7 Info-Technology Skills you need to secure your Financial Future in today’s Workplace

IT skill for workplace

Within a few years, information went from being stored in file cabinets, to floppy discs, to flash drives, to shared servers and now to clouds. Today employees are being laid off in large numbers, not because of the bad economic times, but mostly because of technology shift. Think about this statement by Bill Gates while … Read more

11 Life-Changing Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Originally published on www.inc.com by Jeff Haden Keep this list handy. Ask yourself these questions every day–without fail. And then, based on your answers, take action. 1. Who would cry the most at my funeral? Those are people who love you unconditionally. Start returning the feeling. 2. Do I spend enough time with the people … Read more

Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself

Originally published on www.linkedin.com by Jeff Haden Picture this. You meet someone new. “What do you do?” she asks. “I’m an architect,” you say. “Oh, really?” she answers. “Have you designed any buildings I’ve seen?” “Possibly,” you reply. “We did the new student center at the university…” “Oh wow,” she says. “That’s a beautiful building…” Without trying … Read more