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Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) Feminist and Transformational Leadership Development Programme 2019 for African Women

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) with support from UNWomen Eastern and Southern Africa (ESARO) invites applications from African women leaders for the 2019 Feminist and Transformational Leadership Development Programme to be held under the auspices of the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI,) which is a space for catalyzing and nurturing feminist and transformational leaders to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment on the African continent and beyond.  

Application Deadline: 28th February 2019

Eligible Countries: Countries in Eastern and Southern Africa

To be taken at (country): Nairobi, Kenya

About the Award:  This specific institute is inspired by the adoption of Agenda 2030 commonly referred to as Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063 of the African Union, and therefore seeks to catalyze a cohort of feminist and transformational leaders who are able to analyze discrimination against women and girls from a feminist perspective and get seized with the courage to dismantle structures and systems that have for long hindered women’s advancement.   

The Akina Mama wa Afrika – African Women’s Leadership Institute was birthed  in 1997 and is based on a long standing model of POT (Personal Mastery, Organising Skills and Taking Action), a framework that provides a powerful and holistic feminist grounding for African women to define, analyse and articulate their experiences of inequalities and devise solutions for sustained change. 

Type: Training

Eligibility: The leadership development programme will be awarded to 25 women leaders, who have exemplified leadership in their organisations, communities and or have stood for elective office. Eligible candidates are African women between the ages of 25-40 years, based in Eastern and Southern Africa, who are able to participate in all activities- beginning with a residential institute scheduled to be held from the 25th- 29th of March 2019, in Nairobi, Kenya and commit to a one year peer mentorship programme.  

Number of Awards: 25 

Value of Award: Programme is fully-funded for all participants

Duration of Programme: 25th- 29th of March 2019

How to Apply: An application form is available at this link.

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage see link below) before applying

Visit Programme Webpage for Details

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