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Google Africa University Access Program- Discount Laptops for Universities in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda

Google University Access Program is currently available for Universities in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda only. The 2010/2011 participation is currently open. Participating Schools get low cost/affordable Laptops recommended by Google, plus more benefits listed below.

The Google University Access Program is an initiative designed to enhance Internet usage in Sub Saharan Africa Universities through the provision of affordable laptops, wireless access and bandwidth. Google will provide Google Email & Apps, international bandwidth and contributions towards last mile / local loop expenditure, training and integration costs. The University will in return fund and build the infrastructure required for staff & students to effectively use that bandwidth.

Eligibility Criteria
* Qualified University must be a legal entity operating in the country where it is located;
* University must offer university-level education and/or conduct university-level research;
* University must be established by act of its national legislative body (e.g., parliament) or be chartered by the university regulatory agency in its country (e.g., in Nigeria, the National Universities Commission);
* University must have and keep up to date an Information Communications Technology policy and master plan;
* University must have an established information resource management function that is adequately staffed;
* University must have a full time student body of at least two-thousand students;
* University must agree to participate in Internet knowledge building and sharing events that assist both the University and other Program participants; and
* University must appoint, empower, and make available to Google a single point of contact who will have the time and enthusiasm to dedicate to implementing the Program for the duration of this Agreement.

What Does the University Get in Return?
Email and collaboration tools -Empower your organization with free Email, Docs, Calendar, Talk, Sites and Video for Education for every student and staff member. Google will also provide an on-site Email/Apps deployment specialist to help with the setup.
Last mile / local loop – A contribution towards last mile / local loop costs if necessary.
International bandwidth -Accessible from a common peering point to help stimulate local Research & Education Networks (RENs).
Learning & integration – A grant towards consultancy and training, to ensure that students are effectively using their new IT services and Assist in integrating administration and curriculum with the Internet.
Low cost laptops – Google will offer the University access to pre-negotiated deals with well known suppliers who have agreed to offer laptops at attractive prices.
Guidance – Access to a support group of Program alumni and participants.

Google will further assist by offering the expertise and time of it’s network engineers to guide technical design decisions and country managers to help facilitate supplier offers and generally pull it all together.

What Does Google get in Return?
Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. This program aims to improve the accessibility of the Internet for Africa’s future leaders – University staff & students.

The following activities are required aspects of the Program:
* Expand the reach of your Internet access to more staff and students – finance, own and implement improvements to your infrastructure that improve the reach, stability and experience of Internet connectivity. There are no required minimums here, but the more staff & students you help bring online, the more bandwidth and value of grants Google will provide.
* Increase the availability of PCs and laptops to staff & students – ensure the bandwidth offered by Google can be effectively utilized by providing open access to computer ‘labs’ and execute your own or participate in Google’s laptop scheme that offers access to favorable pre-negotiated prices with selected suppliers.

How to participate
Google University Access Program is currently available in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda only.
Participation in the Program is by application. Google will prioritize participation based on it’s joint ability to meet your institution’s needs and the resulting impact to staff and students. Applications will be prioritized based on:
* demonstrating a willingness to engage and execute rapidly,
* the impact and scope of your proposed infrastructure improvements,
* how sustainable the resulting infrastructure improvements are.

If your institution meets the elibility criteria above, and you would like to apply please complete the form from link below.
Provide your university information by Filling the Participation Form

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