree programs in the department of Business Management are modular and integrative, and within are specializations like Business Administration with elements from Economics, Law and Statistics.

The most outstanding feature about studying Business and Management here is that students have multiple specialization options in the field to choose from, and both the thesis and practicum make for intensive experiential learning.

If you desire more information about this particular university, as well as the programs they offer and the admission procedures, please check their website via this link: www.uni-siegen.de

  • University of Kiel

The University of Kiel is renown for the quality of their business and management graduates. The faculty of Business, Economics and Social Science offers a wide range of courses for business-inclined students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to align their interests and passions for a successful career.

Program options available in this faculty include: Business Administration, with specialization in Behavioural Finance, Green Logistics, Marketing Communication, Internationalization and Organization, Organization Design, Rational Decision Making and Strategic Technology Management; Economics, with specialization in Climate and Energy Policy, Economics of Migration, Energy Economics, Environmental Valuation, Monetary Economics, International Monetary Policy, Poverty, Equity and Development, Sustainability Economics and Multivariate Methods; Innovation Management, Strategies and Actors, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management Accounting, and several others.

Get more details about these programs, their requirements and the university in general at: www.international.uni-kiel.de/en/course-catalogue/faculties/business

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  • University of Hohenheim

The university of Hohenheim offers students from around the world excellent education in a significantly strong business environment. Getting an education from this university is equivalent to setting a firm foundation for a successful career in business management and administration.

The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business and management, and students also have lots of options for specialization to choose from.

The Master of Science in Management (MSc. Management) program comprises of a holistic education in management. The specializations then get the student expert knowledge in certain ‘special’ business areas of interest.

The International Business and Economics Masters program is also one that has courted great interest from students and professionals alike in recent times.

As per the Times Higher Education ranking of universities, the University of Hohenheim ranked between 301st and 400th in the world, and 4th in Germany. More information about business and management programs and courses can be found here: www.uni-hohenheim.de.

  • Hamburg Business School (HBS), University of Hamburg

Hamburg business school is another great place to study business and management in Germany. As per the WirtschaftsWoche Ranking of 2018, the school was ranked among the top ten in Germany for quality of research, research areas, research funding, research services and doctoral studies. HBS combines a unique Hanseatic tradition of commercial trade and business features with the innovative methods and principles of contemporary, quantitative business and management research. Training in this institute is with a global scope, and course modules are wide and interdisciplinary. For this reason, graduates of this institution are regarded highly by professionals and industry experts, and they are highly sought-after in the job market.

Hamburg Business School is also known for awarding scholarships to promising students from time to time. Local and internationals students can benefit from this scholarship scheme, provided all the requirements are fulfilled. Student-support services here are incredible, and the alumni network spans across every continent on the globe. If you need a great place to study Business and Management in Germany, this institution is a great option for you to choose. Find more information about the institution and admission procedures here: www.bwl.uni-hamburg.de/en

  • Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Among German universities and institutes offering programs in Business and Management, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is one of the best places to study an international degree in Business or any related specialization.

World-renown faculty and staff make for an enriching educational experience, and the business and management courses taught exclusively in English cater for students who do not understand the local language. Courses in business and management that can be taken there include: Master of Science in International Business Studies, which offers students a holistic and exhaustive understanding of the intricacies of international business and equips students with all the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a competitive international business environment; and also the Master of Science in Management, which equally has an international scope and offers students a holistic and exhaustive understanding of management tasks and components, observing from the perspective of available resources and market peculiarities. Both these degrees and others are available in English and German language medium respectively.

There are several other program specializations in the School of Business, Economics and Society at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Visit the school website at www.fau.eu for more information about courses, fees and procedures.

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
The Mercator School of Management at the University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the most prestigious institutions to study business and management in Germany. The faculty of Business Administration is closely-linked to the Mercator School of Management, and together they offer a wide range of interdisciplinary programs, which include: Bachelors Programs – Business Administration and Business Education; Master Programs – Business Administration, Business Education, Innopreneurship, and a host of others; Interdisciplinary programs – Cultural studies and Management, East Asian Studies, Komedia, Industrial Engineering, etcetera. Additionally, enriching summer programs and semester exchange programs are available for international students studying here. If this university looks like your preferred choice, get started by clicking this link: www.uni-due.de/en

  • University of Bayreuth

It is easy to see why the University of Bayreuth features on this list. Firstly, from statistics and rankings, the university has developed into an international hub for business enthusiasts and economists. According to the Times Higher Education ranking for Universities in the field of Business and Economics, the university of Bayreuth came 9th in Germany, and lay between 151st -175th in the world. Secondly, teaching at this university is of the highest standard. Programs like International Economics and Development, Business Administration, Business and Law, Economics, Health Economics, and many others are all taught by world-renown professors and researchers at the highest global standards. Program options available for students to study in the field of Business and Management include: Business Administration, Health Economics, Business Administration and Engineering, Economics, International Economics and Governance, Health Care Management, Sport Management, and etcetera. These and more are available for study at both undergraduate and Masters levels.
Contact the university directly via their website: www.uni-bayreuth.de for more information about their Business and Management programs.

  • Technische Universität Dortmund

The faculty of Business and Economics at the Technical University, Dortmund provides students with highly-valuable Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business and Economics in several specializations. For bachelors degree studies, study options available include: Business Administration, Economics, or both. For masters degree studies, program options include Accounting and Finance, Management and Organizations, Business Administration and Economics, Operation and Information, and a couple of others.

More about these programs and their requirements can be found at the school’s website: www.tu-dortmund.de/en.

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