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Which are the top business schools in Canada for International Students?


Which are the top business schools of Canada?

When it comes to pursuing MBA from an international destination, Canada has some of the best options. Offering some of the best B-Schools, Canada definitely makes for a great destination for international students.

Countries like Canada and Australian are advanced in fields like technology, commerce, trade, human resource development, education and most importantly cultural aspects. Canada, with some of the world’s top universities possesses the same stature of academic importance like the UK, US and some Asia-Pacific countries.

Canada is becoming the top destination to pursue higher education for numerous global students. This is mainly because of the high standard of education and the method of education being English.

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The majority of the business schools of Canada are aided by the Canadian government. This also makes education more secured. The top b-schools in Canada have worldwide fame and reputation for providing the best ambience for education as well as research.

Best business schools in Canada

According to a recent research, Canada is placed in the third position among the top destinations to study MBA. Students looking forward to study MBA abroad can choose Canada for achieving a globally acclaimed certificate. The top b-schools in Canada are successful in holding their positions over the year.

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Rot man School of Management is affiliated the University of Toronto retains in the position at the top in the current among the top colleges in Canada. This b-school is also represented in the Thinkers50 ranking too. This institute is considered as the leading figure in the management sector. It has some of the best faculties as well who also ranks in the top 5 list. Under this Management school there are nine research institutes also.

Ivey Business School, University of West Ontario

Ivey Business School, is successful in pulling itself up one step on the ladder from third to the second position this year. The programs carried out in this university are of international importance and the institute itself has numerous international students even from the US. The b-school follows the best approach in research in today’s world. Most of the business geniuses of Asia are successful students of Ivey Business School.

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

The Sauder School of Business is the best institute in Canada to apply for a full-time MBA. This year the b-school is successful in pulling itself in the third position from the 7th position. This institute also offers the most prestigious part-time MBA in collaboration with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This also ranks as the nation’s 2nd highest b-school.

Schulich School of Business, York University

Schulich School of Businessoffers MBA programs at both the bachelor and master’s level. It also offers an International BBA program and an International MBA program at the bachelor and master’s level respectively. At the bachelors level all programs are of 4 year duration and at the master’s level programs are of sixteen months duration. A special MBA for Indian students are also offered.

Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University

The faculty of Management at the McGill University is well known to offer different types of degree programs both at the bachelor as well as the master’s level. Courses offered by this management department are MBA, B.Com, PhD in Management and a lot more. The feature which makes this department most desirable is that it offers bilingual EMBA apart from a full time MBA. This course is conducted in collaboration with HEC Montreal.

HEC Montreal

This b-school remains in the mid position of the top b-schools in Canada for the past few years. Like its fellow Deasutels this is also a significant b-school known for having the best faculties. The MBA courses in this institute are available in both French as well as English. It has been offering MBA programs since 1968 and has recently launched a special MBA program for the aerospace aspirants.

Queen’s School of Business

This b-school holds itself at the 7th position among the best b-schools in Canada. This is the 2nd best college in Canada to offer a 1 year full time MBA course for the Canadian as well as international student’s. In fact, 60% of the students in this college are international students. Near about 6 specializations are offered by this b-school. It even offers an MBA program for healthcare management.

Alberta MBA program, University of Alberta

The MBA programs offered by the University of Alberta are positioned at the 8th position among the top b-schools. MBA programs are offered at both online and in a class room surrounding. Numerous dual degrees are also offered by the b-school. Apart from a common MBA program, it also offers a 2 year MBA program which combines an MBA with a master in agriculture.

While the above-mentioned schools happen to be one of the best, students can choose from other options as well. If you are planning to pursue your MBA from outside India, you can opt for Canada.

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