Optimizing your resume for global opportunities

Optimizing your resume for global opportunities

Proper optimization of your resume goes a long way in determining your qualifications for global opportunities. When it comes to career advancement, opportunities are everywhere however, knowing how to position yourself accurately for such opportunities will guarantee your success. Before considering the language used to write your resume, you’re expected to ensure that your resume … Read more

How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume + Samples: FREE eBook worth $7.99

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Probably you are fresh out of school and about to invade the job market with everything you’ve got. Or you are still a student and looking for a part-time job. Or maybe you are a new entry looking to freshly get into the job market. Whatever the case, you want to write a resume that … Read more

How to Write a CV When You Have More Life Experience than Work Experience

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This article is written and submitted by Caroline Ross a writer for accreditedonlineuniversities.com. Getting a job is difficult enough as it is. When you don’t have the necessary work experience to get the kinds of jobs you want, it is even more difficult. The problem is that many of us look at a job ad … Read more