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Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo fellowship for Sub-Saharan Africa 2012

Scholarship Name: Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo fellowship for Sub-Sahara Africa

Brief description

The Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo fellowship is now open for applications for African Scientists for research on conservation and use of forest genetic resources in Sub-Saharan Africa 2012

Accepted Subject Areas?

The 2012 Fellowship should address one of the following priority research topics of importance to conservation and use of forest genetic resources in sub- Saharan Africa:

  • Understanding status of and threats to genetic resources of priority forest tree species
  • Methods and approaches for conserving genetic resources of important tree species

About Scholarship

The Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo (ASO) Fellowship is awarded annually by Bioversity International to a young forest genetic resources scientist in Sub-Saharan Africa. The purpose of the Fellowship is to give talented African scientists working on forest genetic resources an opportunity to develop their capacity through interaction with, and mentorship by a scientist at Bioversity International.

The Fellowship will support research expenses and related travel and subsistence costs during field work, up to an amount of US$10,000.

Scholarship Type: Research Fellowship for African Scientists

By what Criteria is Selection Made?

Criteria for selection include: quality of the research note; educational background and scientific record in a field of relevance to the proposed research; relationship to Bioversity’s priorities.

Applications will be evaluated by a panel from Bioversity International

Who is qualified to apply?

Applicants eligible to apply must:

  • Be a citizen of a country in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Be a scientist attached to a national university, research institution or a research-oriented NGO
  • Be under 40 years of age
  • Have at least a Master’s degree, or equivalent, in a field of study relevant to forest genetic resources

What are the benefits?

The fellowship offers an amount up to US$ 10,000 to fund research

How long will sponsorship last?

Eligible African Countries

Sub-Saharan Africa

What time of year does Application Close?

Application Deadline is 1 July 2012

Offered annually? Yes

How to Apply

Visit the Scholarship Webpage


Important Notes:

The selected candidate will be informed by 1 September 2012

The research should start not later than 1 November 2012 and be completed within six to twelve months.

A scientist at Bioversity International will co-supervise the Fellow. The mentoring will be organized in dialogue with the Fellow and the local supervisor, based on specific needs, the research topic and the location of the Fellow.

The research plan and budget should include at least one meeting with the Bioversity co-supervisor (typically in one of Bioversity’s locations in Sub-Saharan Africa: Nairobi, Cotonou, Yaoundé, or Kampala).

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