How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume + Samples: FREE eBook worth $7.99

Probably you are fresh out of school and about to invade the job market with everything you’ve got. Or you are still a student and looking for a part-time job. Or maybe you are a new entry looking to freshly get into the job market.

Whatever the case, you want to write a resume that will keep away any presumed weaknesses (lack of experience predominantly) and make you strength shine out loud.

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I want to believe you already know you have strengths as a fresh job seeker that long term workers don’t have. If you don’t know that already, don’t worry, that is a fraction of what you’ll learn today.

Resume writing is a complicated task for most people at any professional level, let alone for fresh graduates with no professional experience yet. Most times the candidate that gets the job is not the most qualified. But those who took little extra steps, like you are about to take now.

Student, fresh graduate, new entry or whichever category you fall, let me introduce you to this free eBook: How to Write a Better Fresh Graduate Resume, courtesy of After School Africa, which meets all your resume writing needs plus more..

With over 50 Sample Fresh Graduate resume and up to 20 sample cover letters, this guide will take you through the steps to write your custom resume with ease and painlessly.

As a fresh graduate or new entry with little or no work experience, from this book, you will learn how to organize your personal information, education and experience into a concise and well written self marketing document; your resume. So your qualifications and potential as an employee will be understood easily and quickly by a complete stranger.
Think of your resume as a sales-pitch to sell your product; now you are the product.

This book will show you how to emphasis on your strength in an attractive way that gets result.

Writing the resume is just one step in what can be an overwhelming job search process, but it is an important element that will lead you to your desired position. A poorly written resume can get you nowhere; a well-written resume has the potential to land you an interview, and then, a job.

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