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Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award (Funded to Switzerland + €25,000 prize) 2018

The Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award Recognizes Innovative Technology-Enabled Solutions Targeting Current and Future Needs in Musculoskeletal Healthcare.

Application Deadline: 15th June 2018

Eligible Countries: Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and U.A.E.

To Be Taken At (Country): Switzerland

About the Award: Digital technologies have already transformed the social fabric of life in the twenty-first century. They are now poised to profoundly influence clinical practice and healthcare. As a world-leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, Zimmer Biomet has always been exploiting new technologies to advance the pace of innovation. To take this commitment to the next level, Zimmer Biomet is announcing the

2nd Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award

to advance the application of digital innovations in musculoskeletal healthcare. It comes with a financial prize of €25,000 and piloting and promoting opportunities across Europe.

The Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award (“Award”) is intended to accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of digital technologies in musculoskeletal health at large, and provide opportunities to pilot and launch digital innovations at Europe’s leading hospitals. Applicants for the Award have to demonstrate an innovative technology-enabled solution targeting current and future needs in musculoskeletal healthcare. Eventually, the finalists will present their applications to a jury of renowned experts from industry and academia at the Zimmer Biomet EMEA headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland). For all finalists, accommodation and travel costs for attending the finals event will be borne by Zimmer Biomet as described further below.

Type: Contest

Eligibility: The Award is open to individuals, groups and organizations (including academia and industry). The application needs to include a general description of the technology-enabled innovation (including pictures and videos). The application should further sketch the innovation that is proposed on a level of detail, which allows assessing the use of technology to address a particular unmet need in musculoskeletal healthcare in a novel way. Finally, it should provide some information on the economic impact of the proposed innovation. Furthermore, a short description of the individual, team or organization and its background should be provided.

You are eligible to enter the competition if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:

  • You are not an employee or intern of Zimmer Biomet or their affiliated companies.
  • You are not involved in any part of the execution or administration of this competition.
  • You are not directly or indirectly connected with members of the jury or the organizations they represent.
  • You are not an immediate family member (parent, sibling, spouse, and child) or household member of a Zimmer Biomet employee or an employee of Zimmer Biomet affiliated companies, or a person involved in any part of the administration and execution of this competition.
  • For individuals: you are a legal resident of (at least) one of the countries below; if you are affiliated to a legal entity (e.g. company, university or research institute etc.), the legal entity is located in one of those countries: the Member States of the European Union as well as: Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and U.A.E.
  • You or together with collaborators/coworkers came to the idea for the innovation described here. You are not knowingly violating the rights of any third party.
  • You declare that you are not aware of third party patents or patent applications, which might potentially cover your innovation.
  • You can demonstrate your innovation (at least a working prototype)

Selection Criteria: The main assessment criteria of the Zimmer Biomet Connected Health Innovation Award will be the level of innovation paired with the unmet need, and the level technological feasibility / readiness. Further criteria for the selection will be the originality of the overall approach, the expected economic impact of the suggested application and its competitive advantage. In addition, participants are encouraged to demonstrate scalability across European countries.

In particular, innovations will be judged for:

  • Degree of novelty / innovation / creativity
  • Customer / Patient centricity of solution (in terms of solving problem, improving outcomes and lowering cost)
  • Technical feasibility or readiness
  • Business potential (target market size, scalability, market entry and growth strategy)

Number of Awards:

Value of Award: 

  • The selected finalists will be invited to the Zimmer Biomet headquarters at Winterthur (Switzerland) to present their innovation and compete for the Award in the 2nd week of July.
  • Zimmer Biomet covers accommodation and travel costs for up to three persons per team for this final event (up to the amounts specified below).
  • During the finals event, the winner of the Award and the €25,000 prize will be announced.
  • All finalists: Potential opportunity to pilot the product in one of Zimmer Biomet’s partner clinics in case the hospital accepts

Duration of Programme: 

  • 30th June 2018: Announcement of finalists
  • 2nd week of July 2018: Finalists event at Zimmer Biomet European HQ in Winterthur, Switzerland

How to Apply:  APPLY HERE

Visit the Programme Webpage for Details

Award Providers: Zimmer Biomet

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